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Week 40, Janne Heinikangas JJH


4. October 2019 (Time is in UTC)


AM season is starting and few TA signals received this morning. Mainly highpower stations from Colorado. Also good signals from British Isles. New for me was BBC Radio Norfolk. Antennas and receivers are up and running. First snowfall today in central parta of Finland. Oh my!



0311 855  G    BBC Radio Norfolk, Postwick

0345 1510  USA    KCKK 93.7 The Rock, Littleton CO

0402 1040 USA WHO NewsRadio 1040, Des Moines IA

0407  850 USA    KOA The Voice of Colorado, Denver CO



Got some verifications for last year reports:

USA WMGE Dry Branch GA 1660

USA WQLR Kalamazoo MI 1660

CAN CJEU Gatineau QC 1670

USA WLAC Nashville TB 1510

USA KMOX St. Louis MO 1120

USA WBAL Baltimore MD 1090

USA KNWC Sioux Falls SD 1270

USA WSB Atlanta GA 750


…and live reply from BBC Radio Norfolk


Receiving you loud and clear this end!

Great to have you with us! What a nice hobby to have. Finland is on my bucket list to visit.

Have a lovely day



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