Week 15, 2018


7726 1945 GRC: tent. Radio Zeppelin. Nonstop music for more than an hour, then closed down or disappeared.


Leaving to Venice so I will be away from the radios for the rest of this week

Week 14, 2018

Back to the basics, the contest seems to be successful, several stations organized special transmissions for Global HF Weekend and Pirate Hunt 2018, both (accidently and luckily) held during the very same Easter weekend. From the Finnish point of view the propagation seemed to be very fine. The online results will be updated here and there is time till April 30, 2018 to send in your logs.

This week’s DXing results:


6285 1745 IRL: Coast FM
6200 -2206 HOL: Radio de Technisce Man
1645 2206 HOL: Bluebird Radio, “from North East Groningen”
6210 2330 IRL: Laser Hot Hits


7505 1000 USA: tent. WRNO Worldwide, New Orleans LA. Testing, tnx for info MR!
279 1903 TKM: Watan Radio. Clear ID at 2000 but not more at 2100.


7505 0651 USA: WRNO Worldwide, New Orleans LA. Call ID at 0707. RTTY QRM 0715 UTC-


1242 2000 J: JOLF, Tokyo. “Nippon Hoso”


1242 1729 OMN: Radio Sultanate of Oman.
3900 1915 BRL(?): Radio Borderhunter
6217U 1954 G: Radio Oleg “Radio Oleg 6-2-1-7”


6320 1750 HOL: Radio Joey. S9+20 dB.
6310 1905 HOL: Radio 102. Max s9.
6375 1945 IRL: Radio Harmony
3460 2107 F(?): UNID music pirate. LSB mode.

Recent QSLs:

#1266 BC station QSL: Radio Company Easy 98.7 MHz heard 01092017 never actually replied, but published report in Internet.

#1267 BC station QSL: Amica Radio Italia 1206 kHz has no e-mail but I managed to get a brief “thank you” in WhatsApp after short chat.

#241 Free radio QSL: Radio Harmony from Ireland 6375 kHz

Free radio QSL: Key Channel Radio from Italy 6915/6920 kHz

#242 Free radio QSL: Keizer en Keizerin from the Netherlands 1645 kHz

#1268 BC station QSL: Vatan Radio, Asgabat 279 kHz brings also verified DX country #147!

New BC station QSL: JMK Ralliradio 98.5 MHz from Jämsä, approximately 70 km from here.  It has licensed power as 25 watts.

#243 Free radio QSL: Radyo Oleg 6217 USB from somewhere in Ireland

Week 13, 2018

If possible, my DX activity has gone even closer to zero.

The only radioactivity was a free-to-take comic strips from a local library. Radio Otto was inspired by the liberalization of private broadcasting back in the 1985.

I have sent out some of the older reports anyway, and got even few replies. Spring is coming and in one and a half month SpE should be going on again! Pirate Hunt 2018, held for the third year in a row at Easter will take place this weekend.

My personal log for Pirate Hunt 2018 will come here: http://bbs.fmdx.tk/index.php?topic=460.msg1808#msg1808

Week 10, 2018

Only one log for this week:

95.900 10.03. 1625- FIN: Radio Patmos. Jyväskylä -tx. //89.2 MHz. Temp. 1 kW 01032018-31052018. ES-kaudelle tähän tullee Kesäseuraradio, eli taas yksi menetetty taajuus. JMN

It’s time to count FM QSLs for annual FM QSL rank of Finnish DX Association. FM QSL list is updated here, for any v/s information feel free to contact me.

I am also curious to know which are (statistically) most important countries and languages for a FMDXer living in inner Finland:

RUS 122
I 84
D 70
F 45
CZE 40
G 39+3
FIN 1 (38+4)
UKR 34
ROU 32
S 27
POL 25
BEL 20
HRV 20
HOL 20
HNG 17
AUT 16
DNK 16
SVK 14
BIH 13
EST 11
E 2

TOTAL 769 (806)

The eight biggest countries RUS, I, D, F, CZE, G, UKR, ROU (Finland not included) consist ca. 60% of all QSLs. First six countries have brought 400 QSLs to my collection, that’s ca. 50%. So it’s obvious that most important languages are: Russian, Italian, German, French, Czech, English and Romanian. I have sent reports to Ukraine mainly in Russian which is widely understood there. As those languages are also useful for reporting to ALG, AUT, BEL, BLR, IRL, KAZ, MDA, LUX, RSM, SUI and SVK it means 546 QSLs all together, roughly 70%.

QSLs this week:
RAI Internazionale, Prato Smeraldo 9570 kHz;
RAI Piemonte, Torino Volpiano 999 kHz;
RAI GR Parlamento 89.7 MHz;
RAI Radio 3 99.9 MHz

Pirate Hunt 2018

Pirate hunt “Pongaa piraatti pääsiäisenä” 2018 will be held during Easter 2018 (March 30th – April 1st). We try to keep rules simple:

-log as many PIRATE stations as possible between March 30th 0000 UTC and April 1st 2359 UTC
-all bands are accepted but only stations without license are counted (no relays by legal stations) Stations with many names shall be counted only once.
-ID has to be heard or identification should be otherwise confirmed. QSL or recording is not necessary.
-post your full logs on forum (http://bbs.fmdx.tk/index.php?topic=460.0), FMDX.tk Facebook group or by e-mail staff @ radioaktiiviset.info, during or after the contest (but until April 30th, 2018)
-participating is free for anyone and all participants will receive a diploma later
-results will be published in May

Pongaa piraatti pääsiäisenä 2018 is organized by a local radio club Sisä-Suomen Radioaktiiviset (Radioactives of Middle Finland)

Like Our Page in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PirateHuntDX/

Everyone is warmly welcome!


Week 9, 2018

98.500 03.03. 0738- FIN: JMK Ralliradio, Jämsä. Himos -tx. Hyvällä asenteella n. 70 km takaa parvekkeelle hätäisesti heitettyyn dipoliin, Yagit kun ovat edelleen talvilevolla. Hyvin tehtyä ohjelmaa, haastatteluja, musiikkia ja runsaasti paikallisten yrittäjien mainoksia. JMN

101.300 02.03. 0915- FIN: Suomirock. Pihtipudas -tx. Äänekosken lisäksi Pihtiputaan lähetin on saatu ääneen. Asiakkaan pihasta löytyi paikka jossa Pieksämäen väkivahva KISS putosi ja tämä pääsi puristumaan esiin ID:llä. Pihtiputaan ja Pieksämäen puolivälissä voi olla mielenkiintoinen puuro taajuudella. JMN/VW Caddy

QSLs this week: Radio Powerplay 3840 kHz

QSLs this week: Radio Pandora, The Netherlands 1625 kHz

Week 8. 2018

Inactivity continues, again only one log this week

100.500 22.2. 0830- FIN: Suomirock. Äänekoski -tx. Jyväskylässä Suomirockin kuuluminen kahdella taajuudella aitoitalialaiseen malliin on lopultakin päättynyt, kun 96.8 MHz on nyt allokoitu Äänekoskelle ja samalla taajuudeksi on vaihdettu 100.5 MHz häiriöiden välttämiseksi. Aloittanut nyt siis tässä ja 96.8 MHz vapautui jälleen DX-käyttöön. Jyväskylän 106.4 MHz jatkaa normaalisti. JMN/VW Caddy

Logs of February 2018


05. Febryary 2018

930 0601 CAN: CJCA Edmonton AB


10 February 2018

660 0638 USA: WFAN New York NY

770 0459 CAN: CHQR Calgary AB

880 0614 USA: WCBS New York NY

950 0633 CAN: CKNB Campbleton NB

1110 0705 USA: WBT Charletton NC

1630 0650 USA: KKGM Fort Worth TX


11 February 2018

1160 0658 USA: KSL Salt Lake City UT

1190 0811 USA: KEX Portland OR

1280 0751 USA: WNAM Neenah-Menasha WI


Week 7, 2018

Inactivity continues, only one log for this week

105.400 17.2. 1110- FIN: Instanssi, Jyväskylä. Tämäkin on lopulta aloittanut. Mediamonitorin TET:n mukaan lupa oli aluksi voimassa jo joulusta Tikkakoskelle, mutta sittemmin täsmentynyt Jyväskylään ja aloituspäiväkin myöhentynyt. Tarrasi nyt vahingossa autoillessa RDS- hakuun, näyttäen kenttiä INSTANSI, INST4NSI, 1NSTANSI, IN5TANSI, INS7ANSI, INSTANS1, INSTAN51 jne ja soitellen “kasibittistä”. Myös audio-ID muutamaan otteeseen: “Tapahtumaradio Instanssi 105.4 MHz”. Lähetin oli edelleen päällä kotiin ajellessa iltapäivällä ja ilmeisesti tästä lähin jatkuvasti. Itse tapahtuma on Jyväskylässä 1.-4.3.2018. http://instanssi.org:8000/fm.opus. JMN/Alfan kabiini

Week 6, 2018

Loads of work and duties here, but every week at least a bit of radio activity is on the air..


6315 1400 DNK: Radio OZNRH. Jazz and top of the hour ID. Best signal was S4.

QSLs this week: Shortwave Radio, Winsen an der Aller 3975 kHz

QSLs this week: World Music Radio, Randers 5840 kHz