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Avainsana: Italy

5 June 2017: from BEL to BUL

For 2 hours short-lasting but strong reflections from West to East Europe, very difficult to follow and MUF was moving 80-100-80-100-80 continuously. Band was silent for 5 minutes, and open for another 5 minutes, then same again.. Still one new-for-me station Ritmo 80 from Bari on 87.8. Bari needs a bit overlong skip (2453 km) which happens every now and then during weak Balkan openings. Maybe Adriatic sea and tropospheric ducting helps a bit!?

Full log here:

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4 June 2017: IRL, Piemonte, SUI, F, D, SRB, ROU

An interesting tour today starting at 1125 UTC from Ireland (only RTÉ high power transmitters).

Soon lower band was filled with weak Italians (South Finland MUF 108),

travelling from Piacenza and Torino

little by little to West and surprisingly hitting to Switzerland!

Then skip was getting shorter, offering again only high power transmitters (BR, SWR, MDR).

After a silent hour new start to Serbia.

Some guys logged also rare Kosovo and Albania. An arabic double hop with ROU/BUL, more in South coast, which where ided as Egypt. Unfortunately there was like a wall around 97 MHz, only once I noticed Balkan over 100 MHz. Few new-for-me stations from Piemonte, SUI and SRB. Full log here.

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November logs by JJH


Nov 02

0613 1575 I: RAI Liguria
0620  657 I: RAI Toscana
0627  900 I: RAI Lombardia

Nov 03

0617  999 I: RAI Piemonte

Nov 05

0258 1431 G: Smooth Radio, Only network commercials
1607 6950 I: Radio Voyager

Nov 08

1758 1287 E: SER Radio Castilla de Burgos

Nov 09

1500 1278 IRN: IRIB Radio Kermanshah, Kermanshah
1729 621 IRN: IRIB Khorazan-e Jonubi, Birjand
1827 1224 E: COPE Mallorca
1928 1134 E: COPE Salamanca

Nov 10

0502 1107 G: MFR2, Tarbat Ness
0707 1485 G: BBC Humberside, Hull

Nov 16

1727 1224 E: COPE Mallorca, Palma
1731 837 G: BBC Asian Network, Leicester
1759 1287 E: SER Burgos, Burgos

Nov 17

1707 1368 BBC Lincolnshire, Lincoln

Nov 19

0404 657 ISR: IBA Reshet Bet, Yavne

Nov 20

1529 1026 IRN: IRIB Radio Tabriz

Nov 21

1400 774 EGY: ERTU Al-Sharq al-Awsat
1547 666 G: BBC Radio York
1552 1566 HOL: Vahon Hindustani Radio

Nov 26

1720 1670 GRC: Radio Vrazilianos, Leivadia

Nov 30

0513 1470 USA: WLAM, Lewiston ME
0553 1390 USA: WEGP, Presque Isle ME


Utility – NDB


336 NOR: ULV, Ylvingen Br.sund
355 BEL: ONW, Antwerpen / Deurne
357 HOL: VZ, Eelde
360.5 BEL: MAK, Mackel for Brussels
363 S: OEM, Kristianstad
374.5 I: ANC, Ancona
376 D: HAN, Hahn
379 NOR: REK, Reksten
382 AUT: SBG, Salzburg
397 HOL: EHN, Eindhoven
421 S: MF, Halmstad
424 HRV: PIS, Zagreb
438 SVK: PE, Tatry
444 POL: NRD, Inowroclaw
448 CZE: HLV, Holesov
452 D: ANS, Ansbach


326 HOL: LLS, Lelystad
354 D: PAD, Lippstadt
368 D: BYC, Bückeburg
371 D: MYN, Münster
383.5 HOL: GUL, Gulpen

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Total 400 logs for FMDX season 2016

The end of August brought some ES stations and the number of logs reach 400 total. More than 100 of those stations are new-for-me, so the season can be considered a good one (using only one receiver, no SDR). Magical Tropo Day 26 August will be written in Finnish FMDX History – guys on Southern Coast heard numerous new countries! Czech Republic is not common catch but it all started with nice regional stations caught by many listeners in South and South-Western Finland. Soon they got Austria (many transmitters), Slovenia 88.5 by MB and in the end Croatia (Zagreb and Ivanscica transmitters!). The new Finnish tropo record is 1691 km by JJJ Mynämäki. Congratulations to everyone! Also Slovakia was heard for the first time by ducting. Other logged countries were Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia and Sweden. HNG, KAL, NOR and UKR have been heard earlier in Finland by tropo, but those countries were not logged that day. Now total is 23 heard countries by Tropo. Unfortunately these conditions didn’t reach inner Finland, so the longest was Suwalki 105.5 from here.

On Sunday 28 Aug ES season was completed with nice OIRT opening, mostly to Kirov and Perm. Surprisingly Radio Rossii stations have regional window till 0800 UTC on sunday mornings. Regional programs were on air already at 0730, possibly they started at 0710 UTC.

total 400 logs

Based on total number of my personal QSLs, some statistics on ”most important countries and languages for FMDXer”

1. Russia (110 QSLs)
2. Germany 67
3. Italy 65
4. France 39
5. Czech Republic 37
6. UK 35+3
7. Ukraine 29
8. Romania 27
9. Serbia 22
10. Sweden 22

If we look at the map, the result can be explained geographically. Bigger the country is, more conditions will be favorable to this area. Only CZE and SRB are smaller countries among the list, probably stating that those countries have a relatively good number of local stations to listen to..

FM season seems to be closing, it is time to concentrate on AM – especially TA signals. Lattemiele played a song (23082016) that suits pretty well for this time of year.

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25 Jun 2015: BeNeLux, Germany, Italy, Balkan, Greece

Today’s conditions were considered as the best opening of season 2015. At least it was the strongest which was not positive in the beginning. The FM band was full of signals from Croatia to the Netherlands, practically from every European country, with 3 to 5 stations on every frequency causing horrible noise. Maybe a whip would have given better results (band less full…). Most of the stations were big powerhouse networks, and small private stations couldn’t pass througout the noise. Quickly BeNeLux dropped and Es was favorable for Balkan and Hungary (MUF still over 100 MHz). Then it turned again to Italy. In two hours the conditions seemed to be already over, but surprisingly two frequencies faded in (89.2 & 91.2) and gave id’s in Greek. New heard FM country for me (2402 km!) Further log might be published here in the near future!



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21 Jun 2015 Italy

Today we had very weak low band Italy in Central Finland. Guys in South Western Finland enjoyed of good opening to Italy (MUF 107) but also to France and double hop to Spain and Algeria! Here nothing like that. Extraordinarily 90.3 was audible for almost an hour with M2O and Radio Capital fading on it. Rest of the band was practically empty! Earlier I identified at least Radio Lodi 89.0 and Fantastica 89.5.


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20 Jun 2015: Bosnia, Croatia, (Italy)

Good timing today. A little opening to Balkan started 3 minutes after I sent my last essay for academic year 2014-2015. MUF was around 92-93 (reported 96.1 in Ruovesi by Pentti). Stations came first from Bosnia, then from Croatia (network program on 89.0 Super Radio and 91.7 Radio Koprivnica) but it sounded to turn own program during the reception. In the end some Italian heard but MUF dropped before the conditions crossed Adriatic Sea.


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14.05.2015 kausi korkattu Uuraisilla

Myöhäisherännäiset joutuivat tuskissaan suoraan sängystä bandille, kun vanha rouva heräsi heti aamulla. Ensimmäiset logimerkinnät löytyvät Etelä-Suomesta 6 UTC tienoilla. Keski-Suomeen keli nousi n. puoli tuntia myöhemmin ja kuuntelija nousi tästä noin vartin kuluttua. Oikeastaan missään vaiheessa keli ei lähtenyt toden teolla käyntiin, mutta hyvää harjoitusta tämä oli ja uusiakin jäi käteen ainakin 5 kpl. Keli oli melkoista roiskintaa sinne tänne, kuten logista näkyy. Ranskaa, Saksaa, Hollantia ja Balkania kuului myös, mutta sieltä en idannut yhtäkään asemaa. Sillä välin kun siivoilin pöytälaatikoita tataaria kuunnellen, oli muilla tullut vielä Kreikkaa ja Turkkiakin. Ylösen Juha (JY) kuuli myös Ruotsin ja mahdollisesti Tanskaa! JJH:n logaukset löytyvät täältä.


Montaa Euroopan maata ei jäänyt näillä keleillä varmaan idaamatta Suomessa. Päivän parhaana pidän tuplapomppua Pamplonaan (2819 km). Viime kesällä kuulemani lissabonilainen ja Tohmajärven upeat Aasia-nappaukset antoivat pontta satunnaiselle sokkotallentamiselle tänä kesänä. Troolia (SDR) ei saa näin vanhalla tietokoneella pyörimään, mutta mato-onkimenetelmällä (yksi taajuus kerrallaan) näköjään tuli jo toisena päivänä pikkukalaa. Jatketaan harjoituksia taajuudella 89.3 MHz, joka menee kesäksi Suviseuroille Pihtiputaalle.

log 14052015

English summary:

Today we had the first better opening, not very strong, but long lasting conditions to fastly variable directions. Almost every European country was heard today in Finland. Today’s highlight was surprising double hop to Pamplona (2819km). My personal log from Uurainen, Central Finland can be seen above.

Antenna direction to Pamplona


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July 23 Slovenia and Italy, July 24 British Isles

Finally something on the band. Both days MUF was not much more than 96. The first station on 87.8 sounded like greek, announcing ”Athina, eksi ritem mladosti, Athina, Athina”. (Eksi means ”six” in greek). Finally I found a ”n” letter pronounced weakly and then it sounded Antina. Slogan ”Ritem mladosti” belongs to Radio Antena from Slovenia, so mystery solved. Double skip to Greece dropped down already in Ljubljana!

After that some Italians especially from Ancona on the lower band. Also some Croats, but no ID’s. Slovenian Radio Ena came strong on 90.3 – they already verified and would like to do a phone interview. Today, 24 July, DX map looks very good. Unfortunately the clouds are a bit too far from me, and the QSO’s seems to be west-east. Not north-south. However there was fading signals from Wales for more than a hour. Recordings are still under control, but sitting in the front of radio I got ID from 96.3 Radio Aire from Leeds and Heart network, 95.2 BBC Radio Cornwall, 95.9 BBC Radio Wales and 88.0 Real Radio, could be regional programme for Wales. Also many BBC 2, 3 and 4 stations with RDS’s on lower band. Enclosed please find my log of 23 July.

logi 23072013

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July 11 – Southern Italy and Balkan

This morning we got an opening to Southern Italy (Puglia & Abruzzo) and Balkan (Croatia). First alarm SMS arrived around 0550 UTC (TNX IKA!), so I moved laptop and XDR to the balcony as the first thing in the morning. While having coffee I beamed all my 4 elements towards Italy. At 0607 UTC on 95.9 MHz  I saw a strange RDS RADIO_TG. There is a BIH station using this code, but not on this FQ. Anyone knows? The station could be from everywhere, it was playing at least 4 English pop songs in a row. No audio ID heard.


After that I realized the name of the game. Radio Italia Anni 60 gave local ad for Puglia/Basilicata, on 95.7 and soon after that 96.1 was talking about the first wedding ceremony in the prison of Bari. Stations were heard up to 108 (JJH got Radio Norba Bari local on 105.5!) but the signals were only few – the most of the skip went obviously to the Adriatic Sea.


Later some croatians from Labinstica transmitter in the same time with Foggia on the middle band – these are linear from this point of view. Also one mystery: On 93.6 a reporter said ”Radio Vaticana” in the end of his report – no CVA listed on this FQ. However, during this summer I have noticed more skips over 2000km than ever. I don’t know if it was a special character of this season – or did the huge forest block all the long skips which have to arrive very horizontally. However Istanbul, Bari, and Brest,all heard properly for the first time this year, are around 2400km from here.

Enclosed a screenshot from Visual Log Book

south italy 11072013

And all the stations heard this morning by same DXers:

kaikki aamu 11072013


Here’s my personal log of identified stations. Please note, in some cases TX site is a guess if there are more than one tx operating on a certain FQ.

log 11072013

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