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Avainsana: Pirates

Week 37, 2018

810 14.9. 1830-1911 UAE: Pravasi Bharathi, Maqta.
5030 12.9. 1808-1858 BEL: Radio 319.
6270 15.9. 0608-0642 G: Focus International.
6275 12.9. 2034-2100a IRL: Charity Radio, Dublin. Striimissä ohjelmaa ilmeisesti 247 ja kuulutteli edelleen lyhytaaltotaajuuttakin puolen yön jälkeen, vaikka se ei enää ollutkaan päällä. Verifioi 19 minuutissa ja lähetti vielä liveterveiset. Lähetin ei välttämättä ole vihreällä saarella? Mutta studiot ja katuosoite on..

QSLs this week

833. SRB: BB Radio Plus, Odzaci 89.7 16062017 fb

Thank you for the recording. We confirm that you received the signal of the radio.

—. IRL: Charity Radio, Dublin 6275 12092018 em (probably via FRSH)

Hi Jan-Mikael,

Thank you for your reception report! We’re delighted you can receive our test broadcasts. We’ll say hello to you on air!
Best wishes,

247. BEL: Radio 319, 5030 12092018 em + eQSL

834. RUS: Radio Tikhiy Don (Nashe), Rostov-na-Donu 73.76 15072018

QSLs from the weeks 29-35


Kiss FM Sarajevo

Radio Kaj

Poštovani dobro ste čuli!Pozdrav od ekipe Radija Kaj.

Radio Den, Mikhaylovka (VG)

GTRK Kalmykija

Yumor FM Voronezh

GTRK Voronezh

UR Radio Karpaty

Signal Rádió Praha

RUS Radio Taganrogskii Universitet (Радио Таганрогский Университет) 67.58 15072018


добрый день!

отвечу вам немного позже 😊

Jan-Mikael 17:18

Timur 17:36

да, действительно похоже на наше радио

к сожалению, кроме частоты 67.58 и фразы ”Таганрогский университет” других подтверждений нет – идет шум и на его фоне слабая музыка, но скорее всего это действительно мы!

поздравляем вас с принятием нашего сигнала! 🎉🎉🎉

мой начальник интересуется, есть ли у вас радио позывной

Jan-Mikael 18:01

Привет, спасибо за хорошее подтверждение! Замечательно! К сожалению, сигнал был очень слабым. В то же время сигналы Радио России были сильнее и лучше слышны. Мой приемник – Sony XDR-F1HD, модификация «GTK», прием антенн Yagi 4 и 5 элементов. Мой звонок OH6001SWL, но я не передаю, только прослушивание)))

Наше расстояние 1898 км Некоторые фотографии оборудования, все лучшее для вас и приветствия для всей команды, 73!

Week 19: Dacha QRV and SpE season opened

Timur 18:12

очень интересно и круто! особенно когда сигнал прошёл почти две тысячи километров.

удачи вам в дальнейшем в радиолюбительском деле! 😊😊

Jan-Mikael 18:20

Время от времени это случается, но теперь я впервые услышал вашу станцию. Я надеюсь услышать это с лучшим сигналом следующим летом) Все хорошо с учебой!

Timur 18:24

Timur 18:30

Руководитель нашей радиостанции также передает вам наилучшие пожелания

И просит передать, что его радиолюбительский позывной RV6LNZ

Radio Galaxy, Drobeta Turnu Severin

Radio Grodno

Radio Eska Zary, Zary

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Week 6, 2018

Loads of work and duties here, but every week at least a bit of radio activity is on the air..


6315 1400 DNK: Radio OZNRH. Jazz and top of the hour ID. Best signal was S4.

QSLs this week: Shortwave Radio, Winsen an der Aller 3975 kHz

QSLs this week: World Music Radio, Randers 5840 kHz


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Pirate DX week 1/2018


6950 1430 I: Enterprise Radio. SINPO 45433. S9+10dB
6307 1455 CZE: Radio Goofy. S4-6.
3900 1500 UNID. S7-9.
3920 1501 UNID. S4-6.
5820 1506 Tentative Radio Caroline. S4-6.
6260 1507 Tentative Digital. S4-5. CD 1508.
6280 1517 Tentative Henky de Wegpiraat. S5. With quick fading.
6320 1545 G: Radio Underground S8.
1655 1615 HOL: Radio Golfbreker s6. 70 watts.
1637 1630 HOL: Radio Dikke Betta S7-8. Calling Torpedojager.
1629 1634 Tentative Mendocino. Calling Torpedojager.
1615 2215 HOL: Bluebird Radio, Finsterwolde
1621 2248 HOL: Turftrekker.
1626 2256 HOL: Radio Uniek, Klazienaveen
1655 2325 HOL: Monte Carlo Radio. S7.
1655 2329 HOL: Radio Dinkelland. S7. Sultans of Swing. QSO with Montecarlo.


1648 0110 HOL: Radio Moby Dick
5830 1530 HOL: Free Radio Victoria. It never rains in Southern California. SINPO 25333.
5840 1543 DNK: tentative World Music Radio, Randers. SINPO 25433
3905 1730 G: tentative Radio Underground. No clear ID, but greetings to me. s3-4
1620 1830 HOL: Polka Express SINPO 35333. s4-7. Closing down at 1851 UTC.
1621 1856 HOL: Radio Orion, Coevorden. S5-7. Announcement at 1856, then nonstop polkas and schlagers. 1917 UTC Oh Mallorca. 1937 UTC Bella Donna Goodbye Auf Wiedersehen. ID @ 2017 UTC ”…Radio Orion uit Coeworden…”. ID again at 2125 UTC as Radio Orion. 2156: ”Luisteraars en amateurs.. Coevorden..”. Closing down 2200 UTC.
1625 2220 HOL: Pandora S8-9. ID @ 2242 UTC.
1655 2252 HOL: Wilskracht s5-8. 2254 ZZ Top. 2301 UTC ID Radio Wilskracht. 2320 Save the last dance for me. 2324 ID Luisteraars amateurs … Radio Wilskracht… Radio Bandoeng.. till the next time, bye bye. 2326 Schlagermuziek. 2327 Closing down. QRM Russian pirate 1656 kHz.

#233 verified free radio station: Radio Golfbreker, (#37 Dutch MW)

#234 verified free radio station: Radio Bluebird, (#38 Dutch MW)

#235 verified free radio station: Radio Dinkelland, (#39 Dutch MW)

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Pirate DX Weekend 11-13 March 2016

As I moved all the radios in the attic recently, my Windom (18/9m) feed doesn’t reach the rx now. To get a quick solution I throwed a random dipole from window and tested it for two nights. As the results were good, I decided to hang it today, so it is placed now between a pine and a spruce, total length around 20 metres. Some kind of MW antenna could be the next step, but FM Season 2016 is about to start within two months!

March 11, 2016 @ Uurainen (Jan-Mikael)
1645 2155 HOL: Radio Armada. S7 to a SW-antenna.
6205 1926 G/IRL: Atlantis FM. ”Friday Night – Atlantis FM”
6215 1930 UNID. Nonstop 80’s hits: Police, Irene Cara, France Gall, Nana Mouskouri, Nik Kershaw etc..
6215 2230 HOL: Radio OZ (Omroep Zuid). Techno music. Reports to Maybe not him earlier!
6265 1955 HOL: Radio Desperado, North of the Netherlands. Best signal s9+10dB. New-for-me station.
6285 1935 G: Radio Focus International (presumed).
6305 1905 HOL: Radio Mazda, Nijverdal. s9+20 dB.
6330 1716 UNID, bit before on 6320 and 6325. Abu Dhabi?
6400 2048 HOL: Blauwe Panter. S9+10 dB.

March 12, 2016 @ Uurainen (Jan-Mikael)
4920 0045 IND: AIR Chennai. ID as ”All India Radio” but not clearly local IDs. Next time better..
5860 1405 HOL: Radio Batavia. Eros Ramazzotti and ID. s5.
5952,5 2350 BOL: Radio Pío 12 (presumed). Talk in Spanish, no ID heard.
5970 2359 OMA: BBC A’seela. Covered Chinese that must have been Gannan PBS. Next time ID luck!
6015 2345 ROU: Radio Romania International. Promised QSL card in shortest time possible. Not seen here.
6070 0900 D: Radio Waves Internationale via Channel 292 s9.
6200 1440 UNID. Also China on frequency. Polkawelle logged here and later on 6232, which was also audible.
6210 1744 G: Radio Merlin International. ID.
6260 2337 HOL: Mustang Radio. s7-8
6262 1837 HOL: Zender Akenzo (presumed). Band started to close, lots of deep fading. No ID heard, familiar voice.
6265 1428 UNID.
6265 1444- BRL(?): Borderhunter Radio.
6265 1720 HOL: Ronnie AM, Emmen. ”Heaven is a place on Earth”
6280 1730 HOL: Radio Pioneer. No IDs, only nonstop music. Thanked listeners in chat.
6285 1819 UNID ”Radio Noordzee” programme retransmitted.
6295 1355 HOL: Radio Tidalwave. S9+10dB. E-mail Probably shared tx with Carmen.
6295 1725 HOL: Mustang Radio (presumed). ID by others. S9+40dB.
6295 1758- UNID. Sounds like Abu Dhabi. Again only music without ID’s. Played Suvi Teräsniska.
6305 -1347. UNID. Just closing down when I came to the frequency.
6305 1425 Radio Without Borders International/Artem World Music. Via UNID relay s9+20dB.
6305 1715 HOL: Radio Telstar International.
6316 1350 UNID. Jazz music station. OZNRH?
6325 1511 HOL: Radio Verona. Test. Over s9.
6325 1726 HOL: Delta Radio, West-Brabant. ”Radio GaGa”. Jingles.
6395 1457 HOL: Pioneer AM, Groningen. Usually on 6747. Testing new transmitter here. No ID, only music.
6940 1439 D: Radio Orion 2000.
6970 1427 I: Blue Dragon AM.

March 13, 2016 @ Uurainen (Jan-Mikael)
3903 2110 HOL: Radio Station Alice.
4920 0013 IND: AIR Chennai. Fighting with China, going over it in local sunset. Local ID at least 0103.
5960 0400 F: NHK World, Issoudun.
5970 2245 CHN: Gannan PBS, Hezuo, Gansu. ID @ 2330: ”Gannan Guangbo Dientai”, without Renmin.
6020 0005 ALB: CRI Cerrik reported a mountain climber to be dead in Trentino Alto-Adige.
6160 0158 CAN: CKZN St. John’s. ”CBC News”. No local ID but ”Saturday Night Blues” meanwhile CKZU should have ”The World This Weekend” and other programmes.
6205 0828 UNID. Atlantis FM?
6265 2030 HOL: Radio Desperado. S6 and promised to send QSL soon.
6267 0959 UNID. Only music heard. Radio Sallandse Boer was logged here.
6275 1007 HOL: Zwarte Panter, Noord-Holland.
6275 1620 HOL: Radio Verona.
6290 1605 UNID. ”Popcorn”
6295 1023 UNID. Dutch version of ”Tu vuo fa l’americano”. Logged as Integraatie Radio (Abu Dhabi alias?)
6295 -1251 HOL: NMD Radio, Nieuw Buinen. Closing down. Jingles with echo.
6295 1555 IRL: Reflections Europe. ID during bandscan @ 2112.
6300 0805 HOL: Mike Radio. ID @ 0828.
6305 0954 BRL: Borderhunter Radio. Python Radio visiting.
6320 1011 HOL: Radio Mazda, Nijverdal. ”One Two Three” by Maywood and yodel.
6325 1535 CZE: Radio Goofy.
6335 1525 HOL: Radio Joey. S9.
6910 1250 D: Radio Orion 2000. s5 in noise.
15090 1053 HOL: Black Arrow. Short test gave s7 with 100 W. ”Downtown” by Petula Clark.
15100 1110 HOL: Shortwave Papa. 15 W. E-mail S3-4 max. Audio/power test.
15120 1520 HOL: Free Radio Victoria. S4.
15660 1608 GUM: KSDA Agat. AWR -ID. Program ”Wavescan”. Great reception S9+20dB.
15890 1041 HOL: Sluwe Vos Radio. From s0 to s9 in 20 seconds. Cool fade in and ID with personal greetings.

Pirate QSL #184: Shortwave Papa from the Netherlands

Pirate QSL #185: Radio Desperado from the Netherlands

Desperado qsl

Waiting for more to come (goal 200!)

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Latest Free Radio QSL’s

Received couple of nice QSL’s.

5-3 to Janne Fin

HOL: Radio Alice – 3903 kHz




G: Little Feat Radio, 6320 kHz



qsl 35 felix - Janne Heinikangas

HOL: Radio Felix, 6400 kHz



QSL Janne

I: KCR, 6264 kHz



Janne Heinikangas

D: Radio Orion 2000, 6955 kHz




I: Radio Arcadia, 6850 kHz



Also couple of stations from Netherland send email verification with PDF-document: R Columbia 1621 kHz and Mike Radio 6293 kHz.

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