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May & June 2017: over 400 logs!

End of June has been pretty much silent, except 4 hours on June 27 (I was not in QTH). I missed also another good day (16062017). Nevertheless the total number of logs is 402 at the moment (still some recordings to check). It looks like this is going to be the best season of 2010’s, based on number of logs by one receiver. The goal for the season is to have 100 new FM QSLs.

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Logs for February 2017 from JJH in Jyväskylä

Here is log for February 2017 – Jyväskylä Finland KP22TF

Feb 06.

0657 1584 G: Panjab Radio

Feb 06.

1535 810 UAE: Pravasi Bharathi
1554 1341 PAK: Radio Pakistan
1602 828 UAE: Abu Dhabi FM
1627 918 AIR Suratgarh
1654 1633 SRB: Rome Radio

Feb 11.

1718 1633 SRB: Radio Kalibar

Feb 12.

0454 1290 VEN: Radio Puerto Cabello

Feb 15.

1627 765 IND: AIR Dharwad

Feb 20.

1542 1386 IND: AIR Gwalior

Feb 21.

0458 1160 USA: WYLL Chigago IL
0503 1200 USA: WOAI San Antonio TX
0554 1476 I: Tent. Free Radio AM, Trieste (TS)
0641 801 G: BBC Radio Devon

Feb 27.

0409 1130 CAN: CKWX “News 1130” Vancouver BC
0429 1300 USA: KKOL Seattle WA
0453 1360 USA: KKMO Tacoma WA

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November logs by JJH


Nov 02

0613 1575 I: RAI Liguria
0620  657 I: RAI Toscana
0627  900 I: RAI Lombardia

Nov 03

0617  999 I: RAI Piemonte

Nov 05

0258 1431 G: Smooth Radio, Only network commercials
1607 6950 I: Radio Voyager

Nov 08

1758 1287 E: SER Radio Castilla de Burgos

Nov 09

1500 1278 IRN: IRIB Radio Kermanshah, Kermanshah
1729 621 IRN: IRIB Khorazan-e Jonubi, Birjand
1827 1224 E: COPE Mallorca
1928 1134 E: COPE Salamanca

Nov 10

0502 1107 G: MFR2, Tarbat Ness
0707 1485 G: BBC Humberside, Hull

Nov 16

1727 1224 E: COPE Mallorca, Palma
1731 837 G: BBC Asian Network, Leicester
1759 1287 E: SER Burgos, Burgos

Nov 17

1707 1368 BBC Lincolnshire, Lincoln

Nov 19

0404 657 ISR: IBA Reshet Bet, Yavne

Nov 20

1529 1026 IRN: IRIB Radio Tabriz

Nov 21

1400 774 EGY: ERTU Al-Sharq al-Awsat
1547 666 G: BBC Radio York
1552 1566 HOL: Vahon Hindustani Radio

Nov 26

1720 1670 GRC: Radio Vrazilianos, Leivadia

Nov 30

0513 1470 USA: WLAM, Lewiston ME
0553 1390 USA: WEGP, Presque Isle ME


Utility – NDB


336 NOR: ULV, Ylvingen Br.sund
355 BEL: ONW, Antwerpen / Deurne
357 HOL: VZ, Eelde
360.5 BEL: MAK, Mackel for Brussels
363 S: OEM, Kristianstad
374.5 I: ANC, Ancona
376 D: HAN, Hahn
379 NOR: REK, Reksten
382 AUT: SBG, Salzburg
397 HOL: EHN, Eindhoven
421 S: MF, Halmstad
424 HRV: PIS, Zagreb
438 SVK: PE, Tatry
444 POL: NRD, Inowroclaw
448 CZE: HLV, Holesov
452 D: ANS, Ansbach


326 HOL: LLS, Lelystad
354 D: PAD, Lippstadt
368 D: BYC, Bückeburg
371 D: MYN, Münster
383.5 HOL: GUL, Gulpen

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Back in the MW & SW – October logs


Now when we moving towards the dark seasons it’s time to open good ol’ MW & SW. Early mornings are offered new radio stations. Here is my log for october:

Oct 09

1809 6295 IRL: Reflections Europe
1729 6317 G: Rock Radio Network

Oct 19

0524 747 E: RNE Andalucía
1754 1314 E: RNE Catalunya

Oct 20

0605 1503 G: BBC Stoke, dominating this fq in the morning
0616 1530 G: Pulse2
0620 1323 G: Smooth Radio, Didn’t catch local id or commercials :/
0624 1026 G: BBC Cambridgeshire
1747 1305 E: RNE Castilla-La Mancha

Oct 21

0447 1161 G: Tay 2
0603 1170 G: Swansea Sound, Finally received this!

Oct 22

1529 6308 D: Radio Marabu
1544 3930 HOL: Zender Kachelboer / Stove Farmer
1547 6530 AUT:Straightline Radio Austria

Oct 31

1604 6100 AFG: Radio Afghanistan, Back in the shortwaves


Utility – NDB Beacons

  • 311     D: LMA, Lima 23.10.2016
  • 330    HOL: SO, Eelde 24.10.2016
  • 344    D: HN, Hohn 23.10.2016
  • 350    FIN: LAA, Oulu / Laanila 23.10.2016
  • 406.5 D: BOT, Bottrop 23.10.2016
  • 413.5  D: DLS, Berlin 23.10.2016


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DXpedition to backyard – Lapland Tropo 11102016

Tropo forecasts promised good condx for Lapland, not much activity there, so results not known. Today’s ducting was favorable for Central Finland. In the morning just some typical SR stations for this QTH with fair signals (no RDS). However one personal new catch: Radio Rossii Karelia 72.17 just over the noise level with Tecsun, but clear ID. TNX JJH!


In the work (driving van) I was lucky to follow signals from 350-450 km improving all the day with the car radio. The morning was foggy, lot’s of accidents because of zero visibility and icy roads. The fog was accompanying us all day long, even temperature reached plus degrees in the afternoon. Still nothing special on lunch hour at home. Unfortunately Triax 4el can see only AZI 100-280 from the balcony…


As Janne (JJH) said: “Kalix tulee niin lujaa, että sen pitäisi kuulua mummon hetekallakin” (culture-bound, impossible to translate). Thanks to my good old lad, I moved the Yagi from balcony to backyard and placed RX’s on a less-elegant garden chair. Between the pines, the Northern sky can be seen.


Word, Kalix was so strong, that it could have come even with a whip!


Usually here is YLE Lahti 50 kW / 166 km


..and here Järviradio Jyväskylä 3 kW / 34 km


Such a fresh autumn afternoon today, but with the hot coffee it was fun for two hours. Then it was already getting dark and conditions seemed to be stuck on this direction. New H stations ided and recorded, and nothing special was heard using V polarization.

SR-transmitters from Örnsköldsvik, Sollefteå, Vännäs, Lycksele, Arvidsjaur, Älvsbyn, Kalix, Överkalix and Gällivare were noted. Possibly also Storuman and Vuollerim (150 W!). For some loggings, please have a look:

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Total 400 logs for FMDX season 2016

The end of August brought some ES stations and the number of logs reach 400 total. More than 100 of those stations are new-for-me, so the season can be considered a good one (using only one receiver, no SDR). Magical Tropo Day 26 August will be written in Finnish FMDX History – guys on Southern Coast heard numerous new countries! Czech Republic is not common catch but it all started with nice regional stations caught by many listeners in South and South-Western Finland. Soon they got Austria (many transmitters), Slovenia 88.5 by MB and in the end Croatia (Zagreb and Ivanscica transmitters!). The new Finnish tropo record is 1691 km by JJJ Mynämäki. Congratulations to everyone! Also Slovakia was heard for the first time by ducting. Other logged countries were Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia and Sweden. HNG, KAL, NOR and UKR have been heard earlier in Finland by tropo, but those countries were not logged that day. Now total is 23 heard countries by Tropo. Unfortunately these conditions didn’t reach inner Finland, so the longest was Suwalki 105.5 from here.

On Sunday 28 Aug ES season was completed with nice OIRT opening, mostly to Kirov and Perm. Surprisingly Radio Rossii stations have regional window till 0800 UTC on sunday mornings. Regional programs were on air already at 0730, possibly they started at 0710 UTC.

total 400 logs

Based on total number of my personal QSLs, some statistics on “most important countries and languages for FMDXer”

1. Russia (110 QSLs)
2. Germany 67
3. Italy 65
4. France 39
5. Czech Republic 37
6. UK 35+3
7. Ukraine 29
8. Romania 27
9. Serbia 22
10. Sweden 22

If we look at the map, the result can be explained geographically. Bigger the country is, more conditions will be favorable to this area. Only CZE and SRB are smaller countries among the list, probably stating that those countries have a relatively good number of local stations to listen to..

FM season seems to be closing, it is time to concentrate on AM – especially TA signals. Lattemiele played a song (23082016) that suits pretty well for this time of year.

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July-August 2016

Although June was not a perfect FMDX month, then July was a total flop. Fortunately August has been a bit more active so far..

FMDX 07 and 08-2016

The evenings are getting darker and the interest turns to AM. Some nice TA-catches on 49 mb in the mornings, no reason to forget Iberian peninsula and it’s numerous MW stations and of course (listening) free radio will be fun, in case there is no tropospheric ducting.

The holiday season will finish in Central Europe, so it is time to send some FM-reports again. The goal is to have 100 FM QSL’s for this season  – 25 to go!

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Uurainen: 30 minutes OIRT opening to Ural 12062016

Short opening to Ural from Central Finland. Nothing noted on CCIR (tried only couple of times), but possibly MUF was reaching those frequencies too.

1135 66.68 RUS Radio Ashkadar Ufa/RC Altay RS5 BA 17 1940 102
1142 69.62 RUS Radio Mayak Izhevsk/Varaksino UD 17 1654 100
1154 68.87 RUS Radio Voskreseniye Nizhniye Sergi SV 17 1983 94
1158 67.01 RUS Radio Rossii Nizhniye Sergi SV 17 1983 94
1158 67.10 RUS Radio Rossii Barda PR 17 1779 97

Unprofessional RX system is seen on picture. RX Tecsun PL-310 next to “mast”. It’s whip is cutted, but the rx is connected inductively to 4 element yagi by using home theatre mini loop. Usually this system gives enough strong signal for 17 kW Soviet era transmitters. Small stations between 73-74 MHz are only on dream list.. Recording on C cassette on balcony floor. OIRT is no more very interesting band, so this apparature is enough for me 😀


Update: Jyväskylä about 30km SE from Uurainen 

Quite same stations here as my fellow DXer JMN. Huge OIRT signals to BA- and SV oblasts.

Stations received here:

67.04 1122 RUS Radio Rossii, Salavat/RTPS (BA) 2016km

67.01 1137 RUS Radio Rossii, Nizhniye Sergi (SV) 1972km

66.68 1154 RUS Radio Ashkadar, Ufa/RC Altay RS5 (BA) 1925km

70.43 1200 RUS Radio Rossii, Afanasyevskoye (SV) 1915km

68.87 1205 RUS Radio Voskreseniye, Nizhniye Sergi (SV) 1972km

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QSL of the month: October 2015


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Sporadic E – 2.6. RUS & D – 3.6. HRV & SVK

Tiistaiaamuna rakennusmiehet ilmestyivät kahdeksan aikaan jatkamaan kesäkuuntelupaikkana toimivan parvekkeen remonttia. Radioita alta pois kantaessa tuli ensimmäinen kelihäly, joten tämä avaus meni evakkokuunteluksi.


Aluksi keli tärähtikin hyvin käyntiin Venäjälle, lähelle Kasakstania koko bandin leveydeltä. MUFfin pudottua alabandille huomion kiinnitti audiovikainen Love Radion lähetin Dimitrovgradissa (UL). Ennestään “tuttu” asemainsinööri Moskovan päässä sai audioklipit ja myös kuvat tästä havainnosta ja samalla raportin Ulyanovskin Radio Dachasta, joka taipui paikalliselle. Inssi lupasikin kysellä Ulyanovskin broadcasterilta, missä vika. Väittääkö joku vielä, ettei kuunteluraporteista olisi hyötyä asemille!? 😉

Love Radion lähettimen toinen stereokanava oli oudon vaimea taajuudella 90.2 MHz

Love Radion lähettimen toinen stereokanava oli oudon vaimea taajuudella 90.2 MHz

Ajoittain homma tyrehtyi pelkäksi OIRT-alueen kuunteluksi. Tälle taajuusalueelle pääsee Tecsun PL-310:llä. NL-aikaisten lähettimien kuunteluun herkkyyttä siinä riittää, mutta pienempiin asemiin (73-74 MHz) sillä ei juuri pääse käsiksi. Radio Rossiin regionaalit kyllä kuuluvat, sillä niillä on listoissa TRP 4 kW ja ERP 17 kW. Paikallinen diksari tosin väittää että osa lähettimistä on käytössä enää puoliteholla. Kalusto on varmaan tulossa loppuun ja siirtymä länsi-ULA:lle edessä (osa siirtyy jo).

Vaatimaton pika-antenni OIRT:lle evakkokuuntelussa. Langanpätkä riittää kyllä hyvin 17-kiloisille kun piiska on Tecsunista poikki.

Vaatimaton pika-antenni OIRT:lle evakkokuuntelussa. Langanpätkä riittää kyllä hyvin 17-kiloisille kun piiska on Tecsunista poikki.

Myöhemmin tuli vielä nosto Saksaan, mutta se ilo jäi lyhyeksi. Siitäkin noususta jäi yksi uusi käteen, sillä sokkotaajuudelle oli noussut kauan yrittämäni RTL 89.0. Tämä asema meni kytislistalle v. 2012, kun Itä-Saksaa EDXC-reissun yhteydessä kiertäessämme autoradio jaksoi jatkuvasti näyttää ko. aseman RDS-koodin. Eikä ihme, tehoa tällä asemalla on 60 kW.


Seuraavana päivänä näytti myös hetken hyvältä, mutta heikot nostot Keski-Eurooppaan eivät kauaa jaksaneet ja niistä ei mitään uutta jäänyt käteen. Tunnistettujen Kroatian Super Radion ja Slovakian Radio Jemnén lisäksi tuli tsekinkielistä konserttimainosta Ostravaan, at-domainillisia mainoksia saksaksi (varmaankin Ö3) ja unkaria taajuudella 89.5.

English summary:

June 2nd we had nice opening to Inner Russia. In the beginning whole CCIR band was audible, but soon MUF dropper to OIRT. Later small opening to Germany. Next day started with weak Central European stations (AUT, HNG, SVK, HRV) but they disappeared quickly. Since then no sign of ES here in Central Finland.

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