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Utö17: Blue Sky DXing

Beautiful morning, but no sign of DX (save a little UK opening before 0500 UTC). Time to delve into yesterday’s loot…


The antennas reaching out to the Baltic Sea


The lighthouse and the pilot station. Both pictures taken from the balcony of cabin “A” – can’t complain about the view!

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Utö17: Football fever

Great 3+ hour opening started today before 1000 UTC with MUF @108 to Russia (KD) and Ukraine, shifted later then to Turkey and the Balkans, and died out slowly. At one point, Istanbul stations covered the whole band with their very narrow 200 kHz spacing.

In the afternoon, we got a new start to the UK and Ireland, but MUF barely reached 98 MHz. And, of course, to celebrate Euro 2016, we got a brief stint to the west coast of France during their opening match in the evening.

Here’s what we have found so far (+ means First in Finland):

87.900 10.6. 1110- UKR: R ERA FM, Odesa. Local ads.
88.200 10.6. 1252- ROU: Stil FM – R ZU, Călăraşi (CL). Tx Olteniţa.
88.800 10.6. 1915- SUI: R BEO, Bern.
89.900 10.6. 1320- BUL: R Focus, Plovdid. Local ads
91.000 10.6. 1110- UKR: R ES – The Voice of European Union. Tx Odesa, ex-Gala R.
93.200 10.6. 1215- + ROU: Smile FM, Vaslui.
94.200 10.6. 1303- GRC: Status R, Alexandroupolis (33).
94.500 10.6. 1026- TUR: R.Müzik, Sanyer (Istanbul).
95.800 10.6. 1138- TUR: Bayram FM, Istanbul.
96.300 10.6. 1346- G: Heart Bristol.
96.400 10.6. 1355- G: The Wave 96.4, Swansea.
96.900 10.6. 1148- + TUR: Kemençe FM, Sakarya.
97.100 10.6. 1354- G: R Carmarthenshire, Llanelli.
97.600 10.6. 1050- LTU: Radiostotis M-1 Plius, Vilnius. Kaunas tx. Tropo.
98.100 10.6. 1206- TUR: Raks FM.
99.600 10.6. 1020- + RUS: R Hit FM, Krymsk (KD).
100.000 10.6. 1025- TUR: Power FM, Istanbul.
100.300 10.6. 1023- UKR: Radio More, Simferopol.
101.100 10.6. 1232- ROU: Sky FM, Constanta.
101.100 10.6. 1005- + RUS: Avtoradio, Sochi (KD). Local weather by local sponsor (Охрана Плюс).
101.200 10.6. 0958- RUS: Retro FM, Krasnodar. Local ads
101.300 10.6. 1158- MDA: Radio Sport, Chisinau. 101 i 3 FM Radio Sport.
102.100 10.6. 1155- MDA: GRT FM, Comrat.
102.300 10.6. 1029- UKR: R Sputnik Krimu, Simferopol (KR).
103.500 10.6. 1030- TUR: Haber Radyi Samsun.
104.700 10.6. 1010- RUS: Nashe R, Krasnodar (KD). Local ads
105.000 10.6. 1029- TUR: Tutku FM, Samsun.
106.900 10.6. 1015- + RUS: Dorozhnoye R, Sochi (KD). Local number for advertisers
107.500 10.6. 1009- + UKR: R Pyatnytsya, Berdyans´k (ZP).
107.800 10.6. 1022- TUR: Radyo Hevi Istanbul.



BBC Somerset promised something better from the UK, but not much more materialized. Well, maybe later…

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Utö17 DXpedition: Antennas Are Up

After some wind-related erectile dysfunctions, we’re finally all set!

Below is a scene from the shoreline, with a vertical 15 element Körner closest and another horizontal one further down, both equipped with a Research Comms 1301 masthead amplifier (28 dB). Both antennas are then split to each listener. The “power budget” seems to sustain the losses from the cables and all the splits just fine, without any loss to the S/N ratio. Some even split their end once more to serve multiple receivers without noticeable degradation.

The two cabins are in the background, some 80 meters away from where the picture was taken.

In addition, there is one common Band I/OIRT yagi and one horizontal 8 element Triax with the same pre-amp per each cabin to cater for the insatiable needs of our tens of receivers 😉


From left to right: MB, JJS, JY & OSY


And that’s me (JTK) behind the camera. JJK was shutter shy, and we’re still waiting for JUS to join us Friday evening.

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Good old in and out tricks

Easy lazy day with occasional short French openings. In the morning to NW edge of l’Hexagone, then Paris region, and finally Marseille and thereabouts. Here’s the quick roundup of today’s crème de la crème (+ denotes a First in Finland, and local opt-outs count).

87.800 9.6. 1252- + F: Radio Star, Orange (84). Local ID
88.600 9.6. 1025- + F: Graffiti Urban Radio, La Roche-sur-Yon (85).
88.700 9.6. 1016- F: Nostalgie Charente Maritime, La Rochelle (17).
88.900 9.6. 1250- F: Delta FM Terre de Camargue, Le Grau-du-Roi (30).
89.000 9.6. 0523- F: RCF Finistère, Brest (29).
89.100 9.6. 1003- F: RTL2 Nord. Local ID.
89.400 9.6. 0658- D: NE-WS 89.4, Düsseldorf. MS! 1 kW only
90.400 9.6. 1016- F: Radio D4B, Melle (79).
90.600 9.6. 0957- F: R Bouton, Boutancourt (08).
91.100 9.6. 1004- F: Radio Intensité, Chateaudun (28).
91.300 9.6. 0843- F: Cherie FM, Paris. Local ID.
91.600 9.6. 0843- F: Cherie FM, Tours. Local ID.
93.600 9.6. 0844- F: R Béton, Tours. RDS ID with talks
95.500 9.6. 1005- F: RCF Charente-Maritime, La Rochelle.
96.300 9.6. 1005- F: Radio RPS FM.



Delta FM from Southern France was one of the highlights of the day.


The map of Europe on our wall with some wishful thinking as an appendix beyond the NW corner. Always be prepared!

JY with his arsenal. Big screens and tiny SDRs.


I might as well… Jump! An example of the plentiful meteors that crash in every minute. Radio NE-WS, Düsseldorf was a real knockout, as I was just fine-tuning my cables. (Sorry, there’s a bug in WP that seems to prevent me from turning this particular picture 90 deg).

À suivre (j’espère)…

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Utö17 DXpedition starting slowly but surely


All systems go, or at least some of them. Heavy winds have prevented us from lifting up the Körners, so we’ll have to make do with standard 8-element Triaxes. That’s one element per each Centigrade. It has never been so cold while we’re in Utö as it is today. Last week it would have been totally different.

We got none of yesterday evening’s big news, i.e. Xinjiang PBS (logged by our still missing team member JUS still at home in Joensuu – nice timing). Just some regular OIRT stuff.

But we’ve been getting some quick openings to NW France to keep us fully alert (and not venturing to any further antenna projects).


Poor 16-element Körners are still grounded.


Some of the better French stations of this morning. The University station Radio Béton from Tours. Quickly in and out with RDS codes and talk about the entrance exams. More of this soupe, please!

To be continued… 😉

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Full pull 08062016

After late night TUR opening I was just going to try to get some sleep when ES alert came from Ruovesi (TNX PUL!) The time was around 2.00 local time. These conditions lasted for more than one hour offering mostly Bulgaria and Romania, again with Turkey. Bulgaria On Air was a new for me network. Interestingly the closest mast, 15 km from here, had a service break in the middle of night. 3 of 5 transmitters were off air, but 92.9, 93.5 and 98.3 didn’t bring anything new. 102.8 had only carrier wave and 88.4 was normally on air. After 4 hours of sleep I woke up around 7.30 with another ES alert, this time 108 to “Europe” in general. Band was too full, too much stations covering each other. For example Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Italy were heard. At 10.30 I was forced to leave QTH for work, and conditions ended around 14.00. On the way back home new ES alerts came again, this time on OIRT. Just when I arrived, the Western band started to open with fading weak signals first to Tyumen, later to Komi. These rare areas offered new stations for many of us. Interestingly, Tyumen offered 103.1 Radio 7 Tyumen and 105.6 Dipol FM, but nothing on lower band – or between these two stations!

This season seems to respect three trends: firstly openings to France, secondly openings to Bulgaria (have had more BUL-ID’s than my total is from past years) and thirdly openings to Middle Russia, which is relatively Northern area – and those openings are not moving clock-wise, but backwards!

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08.06.2016 – Logs from Jyväskylä

 88.70 0433 D Bayern 2, Grünten (Allgäu) (bay) PI logged: D312 PS logged: Bayern_2 1893km

87.90 0440 POL Radio eR, Lublin/Piotrków (LB) PI logged: 308B PS logged: Radio_eR 87.9_FM_ 1255km

103.20 0603 POL PR Radio Lublin, Zamosc/Tarnawatka (LB) 1309km

101.90 0643 UKR Zakarpattya FM, Khust/ZFKRRT, gora Tovsta (ZK) 1564km

 87.80 0651 POL PR 1, Przemysl/Tatarska Góra (PK) 1396km

100.50 0655 HNG Class FM, Kab-hegy (Ves) 1761km

104.10 0659 ROU SRR Radio România Actualitati, Oradea=Nagyvárad (BH) 1703km

100.10 0702 POL RMF FM, Krosno/Sucha Góra (PK) PI logged: 3F44 PS logged: _RMF_FM_ 1407km

104.00 0729 SRB Radio Beograd 202, Beograd/Avala (Srb) 1977km

 90.60 0757 POL Radio Maryja, Kraków/Komin Huty ArcelorMittal Poland (MP) 1393km

 95.60 0826 ROU SRR Radio Cluj / Kolozsvári Rádió, Cluj-Napoca/Feleac (CJ) PI logged: EE03 PS logged: R_CLUJFM 1730km

 89.50 0835 HNG Music FM, Budapest – Széchenyi-hegy (Bud) PI logged: B418 PS logged: MUSIC_FM 1691km

 71.69 1520 RUS Radio Voskreseniye, Serov (SV) 1887km

 66.44 1758 RUS Radio Rossii, Ukhta (KO) 1421km

101.90 1801 RUS Dorozhnoye Radio, Ukhta (KO) 1421km

 70.16 1839 RUS Radio Rossii, Ust-Kulom (KO) 1455km

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Short opening to Turkey (+ possibly Cyprus) 07062016

Crimea was logged by Juha in Jyväskylä while I was in work. French for few minutes on lower band and Bucharest was trying too in the evening (frequency combination 89.0 89.5 90.8 and 91.7). Late night opening to Turkey (Zonguldak & Istanbul) up to 96 MHz. Greek was fading on 94.8 – Cyprus 30 kW is in same line with Zonguldak, but it could have been also 100 kW from Greece – in every case a double hop.


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Short opening to D for 15 minutes

Short opening for Germany today. Stabil strong signals with RDS codes, but low MUF max 92 MHz. It should mean good for tomorrow, but as usually, the opening rarely comes when we are “warned” before. The possibility is 50% as it does come or it doesn’t 😉

Compilation of May 2016 in Uurainen


May 2016 more detailed (all the recordings are not yet checked and so far some loggings are not yet visible on this map)

May 2016_2

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05.06.2016 – Nice Aurora Signals in Jyväskylä and evening Es to D

Here is a short log: 

90.60 0734 S SR P1, Älvsbyn/Brännberget TM (no) PI logged: E201 PS logged: SR_P1___ 440km

98.00 1438 S SR P3, Västerås/Lillhärad TM (vm) 576km

92.20 1442 S SR P1, Mora/Eldris TM (da) 614km

102.00 1446 S SR P4, Gävle/Skogmur TM (ga) 486km

100.50 1447 S SR P4, Västerås/Lillhärad TM (vm) 576km

89.50 1502 NOR NRK P1, Gausta/Gaustatoppen (te) 949km

88.70 1516 NOR NRK P1, Oslo/Tryvann (os) 840km

90.30 1555 S SR P1, Uppsala/Vedyxa TM (up) 499km

91.80 1556 S SR P2, Västervik/Fårhult TM (ka) 716km

93.00 1558 S SR P2, Borlänge/Teracoms mast Idkerberget (da) 597km

92.00 1911 D Radio PSR, Auerbach/Schöneck (sac) 1543km

90.60 1936 D hr1, Hardberg (hes) 1748km

89.00 1942 D 89.0 RTL, Brocken (san) PI logged: D0DB PS logged: 89.0_RTL 1467km

Clip: NRK Gausta 89.5 MHz:


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