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Kuukausi: joulukuu 2011

Christmas and Autumn DXing highlights

Radio Pluto 200 mW heard on 19m!


Radio Pluto QSL card

Misti Radio 18 watts with very nice signal on 48m. 48m is more difficult with very low power compared with 19m, it´s said so!


Misti Radio QSL card

The station name comes from a peruvian volcano called Misti, which is the origin of operators indian wife!

More stuff coming soon! Have an active rest of the year and a lot of QSO’s for coming 2012!

73´s de JMN aka. OH6001JMN aka. Globo

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DSWCI’s SW contest from Dec 2 to Dec 18 is on fire!

Just for your information DSWCI organizes an interesting DX contest based on SW listening. The main point of contest is to hear BC stations from 16 countries during 16 days. Extra points are given if you tune max 4 DX programs too!

Here you can download, fill and print your own contest form.

The form is including also the official rules please check them carefully. For more information visit DSWCI

Feel free to take part! Here’s my log for this contest, as an example and tip/clue for everyone!

1. COSTA RICA Radio Exterior de España, Cariari de Pococi 5965 kHz 04 Dec 0739-0801 s5
2. GERMANY MV Baltic Radio, Göhren 9480 kHz 04 Dec 1000-1025 s9
3. KOREA D.P.R. La Voix de la Corée, Kujang 7570 kHz 04 Dec 1418-1456 s9+10dB
4. UNITED KINGDOM BBC World Service, Woofferton 11830 kHz 04 Dec 1500-1515 s9+40 dB
5. SPAIN: Radio Exterior de España, Noblejas 13720 kHz 05 Dec 1146-1209 s9+30 dB
6. JAPAN: NHK World Radio Japan, Yamata 9625 kHz 06 Dec 1015-1030 s9
7. ISRAEL: Galei Tzahal, Lodz 9235 kHz 06 Dec 1318-1437 s9
8. IRAN: Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, Kamalabad 15085 kHz 07 Dec 0738-0808
9. KOREA SOUTH: KBS World Radio, Gimjae 15160 kHz 09 Dec 0859-1000 s9+10
10. GABON: Africa No. 1, Moyabi 9580 kHz 18 Dec 2220-2300 s9
11. CANADA: Radio Canada Internacional, Sackville 9785 kHz 18 Dec 2301-2324 s5-7
17. Amigos en la Onda Corta/REE  15585 kHz 04 Dec 1330-1355 s9+20 dB
18. El Castor Mensajero/RCI 9785 kHz 18 Dec 2305-2324 s9

Happy DX!

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