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Week 28, 2018

2018-07-11 OIRT RUS opening 

Morning OIRT conditions, which continued for some time after I left to work. Never reaching really CCIR range. Empty blind recording on 69.68 MHz – target Radio Pervyi Kanal, Ufa.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
73.10 0600 RUS Grad Petrov, Sankt-Peterburg/Olgino (SP) 374km
66.68 0658 RUS Radio Ashkadar, Ufa/RC Altay RS5 (BA) 1940km

2018-07-12 OIRT RUS UKR + Balkan 108

Finally a good ES opening, reported 50 minutes 108 MHz to Balkan and 40 minutes to Italy. At 0720 UTC, when leaving to work, I was nearly going to set a blind recording on 69.38, (target GTRK Adygeya regional window), but conditions jumped to West right that moment, so I have chosen CCIR frequency (92.7 MHz) and antenna AZI approximately 190 degrees. TNX to Mr. JY for GRC alarm at 0720 UTC, which definitely saved my day!! It was kind of hard day in work to follow red carpet on MUF map – great catches made in Inner Finland today!

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
70.28 0600 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Don-TR, Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy/RTPS (RO) 1826km
73.13 0604 RUS Evropa Plus, Volgodonsk/Pr. Kurchatova 14 (RO) 1970km
72.11 0631 RUS Radio Mayak, Cherkessk/RTPS (KC) 2293km
73.76 0636 RUS Nashe Radio, Rostov-na-Donu (RO) PI logged: 6000 PS logged: TUXUU 1918km
69.68 0644 RUS Radio N, Novocherkassk/RS3 (RO) 1909km
69.38 0709 RUS Radio Rossii, Krasnogvardeyskoye (AD) most probable tx 2130km
92.70 0841 tentative TUR Bloomberg HT Radyo, Istanbul Camlica -tx. PI 3408? and economical talk in Turkish
92.70 1000 ROU Radio Tanănana București/Piața Victoriei BU 2007 km
92.70 1043 ROU Virgin Radio Târgu Mureș MS 1777 km
92.70 1156 SRB iFM Radio, Topola/Bor (Srb) PI logged: DA92 Audio-ID + PS logged: IFM_92.7 2054km
92.70 1200 HNG MR 2 Petöfi Rádió, Tokaj / Nagykopasz (BAZ) Audio-ID + PI: B201 PS: _PETOFI_ 1619km
92.70 1210 SRB Radio City (Ub) Ub/Vučjak Srb 2037 km
92.70 1247 BIH Radio Feral Kalesija/Jajići tuz 2049 km
92.70 1303 BIH Kiss FM, Fojnica/Cubren (sbs) PI logged: F303 Audio-ID + PS logged: KISS_FM_ 2123km
92.70 1346 SVK Rádio Expres, Nové Zámky/Komín Elektrosvitu (NR) or Zarnovica -tx Audio-ID + 521D ~1650km
92.70 1425 SVN Muravidéki Magyar Rádió (MMR) Lendava/Dolnji Lakoš ms 1862 km
92.70 1442 CZE Country Radio, 3 transmitters listed 1549-1592 km

PS comes from BIH but PI is from SVK Rádio Expres. This view was waiting on the screen when arrived in QTH.

Today’s log is based on GTK RDS log and partly checked recording. Roughly saying first 5 hours (1000-1450 UTC) were mostly noise, with few weak ROU/TUR reflections.

2018-07-15 RUS UKR – barely over 100 MHz for short time.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
69.65 0643 UKR UR 3, Pidgorivka (LU) No ID, studio no. 044-239-62-95 refers to this station 1682km
73.76 0648 RUS Nashe Radio Radio Tikhiy Don, Rostov-na-Donu (RO) PI logged: 6000 1918km
66.20 0654 RUS Radio Rossii, Tbilisskaya/RTPS Oktyabrskiy (KD) most probable tx 2110km
67.58 0657 RUS Radio Taganrogskiy Universitet, Taganrog/Zdanie TTI JuFU (RO) 1898km
89.00 0719 RUS Yumor FM, Goryachiy Klyuch (KD) 2173km
89.70 0724 RUS Elit FM, Salsk (RO) 2046km
89.50 0725 RUS DFM, Slavyansk-na-Kubani (KD) 2078km
91.70 0727 RUS Evropa Plus, Krymsk (KD) PI logged: 7213 2112km
101.90 0730 UKR Radio Format, Tokmak/ZFKRRT, vul. Shchavy, 1 (ZP) 1815km
89.00 0742 RUS Yumor FM, Goryachiy Klyuch (KD) Paikallismainontaa, kylä varmistettava 2173km
72.98 0759 RUS Radio Rossii, Otradnaya (KD) 2261km
65.76 0828 UKR Telekanal Inter, probably Mykolayiv/MFKRRT (MY) because 71.78 same time. 1774km
71.78 0823 UKR UR 3 Radio Kul’tura, Mykolayiv/Varvarivs’kyj RPTS, vul. Veselynivs’ka, 59 (MY) No ID, program name vy efire piridatse Moja Muzika 1772km
89.00 0915 UNID Kiss FM. “Kiss FM – I love this station”. UKR, ROU, or CYP also possible!? Also F and GRC listed.

QSLs this week

821. HRV: Novi Radio, Djakovo 99.5 27062018 fb


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Week 27, 2018

Free week from SpE, only work…

2018-07-05 … until Thursday morning which brought an OIRT opening.  The highest note was 88.7 MHz for short time. Also tentative logs of Radio Ashkadar 66.68, Tatar Radyosu 67.7 and Mil. Volna 69.74 based on the music played. 66.62 MHz transmitted Orenburg regional news. Luckily I had to leave one hour later than normally, so there was enough time to tune and set up blind recording, this time on 68.36 MHz, where is listed a new-for-me GTRK Chelyabinsk.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
71.42 0808 RUS Bolgar Radiosy, Bolshaya Atnya (TS) 1516km
67.04 0813 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Bashkortostan, Salavat/RTPS (BA) 2033km
68.36 0815 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Chelyabinsk, Stepnoye (CB) Radio Yuzhnii Ural 2212km
68.36 1010 UKR Radio M, Odesa/OORTPTS, vul. Fontans’ka doroga, 3 (OD) 1815km

Many GTRK transmitters are already shutted down on OIRT, and the rest must be living their “last days”. As we know, sporadic E skip is much more rare on CCIR, so OIRT GTRKs have pretty high position on my “bucket list”. Unfortunately so far I have had no luck with short skip conditions and regional windows matching in same time


QSLs this week

817. RUS: Radio Rossii Volgograd 70.40 17052018 (rankissa jo keskipitkiltä) vk: Oksana Poljakova

Здравствуйте. Спасибо. Всё верно.

818. BIH: Radio Republike Srpske 88.7 27062018 em. TNX JHY!

We confirm that Jan-Mikael Nurmela from Finland received RADIO
TELEVIZIЈA REPUBLIKE SRPSKE from Bosnia Hercegovina 26th of June 2018

on the frequency on the 88.7 MHz at 11.53 / 11.54 am.

Služba za komunikaciju i promociju
Radio-televizija Republike Srpske

Trg Republike Srpske br.9
78 000 Banja Luka,
Republika Srpska, Bosna i Hercegovina

Tel. +387 51 339 869
Mob. +387 51 339 863

819. RUS: GTRK Lipetsk 89.1 11052018 short thank you in vk

820. RUS: Militseyskaya Volna, Aleksin (TL) 71.51 vk. TNX JHY!

Здравствуйте! Да это Милицейская Волна. Все верно. Радиолюбительство – это здорово!!! В Москве мы вещаем на частоте 107,8 МГц. У нас много регионов и у них своя частота. Вы как раз поймали частоту наших региональных партнеров.


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Week 26, 2018

Full week in work, except Saturday.

2018-06-25 RUS, ISL, FRO, G, BeNe, F. Monday was a silent day, so not at all Estressful to be in work on a dayafter 😉 Surprisingly second half of Iran vs. Portugal was interrupted by a Komi alert. But this time Vorkuta was alerted also on 88.0 MHz. CCIR reception is not that ordinary, not even from Komi, so it was a sign of something better… The band was weakly open up to 108 MHz, but in this direction are very few stations. Some of the Usinsk transmitters were heard tentatively. As often with Komi, also this time came a mirror reflection to Iceland, which went down to Faroe Islands, Orkney and Scotland. Surprisingly this time it reached even England, the Netherlands, Belgium and finally France!

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
68.60 1910 RUS Radio Rossii, Troitsko-Pechorsk (KO) most probable tx 1558km
69.08 1912 RUS Radio Rossii, Inta (KO) 1695km
100.00 1940 RUS Radio Yugra, Saranpaul (KY) most probable tx 1754km
66.44 1953 RUS Radio Rossii, Ukhta (KO) 1421km
71.06 1958 RUS Radio Rossii, Vuktyl (KO) 1589km
66.38 2011 RUS Radio Rossii, Urdoma/RTPS (AR) 1192km
66.86 2023 RUS Radio Rossii, Kirs/RTPS (KV) or Yakutino VO-tx closer. Both from same AZI. 1113-1480km
66.80 2048 RUS Radio Orfey, Perm (PR) 1750km
66.74 2100 RUS Radio Rossii, Galich (KS) most probable tx 1029km
89.70 2129 ISL(?) K100. UNID-TX. Not listed in FMList or station’s web page. Lonely on the band, FRO?

88.50 2201 G BBC Radio 2, Skriaig (SC-HIL) MULTI TX 1834km
89.00 2204 G BBC Radio 2, Kirkton Mailer (SC-PEK) PI logged: C202 1753km
89.30 2205 G BBC Radio 2, Holme Moss (EN-WYK) PI logged: C202 1872km
89.70 2215 G BBC Radio 2, Tacolneston (EN-NFK) most probable tx PI logged: C202 PS logged: BBC_R2__ 1810km
96.80 2223 HOL NPO 3FM, IJsselstein/Gerbrandytoren-Alticom (utr) PI logged: 8203 1680km
95.70 2225 BEL VRT Radio 1, Egem (vlg-wvl) PI logged: 6301 PS logged: RADIO_1_ 1844km
93.70 2227 BEL VRT Radio 2, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw/Norkring Toren (vlg-vbr) PI logged: 6302 1824km
93.20 2229 HOL Waterstad FM, Jirnsum/Rijksweg (fri) 1555km
94.70 2230 F France Bleu Nord, Lille/Bouvigny le Mont [62] (59) 1922km
93.60 2232 HOL Wild FM, Amsterdam/Alticom Toren (nho) 1658km
95.40 2235 HOL BNR Nieuwsradio, Gilze/Prinsenbosch (nbr) 2 TX PI logged: 83D1 PS logged: __BNR___ 1728km
93.30 2238 HOL Radio 10, Breskens/Graansilo Vissershaven (zee) PI logged: 83D2 1797km
91.80 2240 HOL NPO Radio 1, Smilde/Alticom Toren (dre) PI logged: 8201 PS logged: NPO_R1__ 1545km
96.30 2241 HOL Wild FM, Alkmaar/Alticom Mast (nho) PI logged: 86EF PS logged: WILD_FM_ HITRADIO 1639km
96.30 2242 BEL VBRO, Gent/Lieven Bauwens Gebouw (vlg-ovl) 1821km
95.50 2246 HOL BNR Nieuwsradio, Tjerkgaast/Alticom Toren (fri) PI logged: 83D1 1574km
98.80 2251 G BBC Radio 1, Wrotham (EN-KNT) 1948km
96.70 2300 G BBC Radio Kent, Wrotham (EN-KNT) No real ID, BBC mentioned in the news 1948km
98.00 2302 F France Culture, Lille/Bouvigny le Mont [62] (59) most probable tx PI logged: F202 PS logged: _CULTURE 1922km
96.80 2305 G BBC Radio Cymru, Wenvoe (WA-VGL) BBC 5live -ID. 2103km

2018-06-26 ROU, BUL, SRB, later I and D. Also today a fully silent day, but soon after arriving to dacha, I heard loud pop music from the balcony.. Kiss FM PI code indicated a ROU opening, which started within an half hour. The second round started to Italy mixed with some German.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
103.90 0609 S SR P4, Skellefteå/Prästfäbodsberget TM (vb) 337km
100.00 0634 S SR P3, Skellefteå/Prästfäbodsberget TM (vb) 337km
88.70 1614 ROU Kiss FM, Focsani (VN) PI logged: 515A 1871km
70.31 1620 MDA RFE/RL, Edinet/SRTV (ED) 1596km
70.46 1621 UKR UR 2 Radio Promin’, Khmel’nyts’kyj/KHFKRRT, prosp. Myru, 43 (KM) 1454km
89.00 1639 ROU Radio ZU, Bucuresti (BU) PI logged: E2AA PS logged: Radio_ZU _89,0_FM 2009km
88.10 1641 BUL BNR Horizont, Kavarna/RPS Kaliakra (dob) 2 tx PI logged: 8210 2133km
89.50 1647 ROU Pro FM Dance, Bucuresti/Bul. Pache Protopopescu 109 (BU) PI logged: E019 2008km
90.30 1651 BUL BNR Radio Shumen, Silistra/RRS Medžit tabija [NURTS Silistra] (sil) PI logged: 8236 PS logged: __BNR___ _SHUMEN_ 2049km
88.90 1658 BUL BNR Horizont, Royak (vrn) PI logged: 8210 PS logged: HORIZONT 88.9 MHZ TEL.0700 17144 2161km
89.10 1701 ROU SRR Radio România Cultural, Baneasa/Dobrogea Sud (CT) PI logged: EE01 2057km
90.80 1702 BUL BNR Hristo Botev, Tsarevo/Papia [NURTS Ahtopol] (bur) PI logged: 8220 2272km
92.20 1710 F France Musique, multi tx, maybe Nice/Mont Chauve (06) Multi tx, 2392km
90.60 1717 BUL Radio N-Joy, Varna/m. Borovets-RPS Varna (vrn) PI logged: 837E PS logged: N-JOY___ 2157km
90.10 1720 BUL BNR Horizont/BNR Türkçe yayinlar, Shumen/RRTS Venets (shm) PI logged: 8211 PS logged: BNR_____ 2115km
93.00 1722 ROU Radio Trinitas, Gheorghieni/Harghita-Bai (HR) 2 tx PI logged: E24D 1790km
96.40 1726 ROU Radio Galaxy, Râmnicu Vâlcea/Cozia (VL) PI logged: E068 PS logged: GALAXYFM 1912km

96.90 1728 SRB RTS-Radio Beograd 1, Jastrebac (Srb) RTS mentioned 2141km
96.80 1732 ROU Favorit FM, Bechet/Dabuleni (DJ) PI logged: 9251 PS logged: __vorit_ 2078km
98.40 1734 SRB Max FM, Jagodina/Durdevo brdo (Srb) No ID but tel no. 233 984 2079km
103.80 1738 ROU SRR Radio România Actualitati, Arad/Șiria (AR) PI logged: EE00 PS logged: RRACTUAL 1821km
103.70 1740 ROU SRR Radio România Cultural, Sibiu/Paltinis (SB) 3 tx PI logged: EE01 1877km
89.30 1927 I Radio Studio Delta, Montescudo/Monte Godio (rn) PI logged: 53FB 2228km
89.50 1927 I RAI Radio1, Bologna/Colle Barbiano (RAI) (bo) MULTI TX PI logged: 5201 PS logged: *Radio1_ 2201km
88.70 1928 I Radio Deejay, Bologna/Colle Barbiano/Via Santa Liberata , 4 (bo) PI logged: 5214 PS logged: __EEJAY_ 2201km
101.80 1930 I Radio 24, Cesena/Lugoraro di Cesena-Via Lugarara (fc) PI logged: 5245 PS logged: ____O_24 2218km
102.00 1930 I Radio Italia SoloMusicaItaliana, Montescudo/Frazione Albereto-Via Piana (rn) 5 tx PI logged: 5220 PS logged: R_IT____ 2228km
107.90 1931 I Radio 105, Castel San Pietro Terme/Monte Grande (bo) PI logged: 5211 2209km
98.40 1933 I Radio Budrio, Brisighella/Via Rontana,40 (ra) PI logged: 5089 2216km
97.80 1935 I Radio Piterpan, Galzignano Terme/Monte Gallo (pd) 2104km
96.80 1936 I Radio Stella (Modena), Serramazzoni/Case Mazzoni-Ca’ del Vento (mo) PI logged: 584E PS logged: R.STELLA 2220km
98.70 1937 I Radio Company Easy, Teolo/Monte Grande (pd) 2 tx PI logged: 5359 PS logged: COMPANY_ E_A_S_Y_ 2098km
100.20 1938 I Radio Bruno, Bologna/San Luca/Via Monte Albano, 3 (bo) PI logged: 5E4D PS logged: R.BRUNO_ 2201km
101.00 1939 I Radio Maria, Bologna/Colle Barbiano/Via Santa Liberata , 4 (bo) PI logged: 51CC PS logged: R.MARIA_ 2201km
103.10 1940 I Radio LatteMiele, Serramazzoni/Case Mazzoni-Ca’ del Vento (mo) PI logged: 5355 PS logged: LATMIELE 2220km
103.80 1940 I Radio Bruno, Serramazzoni/Monfestino-Case di Sotto, 6 (mo) PI logged: 534D PS logged: R._B__NO 2219km
104.10 1941 I RDS – Radio Dimensione Suono, Scandiano/Monte Evangelo-Via Bottegaro, 2 (re) 2208km
98.50 1943 D Bayern 3, Wendelstein (bay) PI logged: D313 PS logged: __YE___3 1846km
99.00 1943 I Radio Birikina, Bologna/San Luca-Basilica via San Luca, 36 (bo) PI logged: 536E 2201km
103.10 1944 I Radio Monte Kanate, Pellegrino Parmense/Monte Canate (pr) PI logged: 58A6 PS logged: ASCOLTO_ 2210km
95.70 1946 I RDS – Radio Dimensione Suono, Serramazzoni/Monfestino-Case di Sotto, 6 (mo) MULTI TX PI logged: 5264 PS logged: __RDS_*_ 2219km
94.80 1948 I Radio Deejay, Serramazzoni/Faeto-i Boschi (mo) PI logged: 5214 PS logged: ______Y_ 2221km
93.10 1949 I m2o, Marano sul Panaro/La Lama-Ospitaletto (mo) PI logged: 5233 PS logged: _M_DUE_O 2216km
93.40 1949 I RAI GR Parlamento, Prignano sulla Secchia/San Pellegrinetto (mo) PI logged: 5158 PS logged: RAI_____ 2220km
92.70 1950 I Modena Radio City, Guiglia/Via per Serravalle (mo) PI logged: 5371 PS logged: M*R*CITY 2214km
99.00 1952 I Radio TRV – Tele Radio Veneta, Conco/Rubbietto (vi) 2 tx PI logged: 53EB 2053km
92.10 1957 I RAI Radio1, Viano/Querceto-Ca’ del Vento (RAI) (re) 5 TX PI logged: 5201 PS logged: *Radio1_ 2210km
88.70 2000 D Bayern 2, Grünten (Allgäu) (bay) PI logged: D312 PS logged: Ba_____2 1911km
98.00 2000 I Radio 24, Travo/Pigazzano [25.5] (pc) 2205km
98.70 2000 D SWR1 Baden-Württemberg, Grünten (Allgäu) [bay] (bwü) PI logged: D301 PS logged: _____BW_ 1911km

Log will be updated when recording is checked.

2018-06-27 BUL – ROU – RUS – UKR – BLR – MDA – BIH – I – HRV – HNG – RUS – G – F. The first SpE alert came as early as 0431 UTC, so I decided to have a free day instead of going to work today. Usually early morning ES is promising for the rest of the day. One of the best OIRT (and only OIRT) openings ever was followed by HRV/I up to 108 MHz and a peak to Budapest. In the evening OIRT RUS and late night UK/F, highest noted on 95.8 MHz.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
90.30 0501 BUL BNR Radio Shumen, Silistra/RRS Medžit tabija [NURTS Silistra] (sil) PI logged: 8236 PS logged: __BNME__ 2049km
89.00 0520 ROU Radio ZU, Bucuresti (BU) Ascultats la ZU PI logged: E2AA 2009km
70.94 0559 RUS Radio Rossii, Kletskiy/RTPS (VG) most probable tx 1818km
66.83 0600 RUS Radio Rossii, Mikhaylovka/RTPS (VG) 1753km
70.82 0600 RUS Radio Rossii, Borisoglebsk/RTPS (VN) VN px before top of the hour 1585km
70.07 0604 RUS Radio Orfey, Lipetsk/ORTPC (LI) 1382km
72.41 0609 RUS Radio Rossii, Kshenskiy (KU) 1389km
71.51 0613 RUS Militseyskaya Volna, Aleksin (TL) 1111km
67.97 0700 RUS Radio Rossii, Novorossiysk/RTPS Markotskij Hrebet (KD) 2 TX IN KD 2116km
70.28 0709 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa/OIRT, Smetanichi/RTPS (GO) 1156km
72.98 0724 UKR Golos Nadiyi, Cherkasy/CHFKRRT, vul. Pal’okhy, 2 (CK) 1504km
67.88 0754 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa/OIRT, Pinsk/RTPS Posenichi (BR) 1148km
69.02 0811 UKR Yaskrave Radio, Kyiv/KFKRRT, vul. Dorogozhyts’ka, 10 (KC) ID finally 1371km
69.56 0829 UKR UR 3 Radio Kul’tura, Kryvyj Rih/DFKRRT, vul. Televizijna, 8a (DP) 1696km
70.52 0830 UKR UR 1 Persha Prog., Odesa/OORTPTS, vul. Fontans’ka doroga, 3 (OD) UR -ID only 1815km
71.57 0855 MDA Vocea Basarabiei, Milestii Mici (IL) Bessarabia direkt 1746km
68.12 0859 UKR UR 1 Persha Prog., Tomashpil’/Yarishivka (VI) UR Radio Kultura ID 1565km
72.47 0919 UKR Yaskrave Radio, Vinnytsya/VFKRRT, vul. Maksymovycha, 23 (VI) 1485km
88.70 0953 BIH RTRS Radio Republike Srpske, Sarajevo/Trebevic 2 (srp) 2126km
93.60 0955 UNID “more music” jingle between the songs
89.50 1000 I RTL 102.5, Casacalenda/Contrada Cerro del Ruccolo (cb) 2413km
87.50 1003 I Radionorba, Casacalenda/Contrada Cerro del Ruccolo (cb) 2413km
88.70 1003 BIH Radio Antena Tešanj/Trebačko brdo znc 2044 km commercial for Jelah with city code 032.
89.10 1010 HRV Radio Kaj, Novi Marof/Gornje Makojišce-Sedlinski vrh (vz) 1908km
89.60 1011 BIH Radio HIT, Majevica/Udrigovo (srp) ID as Mog(?) Radio Brcko 2026km
89.70 1016 HRV HRT-HR 1, Biokovo/Sveti Jure (st) PI logged: C201 PS logged: HRT-HR_1 2199km
90.20 1016 HRV Radio Vallis Aurea, Požega/Kamen (pz) PI logged: C469 1973km
100.10 1020 HRV Bjelovarsko-bilogorski Radio (BBR), Moslavacka Gora/Humka (sk) PI logged: C308 PS logged: BBR100.1 1957km

107.30 1026 I R101, Ancona/Forte Montagnolo-Via del Golfo (an) MULTI TX 2241km
107.30 1026 HRV Otvoreni Radio, Celevac (zd) 3 TX PI logged: C205 PS logged: OTVORENI 2122km
96.40 1038 HNG Rádió 1, Budapest – Gellért-hegy (Bud) Audio ID too PI logged: B417 PS logged: RADIO_1_ 1717km
99.50 1044 HRV Novi Radio (Dakovo), Dakovo/Mandicevac-Vinarija (os) PI logged: C427 1960km
67.04 1656 RUS Radio Rossii, Bobrov/RTPS (VN) most probable tx 1539km
70.67 1657 RUS Radio Rossii, Veshenskaya/RTPS Kalininskiy (RO) most probable tx 1754km
71.90 1657 RUS Radio Rossii, Boguchar/RTPS (VN) most probable tx 1668km
70.28 1700 RUS Radio Rossii, Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy/RTPS (RO) 1826km
67.97 1814 RUS Radio Rossii, Novorossiysk/RTPS Markotskij Hrebet (KD) 2 tx both in KD 2116km

Log will be updated when recording is checked.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
88.70 0548 FIN Radio City, Tampere – Tammerfors/Särkänniemi-Laiturikatu 13, n (pi) 143km (tropo)

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
96.80 1555 FIN YLE Radio Suomi, Utsjoki/Karigasniemi-Ailigas (la) No ID, merisäätä (sea wx rpt) 771km (meteor)

Suviseuraradio (temp.) started on June 25, 2018, blocking 89.3, 91.8, 95.7 (which was free less than 24 hours after Radio Gospel), 95.9 and 105.4. In addition morning scatter brought Mikkeli 93.4 MHz with RDS.

Aito Kajaus Plus started in Jyväskylä on June 27, 2018 around 07 UTC. A day before 91.8 MHz Pihtipudas appeared on the band.

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Week 25, 2018

2018-06-19 OIRT KD and Eastern UKR

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
66.05 1846 UKR Hromads’ke Radio, Volnovaha/DFKRRT, vul. Shevtsovoj, 1a (DO) …Hromadskoje Khvylia …. nashe studii.. 1820km

 Quickly moving reflection from 119 degrees to 139 degrees, including tentative hits to Moscow, Tula, Lipetsk based on format and frequency combinations (OIRT), disappeared soon after I left to work.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
67.07 0607 RUS Radio Rossii, Novospasskoye/RTPS (UL) most probable tx 1673km
65.75 0611 RUS 1TV, Kuznetsk/RTPS Blagodatka (PZ) “Pervyi Kanal” 1610km
66.83 0653 RUS Radio Rossii, Mikhaylovka/RTPS (VG) 1753km
66.92 0710 RUS Radio Rossii, Efremov/RTPS (TL) 1278km

2018-06-21 OIRT activity for a while when I already left for work. Empty blind recording (88.7 MHz)

2018-06-22 OIRT opening to RUS, only one audio ID
MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
69.68 0658 RUS Radio Rossii, Aleksandrov Gay/RTPS (SR) 1955km

2018-06-24 OIRT opening to RUS, later also CCIR toWestern UKR and Northern ROU, moving to HRV, CZE, SVK, SVN. Also this time cycle was nearly 3 and half weeks between two better openings (exactly 23 days from 1st of June to 24th of June)

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
67.19 0930 UKR UR 2 Radio Promin’, Chernivtsi/CHFKRRT, vul. Bilets’ka, 6 (CV) 1579km
67.97 0931 UKR UR 3 Radio Kul’tura, Chernivtsi/SKH Radiotsentr, vul. Putyl’s’ka, 20 (CV) No ID, studio number 044-239-62-95 refers to this station 1582km
89.50 0957 ROU Rock FM, Sacele (BV) PI logged: E057 1877km
71.24 0959 UKR UR 1 Persha Prog. Ivano-Frankivs’k (Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ivano-Frankivs’k/IVFKRRT, vul. Chornovola, 19 (IF) Possibly local weather and number 1511km
89.00 1001 UKR Kiss FM, Ternopil’/zavod Orion, vul. 15 Kvitnya, 6 (TE) 1439km
90.10 1002 ROU Radio Trinitas, Toplita (HR) 1734km
88.80 1008 ROU SRR Radio România Actualitati, Cluj-Napoca/Feleac (CJ) PI logged: EE00 PS logged: RRACTUAL 1759km
91.50 1010 ROU Kiss FM, Zalau (SJ) PI logged: 515A 1711km
90.30 1014 ROU Kiss FM, Târgu Mures (MS) PI logged: 515A 1777km
89.10 1015 ROU Digi FM, Târgu Mures (MS) PI logged: E059 1777km
89.00 1016 UKR Hit FM – Ukraina, Novovolins’k/VFKRRT, vul. Pioners’ka, 6 (VO) 1311km
94.30 1017 ROU Radio Trinitas, Baia Mare/Vârful Mogosa (MM) PI logged: E24D 1653km
95.60 1018 ROU SRR Radio Cluj, Cluj-Napoca/Feleac (CJ) PI logged: EE03 1759km
89.00 1028 ROU SRR Antena Satelor, Comanesti/Lapos (BC) PI logged: EE09 PS logged: ASATELOR 1794km
89.30 1029 ROU Sighet FM, Sighetu Marmatiei (MM) …stirile Sighet FM… 1622km
89.00 1032 HRV Super Radio, Cazma/Gornji Draganec-Silos (bj) PI logged: C023 PS logged: SUPER___ RADIO___ 1941km
89.00 1033 UKR Kiss FM, Ternopil’/zavod Orion, vul. 15 Kvitnya, 6 (TE) 1439km
89.50 1034 CZE Radio Cas Rock, Trinec/Godula (MO) 1490km
94.90 1034 HRV Gold FM, Velika Gorica/Gladovec Kravarski-Glože (zg) PI logged: C46A PS logged: GOLD_FM_ 1974km
95.80 1035 CZE Evropa 2, Uherské Hradište/Staré Mesto – silo (ZL) PI logged: 2204 1573km
96.10 1036 HRV HRT-HR 3, Ivanšcica (vz) PI logged: C203 PS logged: HRT-HR_3 1908km
100.00 1037 CZE Radio Haná SkyRock, Šumperk/ul. Dolnostudénská 2950/5 (OL) 2 tx, Skyrock ID 1487km
94.90 1038 HRV HRT-HR 1, Papuk/Kapovac (pz) PI logged: C201 PS logged: HRT-HR_1 1953km
92.10 1039 HRV HRT-HR 1, Zagreb/Sljeme (zg) 3 TX PI logged: C201 PS logged: HRT-HR_1 1942km
94.30 1039 SVK Fun Rádio, Bratislava/Kamzík (BA) PI logged: 5340 PS logged: FUNRADIO 1674km
91.70 1040 HRV Radio Koprivnica (RKC), Koprivnica/Jagnjedovec (kc) PI logged: C30F 1905km
97.60 1047 SVN Val 202, Trdinov Vrh (nm) 5 TX PI logged: 9202 PS logged: VAL_202_ 1970km
96.80 1048 CZE CRo Dvojka, Valašské Mezirící/Radhošt (MO) PI logged: 232E 1512km
92.30 1055 CZE Radio Haná, Olomouc/Pohorany-Jedová hora (OL) 1508km
89.00 1059 CZE Radio Impuls, Ostrava/Hoštálkovice (MO) 1473km
94.50 1100 SVK SRo 4 Rádio_FM, Žilina/Krížava (ZA) No ID, program jingle Mixtape FM 1545km
90.30 1109 POL PR 3, Opole/Chrzelice (OP) 1414km
89.00 1116 CZE Signál Radio, Chotebor/Pocátky – vrch Pocátek (O2) (VY) PI logged: 2311 PS logged: _SIGNAL_ 1545km
89.00 1117 CZE Kiss, Dacice/Urbanecský vrch (O2) (JC) 1619km
89.40 1117 AUT Hitradio Ö3, Sankt Pölten/Jauerling (nie) PI logged: A203 1695km
88.70 1120 CZE Radio Proglas, Tábor/osada Šibenný vrch (k.c. 5304/11) (JC) 1598km
95.70 1124 CZE Signál Radio Praha, Praha/Pankrác – Motokov (PR) 1537km

QSLs this week:

804. RUS: Radio Shanson, Kaluga (KL) 71.72 11052018 vk: Ritona Jevstigneeva
805. RUS: Retro FM, Kaluga (KL) 73.25 17052018 vk: Ritona Jevstigneeva

806. UKR: Radio Pyatnitsa, Izmail-tx 92.2 10052018 em

Дякуємо Вам! Так це П’ятниця 92.2 ФМ Одеська область місто Ізмаїл

Eugene Melnyk
© GENÈVIOS Développement

Développement d’applications mobiles iOS et Android


UAE: Radio Abu Dhabi Al-Dhabbaya 1170 04022017

​Hello Jan-Mikael,

Good to hear from you and thanks for your e-mail.

This is not Radio 2 from the UAE, as we broadcast in English, but it is Emarat FM, which is also broadcast (in Arabic) from the same building here at Abu Dhabi Media.

I hope this serves as verification for you and I thank you again for getting in touch all the way from Finland!

All the best, 


Damian Watson
Head of Station 
Radio 2
Abu Dhabi Media
P.O. Box 3966, Abu Dhabi
United Arab EmiratesM: 050 309 1731
T: +971 2 414 5969
F: +971 2 414 5553


807. RUS: Nika FM, Kaluga. Belitsa-tx 69.77 17052018 vk: Дмитрий Ченцов and Valerija Zubkova

Dmitrij 9:20
Добрый день! Подтверждаю – это наш эфир! Шеф-редактор НикаFM Дмитрий Ченцов

Valerija 9:21
Добрый день!
Я не могу точно сказать, в какой день у нас выходил этот отрывок. Но это точно наше радио! Постараюсь узнать подробности

808. POL: Radio Piekary, Piekary 88.7 09062018 em

Dzień dobry,
Potwierdzam to nasz sygnał.
W załączniku dane systemu nadawczego.
Zapraszam do słuchania naszej stacji na www.radiopiekary.pl
Marcin Baron
Redaktor Naczelny Radia Piekary

809. RUS: Kot FM, Samara (SA) 96.3 17052018 vk: Jevgenija Tsesirskaja

Да, наш сигнал уже многие так поймали)))

—. RUS: Radio KP, Volgograd. Kamyshin (VG) -tx 90.7 11052018 fb (korvaa ketjuvastauksen Radio KP:lta)

Добрый день, Jan-Mikael Nurmela! Вы действительно поймали сигнал радио “Комсомольская правда” в Волгограде (Radio KP Volgograd). Всего доброго!

810. UKR: Russkoe Radio Dnipropetrovsk 101.1 fup FFF 13082014

Moi! Yes, it’s our station. Greets to Suomi! 🙂

811. UKR: Radio AFM, Okhtyrka 102.8 fup 02062010 em

Добрый день,

Да, это действительно было радио АФМ, город Ахтырка 102.8

812. RUS: Radio Radio, Starii Oskol (BE) 100.4 FFF 10052018 em

813. RUS: GTRK Komi-Gor 68.6/69.56/70.16 16052018 em

Очень приятно было прочитать ваше сообщение.Мы рады тому,что вы нас слышите,даже,удивлены этим.Большое спасибо вам за ваше письмо!


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Week 24, 2018

Based on cycle theory, I expected this week to be pretty much silent which seemed to be true, so I decided to dedicate this week for work. Only an OIRT opening broke total silence on June 14, which I spent in work aswell. Probably it was not a big success from the point of view in Inner Finland, as it was mainly West-East QSO – based on Visual Log Book that day. Strongly expecting next opening to be around 24 June +- few days.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
89.30 1233 D hr3, Großer Feldberg (Taunus)/hr (hes) 1709km (meteor)
89.30 1359 D Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Hof/Großer Waldstein (bay) 1604km (meteor)

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
88.70 1359 D Bayern 2, Grünten (Allgäu) (bay) 1911km (meteor)

QSLs this week:

796. POR: Rádio Comercial, Lamego (vis) -tx 88.7 04062018 (1440) em

797. UKR: Hromadske Radio, Volnovaha-tx 66.05 09062018 (1441) em

—. G: Heart Peterborough 102.7 04062018 em korvaa Heart-ketjun

798. CZE: Radio Čas Rock, Godula-tx in Beskydy mountains 89,5 10052018 (1442) em

799. TUR: Türkiye Polis Radyosu 89.3 22052018 (1443) fb

Hyvä Jan-Mikael Nurmela, kuulemasi radiolähetys on totta. Turkista, yleisradio Ankara, Turkey’ve kuunteli poliisin radio. Työskentelen tällä radiolla. Nimi on Nurhayat ÜNLÜ. Suomi on kaunis maa …Poliisi Radio terveisiä Turkista Suomessa.
Dear Jan-Mikael Nurmela, the radio broadcast you heard is true. From Turkey, broadcasting from Ankara, Turkey’ve listened to the Police Radio. I work on this radio. Name is Nurhayat ÜNLÜ. Finland is a beautiful country …
Police Radio greetings from Turkey to Finland.

800. HRV Krugoval Garešnica 93.1 09062018 (1444) em

801. G: Heart Bristol 96.3 04062018 (1445) em

802. ROU: Kolozsvári Rádio 98.8 10052018 (lienee sama kuin rankin Radio Cluj) fb

Kedves Jan-Mikael, meg tudjuk erősíteni, hogy a mi adásunkat fogtad be. Amennyiben kíváncsi vagy a műsorainkra, elérhetők vagyunk online is, a www.kolozsvariradio.ro címen. Kívánunk minden jót.

803. BLR: Radio Mogiljev 67.25 17052018 (1446) vk: Jelena Bublikova

Здравствуйте, Майкл! Подтверждаю: это Радио Могилев, Беларусь.


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Week 20

Jan-Mikael Nurmela, FIN-41230 Uurainen
2x Sony XDR F1 HD (another with GTK) + 4 and 5 element Yagi

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
89.10 1200 S SR P1, Östhammar/Valö TM (up) 465km
90.40 1755 IRL RTÉ 2 FM, Truskmore (SO) Only PI ID PI logged: 2202 2134km
92.60 1756 IRL RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta, Truskmore (SO) 2134km

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
70.16 1010 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Komi-Gor, Ust-Kulom (KO) Vesti Komi-Gor 1460km
68.60 1036 RUS Radio Rossii Golos Komi, Troitsko-Pechorsk (KO) Radio Komi-Gor 1558km
69.56 1047 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Komi-Gor, Usogorsk (KO) Radio Rossii Komi Gor 1173km
66.44 1051 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Komi-Gor, Ukhta (KO) Vesti Komi-Gor 1421km
105.00 1057 RUS Radio Rekord, Ukhta (KO) 1421km (network ID)

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
104.00 0555 RUS Retro FM Ufa, Ufa (BA) 1941km
103.30 0616 RUS M Radio, Salavat/RTPS (BA) PI logged: 7723 2033km
87.80 0630 RUS Sport FM, Ufa/RTPC (BA) 1940km
87.80 0641 RUS Radio Vanya, Dimitrovgrad/Koroleva 2 (UL) 1663km
96.80 0644 RUS Radio Vera, Samara/ORTPC (SA) 1771km
96.30 0645 RUS Kot FM, Samara/PC7 (SA) 1772km
103.00 0650 RUS Russkoye Radio, Ulyanovsk/ORTPC (UL) 1600km
103.20 0650 RUS DFM, Toglyatti/Volgatelecom (SA) 1704km
96.80 0652 RUS NRJ, Nizhniy Novgorod/G-CA Oka (NN) 1248km
103.90 0653 RUS Evropa Plus, Nizhniy Novgorod/RC-RS1 Ul. Artelnaya (NN) 1248km
104.60 0655 RUS NRJ, Syzran (SA) 1701km
91.90 0722 RUS Radio Shanson, Borisoglebsk (VN) PI logged: 7354 PS logged: _SHANSON 1588km
68.09 0727 RUS Evropa Plus, Penza/TC TRK Nash Dom (PZ) 1540km
70.40 0729 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Volgograd, Loboykovo (VG) 1751km. Listed as 80 watts!
70.67 0730 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Don-TR, Veshenskaya/RTPS Kalininskiy (RO) 1754km
71.51 0737 RUS Militseyskaya Volna, Aleksin (TL) 1111km (network ID)
73.25 0738 RUS Retro FM Kaluga, Kaluga/ORTPC (KL) 1083km
71.30 0741 RUS Russkoye Radio, Moskva/Ostankino (MV) 1012km
69.23 0753 RUS Avtoradio, Gubkin/LGOK (BE) 1447km (network ID)
69.20 0755 UKR Svitle radio Emmanuyil, Kharkiv/KHORTPTS, vul. Derev’yanka, 1a (KA) 1531km
70.46 0759 UKR UR 3 Radio Kul’tura, Izyum/KHORTPTS, vul. Kruta, 56 (KA) 1649km
69.77 0801 RUS Nika FM, Betlitsa (KL) Radio Nika FM, v Kalugie 11 chesov 1063km
69.38 0806 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa/OIRT, Kostiukovichi (Kastsiukovicy)/RTPS (MA) 1089km
67.25 0807 BLR BR Radio Mogilev/OIRT, Kostiukovichi (Kastsiukovicy)/RTPS (MA) 1089km
71.18 0814 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa/OIRT, Mogilev (Mahilyow)/RTPS Polykovichi (MA) 987km

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
66.80 0726 RUS Radio Orfey, Perm (PR) 1750 km together with Kungur/Afanasyevskoye-tx
67.73 1250 RUS Radio Rossii, Ruza (MO) 971km
67.04 1310 RUS Radio Rossii, Bobrov/RTPS (VN) 1539km
71.90 1322 RUS Radio Rossii, Boguchar/RTPS (VN) 1668km
67.07 1323 RUS Radio Rossii, Morozovsk/RTPS (RO) 1867km

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Week 19 – part 2: May 11, opening to BLR and strong RUS

Jan-Mikael Nurmela, FIN-41230 Uurainen

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
69.92 0617 BLR BR Gomel FM/OIRT, Bragin/RTPS (GO) 1224km
88.20 0805 RUS Kamyshin FM, Kamyshin/RTPS (VG) 1830km
100.70 0807 RUS Dorozhnoye Radio, Kamyshin/RTPS (VG) Kamyshin local ID later 1830km
90.70 0814 RUS Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, Kamyshin/RTPS (VG) Volgograd regional ID 1830km
101.90 0817 +RUS Avtoradio, Kotovo (VG) Kotovo reklam 1786km
102.00 0820 RUS Radio Shanson, Balashov (SR) Radio Shanson Balashov 1603km
100.00 0825 RUS Avtoradio Balashov, Balashov/Ul. 30 let Pobedy 170 (SR) 1610km
104.20 0829 RUS Belyi Lebed, Aksay (VG) 2 possible tx. No ID, telefon 57-00-57. //104.2 1983km
104.60 0829 RUS Belyi Lebed, Alekseevskaya (VG) No ID, telefon 57-00-57 1692km
103.90 0831 RUS Sport FM, Tambov/RTPS Pervomayskiy (TA) 1430km
104.70 0831 RUS Radio Mayak, Sarai (RY) 2 possible tx in RY 1330km
101.80 0835 +RUS Radio Zvezda, Tambov (TA) 101 i 8 v Tambovie 1434km
101.40 0835 RUS Ekho Moskva, Tambov (TA) (network) 1434km
101.10 0836 RUS Russkoye Radio (network). VG or SR-tx.
100.30 0838 RUS Radio 7, Tambov (TA) Local reklam 0845 UTC 1434km
103.10 0840 RUS Avtoradio, Volgograd/Radiocentr 3 (VG) 1926km
103.00 0841 RUS Dorozhnoye Radio, Borisoglebsk/RTPS (VN) PI logged: 7003 PS logged: DORO*NOE 1585km
106.20 0842 RUS Russkoye Radio, Could be Borisoglebsk/Gribanovskiy (VN) -tx. 1583km
103.70 0843 RUS Belyi Lebed, Novoanninskiy (VG) PI logged: 7BB7 PS logged: BELIY___ 57-0O___ 1689km
100.60 0844 RUS Retro FM Uryupinsk, Uryupinsk (VG) 1634km
103.90 0848 RUS Retro FM, Mikhaylovka/RTPS (VG) 1753km
102.90 0850 RUS Evropa Plus, Mikhaylovka/RTPS (VG) 1753km
107.40 0851 RUS Radio Shanson, Tambov/RTPS Pervomayskiy (TA) Tambov local commercials PI logged: 7982 PS logged: SHANSON 1430km
104.90 0853 RUS Detskoye Radio, Tambov (TA) (network) 1434km
100.90 0914 RUS Dorozhnoye Radio, Lipetsk/ORTPC (LI) 1382km
102.00 0855 RUS Novaya Volna, Volgograd/ORTPC (VG) Volgograd fm 102, Radio Novaya Volna 1927km
98.80 0856 RUS NRJ, Volgograd/Radiocentr 3 (VG) PI logged: 7702 PS logged: NRJ_98.8 1926km
99.00 0856 RUS DFM, Borisoglebsk (VN) PI logged: 7709 PS logged: __DFM___ 1585km
97.60 0857 RUS Radio Dacha, Volgograd/ORTPC (VG) PI logged: 7724 1927km
96.50 0858 RUS Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, Volgograd/Radiocentr 3 (VG) PI logged: 7742 PS logged: RADIO_KP 1926km
96.60 0859 +RUS Retro FM, Stupino/RTS (MO) Stupino local number. 1112km
100.00 0900 RUS Avtoradio, Mikhaylovka/RTPS (VG) PS logged: *ABTO* 1753km
100.80 0902 RUS Retro FM, Borisoglebsk (VN) 1588km
104.90 0903 RUS Radio Den, Mikhaylovka/RTPS (VG) PI logged: 79A1 PS logged: RADIODAY 1753km
104.00 0907 RUS Novoye Radio, Volgograd/Radiocentr 3 (VG) 1926km
105.50 0909 RUS Radio Melodiya, Ertil (VN) PI logged: 0005 PS logged: _KAZHDY_ __CHAS__ 24-4-74_ _ERTIL__ _EELODY_ 1496km
106.20 0909 RUS Radio 7, Lipetsk/Pr. Pobedy 114/1 (LI) 1380km
106.60 0914 RUS Radio Mayak, Lipetsk/ORTPC (LI) 1382km
107.90 0914 +RUS Avtoradio, Novomoskovsk (TL) Avtoradio Novomoskovskie local ID 1190km
106.90 0915 RUS Comedy Radio, Tula/Novo-Basovo (TL) PS logged: COMEDY 1164km
104.60 0916 RUS Love Radio, Lipetsk/ORTPC (LI) 1382km
105.30 0917 RUS Russkoye Radio, Tula (TL) PS logged: PYCCKOE 1165km
104.40 0918 +RUS Avtoradio, Tula (TL) PI logged: 7261 1165km
104.90 0920 +RUS Evropa Plus, Tula (TL) Commercial for Tula 1165km
103.30 0922 +RUS Militseyskaya Volna, Tula (TL) PI logged: 7717 PS logged: RADIO MB 1165km
102.70 0923 RUS Yumor FM, Tula (TL) PI logged: 7705 PS logged: YUMOR FM 1164km
107.50 0925 RUS Radio Shanson, Tula (TL) PI logged: 7707 PS logged: RADIO SHANSON 107.5 FM 1165km
106.80 0926 RUS Dorozhnoye Radio, Boguchar (VN) 1667km
101.80 0927 RUS Avtoradio, Bobrov (VN) PI logged: 7261 PS logged: *_ABTO_* _BOBROV_ 1539km
100.20 0928 RUS Radio Shanson, Khlevnoe (LI) PI logged: 7707 PS logged: ___(4742) 1403km
100.70 0936 RUS Radio Guberniya, Voronezh/ORTPC (VN) 1455km
99.90 0941 RUS Radio Mir, Voronezh/ORTPC (VN) PI logged: 5000 PS logged: VORONEZH 1455km
102.30 0942 RUS Dorozhnoye Radio, Voronezh/ORTPC (VN) Dobryi Den Voronezh Dorozhnoye Radio 1455km
104.10 0942 RUS Radio Radio, Ostrogozhsk (VN) PI logged: 77F0 1529km
99.10 0944 RUS Yumor FM, Voronezh/Zastava Svechka (VN) PI logged: 7705 PS logged: YUMOR-FM VORONEZH 99_1_MHZ REKLAMA TMP:24C_ 1455km
104.90 0944 RUS Retro FM Rossosh VN 1613 km tent. no ID but Taxi Rossosh commercial 8-951-865-85-85
104.70 0945 RUS Lipetsk FM, Chernava (LI) 1339km
102.00 0946 RUS Avtoradio, Boguchar (VN) Weather for VN 1667km
101.40 0946 RUS Avtoradio, Rossosh (VN) Weather for VN 1615km
99.00 0958 RUS Radio Rossii, Volgodonsk/RTPS (RO)-tx 1968km “Radio Rossii, 87 y 7, Omsk”
100.30 1005 RUS Evropa Plus Voronezh, Voronezh/ORTPC (VN) 1455km
103.00 1013 +RUS Elit FM, Rossosh (VN) 1608km
104.20 1015 RUS Belyi Lebed, Aksay (VG) 2 tx 1983km
89.10 1016 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Lipetsk, Lipetsk/ORTPC (LI) 1382km
66.83 1024 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Volgograd, Mikhaylovka/RTPS (VG) No ID. “Nash telefon 26-86-53”, 1753 km
107.70 1032 RUS Radio Melodiya, Ostrogozhsk (VN) 1529 km
94.90 1044 RUS Relax FM, Voronezh (VN) 1456km
106.10 1044 RUS Radio Maximum, Voronezh (VN) 1456km
96.30 1046 RUS Vesti FM, Voronezh/ORTPC (VN) 1455km
71.90 1059 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Voronezh, Boguchar/RTPS (VN) 1668km
98.90 1101 RUS Evropa Plus, Mtsensk (OL) 1213km
71.72 1114 RUS Radio Shanson, Kaluga/ORTPC (KL) Radio Shanson Kaluga local 1083km
103.80 1124 RUS Love Radio, Voronezh/ORTPC (VN) 1455km
67.70 1222 RUS Tatar Radiosy, Ulyanovsk/Dom Byta (UL) Ulyanovsk local ID 1602km
66.68 1248 RUS Radio Ashkadar, Ufa/RC Altay RS5 (BA) 1940km

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Week 19: Dacha QRV and SpE season opened

May 8, 2018

Testing and setting up the antennas today, both will be horizontal.

Triax 5-el sees the sky from lower (3m)

Triax 4-el sees the sky from upper balcony (6m)

May 9, 2018

Setting the radios on lower balcony

May 10, 2018

ES Season opened, 0855-1115 UTC opening to RUS, UKR. The highest note 107.3 MHz

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km

88.70 0908 UKR Radio Promin. Volnovaha/DFKRRT (DO) switched from UR1 to UR2? 1820km
70.49 0910 UKR Radio Kometa (pirate broadcasting), Donets’k/DFKRRT, vul. Pikhotna, 4a (DO) 1786km
89.00 0930 RUS Radio Rossii, Rostov-na-Donu/ORTPC (RO) PI logged: 7748 PS logged: R.ROSSII 1918km
91.80 0933 RUS Radio Mayak, Rostov-na-Donu/ORTPC (RO) PI logged: 7C98 PS logged: MAYAK___ 1918km
90.60 0937 RUS Radio Dacha, Stary Oskol/Verhnechufichevo (BE) 1452km
88.20 0938 RUS Detskoye Radio, Rostov-na-Donu (RO) PI logged: 7235 PS logged: POCTOB 1915km
100.40 0941 +RUS Radio Radio, Stary Oskol/Verhnechufichevo (BE) PI logged: 77F0 1452km
104.10 0944 RUS Avtoradio, Rostov-na-Donu (RO) 1915km
69.65 0957 UKR Radio Promin. Pidgorivka/LFKRRT (LU) tx switched from UR1 to UR2? 1682km
72.41 1000 RUS Radio Rossii, Kshenskiy (KU) 1389km
69.23 1011 RUS Avtoradio, Gubkin/LGOK (BE) 1447km
67.70 1055 RUS Tatar Radiosy, Ulyanovsk/Dom Byta (UL) 1602km

Second round brought UKR-MDA-ROU-CZE-POL-SVK-SRB-HRV-HNG-D 1809-2024 UTC

94.50 1819 ROU SRR Radio Iasi, Husi (VS) PI logged: EE04 PS logged: _R_IASI_ 1768km
92.20 1823 UKR Radio Pyatnytsya (Pyatnitsa), Izmayil/OORTPTS, vul. Zheleznyakova, 260 (OD) 1921km
90.10 1824 ROU Pro FM, Constanta (CT) PI logged: E029 PS logged: _PRO_FM 90,1_FM_ 2047km
89.50 1825 ROU Itsy Bitsy, Tulcea (TL) PI logged: E2C8 1939km
96.30 1829 CZE Radio Cas, Valašské Mezirící/Štepánov (TVp) (ZL) 1520km
95.70 1830 POL Radio Zlote Przeboje 95,7 FM, Rzeszów/Wzg. Magdalenka (PK) PI logged: 32CC PS logged: _Zlote__ Przeboje 1403km
101.80 1832 SVK Rádio Vlna, Bratislava/Kamzík (BA) PI logged: 5218 PS logged: __VLNA__ 1674km
96.50 1835 CZE Kiss, Šumperk/Kolšov – vrch Markovice (OL) 2 possible tx 1494km
96.80 1835 HNG MR 1 Kossuth Rádió, Sopron – Dalos-hegy (GMS) 1740km
97.70 1836 CZE Radio Impuls, Hodonín/ul. Lipová alej 3087/1 (JMA) (JM) PI logged: 2203 PS logged: _MPUL_ 1601km
98.50 1837 SRB Hit FM, Beograd/Avala (Srb) PI logged: 5000 2005km
98.70 1837 SRB Radio S1, Kopaonik/Gobelja (Srb) PS logged: RADIO_S_ 2154km
100.10 1838 POL RMF FM, Krosno/Sucha Góra (PK) 1434km
96.10 1844 HRV HRT-HR 2, Labinštica (st) 2 tx PI logged: C202 PS logged: HRT-HR_2 2188km
94.30 1845 HNG MR 1 Kossuth Rádió, Szolnok / Besenyszögi út (JNS) PI logged: B203 PS logged: KOSSUTH_ 1733km
94.50 1845 SRB RTS-Radio Beograd 1, Crveni Cot (Voj) PI logged: D2FF PS logged: RTS_RB_1 1964km
92.20 1848 SRB Radio 021, Novi Sad/Bulevar oslobodenja 81 (Voj) PI logged: D084 PS logged: 021_____ 1951km
92.30 1854 CZE Radio Haná, Olomouc/Pohorany-Jedová hora (OL) 1508km
96.40 1857 HNG Rádió 1, Budapest – Gellért-hegy (Bud) 1717km
98.80 1859 ROU SRR Kolozsvári Rádió, Cluj-Napoca/Feleac (CJ) 1759km
88.70 1902 D Bayern 2, Grünten (Allgäu) (bay) PI logged: D312 PS logged: Bayern_2 1911km
93.30 1903 HRV HRT-HR 2, Mirkovica (ka) PI logged: C202 PS logged: HRT-HR_2 2024km
89.50 1946 CZE Country Radio, Praha/ul. Vinohradská 2396/184 – Stimbuilding (PR) PI logged: 2337 PS logged: COUN 1534km
90.30 1947 CZE Expres FM, Praha/stadion Rošického II (PR) 1536km
88.70 1951 CZE Radio Proglas, Tábor/osada Šibenný vrch (k.c. 5304/11) (JC) 1598km
89.00 1952 CZE Radio Impuls, Ostrava/Hoštálkovice (MO) PS logged: _IMPULS_ 1473km
89.30 1952 CZE Hitrádio Orion, Bystrice p. Hostýnem/Kelcský Javorník (ZL) 1531km
89.70 1955 HRV Antena Zagreb, Zagreb/Sljeme (zg) PI logged: C30D PS logged: _ANTENA_ 1942km
89.50 1957 CZE Radio Cas Rock, Trinec/Godula (MO) 1490km
90.30 1957 CZE Kiss, Zlín/Tlustá hora (ZL) PI logged: 23A0 PS logged: __KISS__ 1554km
96.80 1958 HNG MR 1 Kossuth Rádió, Sopron – Dalos-hegy (GMS) 1740km
97.50 1958 CZE CRo Zlín, Zlín/Tlustá hora (ZL) PS logged: R-ZLIN__ 1554km
94.90 2002 CZE Frekvence 1, Znojmo/Kraví hora (TVp) (JM) 1625km
88.20 2007 CZE CRo Ceské Budejovice, Slavonice/ul. Wolkerova 271 (JC) PI logged: 250D PS logged: __R-CB__ 1625km
89.70 2007 CZE CRo Radiožurnál, Pardubice/Krásné (PA) PI logged: 232F 1529km
91.80 2008 D MDR JUMP, Löbau/Schafberg (sac) 1423km

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September tropos

Tuesday Sept 26, 2017

Arrived from Tallinn to the QTH in the afternoon, Northern Sweden and Vyborg audible, no new stations, but some new masts logged.

Wednesday Sept 27, 2017

In the morning strong SR stations, mostly from Northern Sweden.

Also strong basic EST and some stations from Latvia in the evening. New stations: NRJ Saint-Peterburg (local) 95.0, Radio Grad Petrov 73.1 and possibly Rix FM Skellefteå 92.4 (recording to check).

Thursday Sept 28, 2017

Strong ducting to Stockholm in the morning, many locals and semi-locals were replaced with SR stations. New-for-me stations: Power Hit Radio 105.9, SR P4 Stockholm 103.3 and SR P4 Västmanland 100.5

Friday Sept 29, 2017

Very strong Vyborg, something from SPB too and few SR stations. New-for-me stations: Avtoradio Vyborg (local) 107.9, Radio Peterburg 69.47, Radio Rossii Saint-Peterburg 99.0 and possibly DFM (SPB local) 103.4

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July 23, 2017: G IRL 106

After few days spent in work, with moderate conditions mostly on OIRT, it was time to have a better opening to British Isles which lasted more than one hour. After that there were stations on OIRT practically all day long, but conditions never really started again to that direction. At least Radio City Liverpool 96.7, Compass FM Grimsby 96.4 and BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8 were new-for-me stations. Irish South East Radio showed RDS on 95.6 MHz with news. The highest note was 105.3 Capital with network jingle.

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