January-February 2019

The midwinter anomaly has eaten the best openings, but still we have had slight activities here in Central Finland.

This year we are taking part in FDXA’s “Station Hunt”. At the moment we have not published monthly logs in blog, but you can enter to our contest logs by clicking our DX-call:


Jyväskylä / Petäjävesi (new QTH!)


Uurainen KP22RL

For latest QSLs please have a look:


In the near future also the details for the annual Pirate Hunt will be announced. 73!

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30 vuotias humanistinretale. Kädetön kaikessa mikä liittyy tekniikkaan, mutta innostus sitäkin suurempi. Erehtymällä oppii ja yrittämällä kuulee.

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Manfred Manke, Germany

about 3 kuukautta ago

Dear JJH, on FMDx.tk I read that you received QSLs e.g. from WBAP, WOR, KDKA, WRKO and KXEL. Do you have email addresses of these stations, especially of the v/s? I heard these stations in Nov. 2018 but didn't succeed in getting a QSL via mail. I would be very happy if you could help me in this matter. 73 Manfred


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