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26 Jun 2015: Germany, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Benelux

All day long ES was trying on low band, and lots of UNID stations were noted at various times. Around 11 UTC I heard 88.9 RTL Luxemburg, 88.7 Chérie FM and 89.7 France Musiques. Juha heard Spain around 12 UTC. A bit later Radio Dallas Loisirs from France showed the RDS on 89.1 MHz, unfortunately only music was audible. Around 1515 UTC I heard that someone was talking loudly upstairs in German. Obviously Sony XDR had caught a foreign signal on an empty frequency. Also RDS was seen on the screen (MDR_SACH). During a quick bandscan the highest log was 106 MHz. That was the beginning of the best conditions this summer, which were favorable to Germany and France with some Czech stations. This opening lasted for more than 2 hours, with Maximal Useful Frequency (MUF) 108 MHz most of the time. After a 30-minute-long break the conditions started again, this time to the British Isles. Exceptionally Ireland was heard too. MUF was up to 100 MHz but only few stations on the band. Later 1924-1945 UTC we had Benelux on low band. Waiting for more to come tomorrow!!!

Janne’s visual log for today (Jyväskylä)

J-M’s visual log for today (Uurainen)

French Radio Liberté came strong with it's 200W
French Radio Liberté came strong with it’s 200W
RTÉ's 2nd network was new to me.
RTÉ’s 2nd network was new to me.


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