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Malta bandscan

QTH: Bugibba, Northern coast of Malta (if not mentioned otherwise)
RX: Grundig M400 with its’ whip antena
Date: March 20-24, 2017


87.7 MLT: Bay Radio, not listed, possibly a ghost signal
87.9 I: R101, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (ag) 199 km morning tropo, no signal in the evening
88.2 UNID, possibly ONE Radio, Marsa?
88.7 MLT: Vibe FM, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt)
89.5 I: UNID network, possibly RTL102.5, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (ag) heard on 89.4
89.7 MLT: Bay Radio, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt) (ID: 8-9-7 Bay)
90.3 MLT: Bay Radio, not listed, possibly a ghost signal
91.1 I: RAI Radio 1, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (ag). Program name announced: ”Radio anch’io”
91.7 MLT: Magic Malta, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt) (ID: Magic Malta 91,7)
92.2 MLT: Radio Deejay, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (ag) 199 km
92.7 MLT: ONE Radio, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt) (ID: One News). Heard more likely on 92.6
93.7 MLT: Radju Malta, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt) // 999 kHz
94.0 MLT: XFM, not listed, possibly a ghost signal
94.6 I: Radio Santo Stefano, Santo Stefano Quisquina (ag) 187 km/ 300 w heard in Victoria, Gozo
94.8 MLT: UNID, a ghost signal?
95.6 I: UNID music
95.9 I: RAI Radio2, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (RAI) (ag) 199 km //96.7 MHz
96.7 I: RAI Radio2, Buccheri/Monte Lauro (RAI) (sr) 134 km.
98.7 I: UNID, possibly RAI Radio3, Buccheri/Monte Lauro (RAI) (sr)
99.1 I: RTM Radio Trasmissioni Modica, Modica/Contrada Litria (rg) 105 km
99.9 I: RAI Radio3, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (RAI) (ag) 199 km
100.2 MLT: UNID in English, XFM listed in Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt)
101.0 MLT: Radio 101 (ID: Your kind of music, Radio 1-0-1)
101.3 UNID music station
101.8 Calypso, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt)
102.3 Radju Maria, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt)
103.0 UNID only music, RTK Radio listed in Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt)
103.7 UNID in English (Campus FM with International Programming listed in Għargħur (mt))
104.6 UNID hit music (Smash Radio listed in Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt))
105.9 Radju Malta 2, Għargħur (ID: Radju Malta Tine, staziune nazionale/differenza)
106.3 UNID religious, possibly Radju Leħen il-Qala 106.3 FM, Qala/24 Saint Francis Street (gz) 12km


999 MLT: Radio Malta. ID as ”Radju Malta”. Listener’s requests, oldies, discussions. Always //93.7 MHz when checked.

Not heard:

98.0 ”Kottoner 98FM” or 106.9 ”Radju Luminaria” listed in, even the distance should be
only 12-15 km from the transmitter.

NB! Numerous of community stations within 10 km were not heard during bandscan, but it is hard to say if it was because of the QTH or very low listed powers (only few watts).


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