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Avainsana: Pirate Radio

Pirate Hunt 2023

Pirate hunt 2023 will be held during Easter 2023 (April 7th – April 10th).

We try to keep rules simple:

  • This contest is ”Just for fun”! No need to argue.
  • SDR’s included remote receivers; Kiwi etc. are allowed!
  • all bands are accepted but only stations without license are counted (no relays by legal stations) Stations with many names shall be counted only once.
  • log as many PIRATE stations as possible between April 7th 0000 UTC and April 10th 2359 UTC
  • ID has to be heard or identification should be otherwise confirmed. QSL or recording is not necessary.
  • post your full logs on forum (, PirateHuntDX Facebook group or by e-mail piratehunt @, during or after the contest (but until May 21st, 2023)
  • participating is free for anyone and all participants will receive a diploma later
  • results will be published in end of May
  • Arguing about the contest rules will automatically result in a disqualification

Pirate Hunt 2023 is organized by a local radio club Sisä-Suomen Radioaktiiviset (Radioactives of Middle Finland)
Like Our Page in Facebook:

Everyone is warmly welcome!


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Week 12, 2020 by JMN

Ma 16.03.2020

1055 11530 kHz —: Radio Denge Welat. ei tunne tätä(kään).

1102 11630 kHz CHN: CNR 17, Lingshi. Lähettää kazakkia tässä 09:00-12:00 UTC. ID 1130 UTC: ”Ortaliq xaliq radyo stansyasi”

Ke 18.03.2020

Pe 20.03.2020

1901 1648 kHz HOL: Admiraal. CD 1907 UTC

1908 1645 kHz HOL: Wilskracht CD 1912 UTC

2019 1614a kHz HOL: De Derde Man. S7-8

2045 1616 kHz HOL: UNID S9+5dB. Probably at 2050 UTC moved to 1645 kHz

2055 1645 kHz HOL: Mustang Radio

2135 1636 kHz HOL: Santana met de Cobra. ID at this time. Kuuntelun lopetus 2203 UTC.

La 21.03.2020

0452 1359 kHz G: BBC Radio Solent 13-59.

0517 1458 kHz G: BBC Radio Newcastle 14-58.

1504 4700 kHz D: Mystery Radio 21.

1541 6275 kHz HOL: Radio Batavia. ID @ 1611 UTC. S5.

1542 6665 kHz UNID. Music. LSB mode.

1606 6290 kHz UNID.

1702 6315.2 kHz I: Radio Zona Rossa. 1702 Meravigliosa (Laluna) 1706 Un Attimo Ancora (Gemelli Diversi) 1709  ”Zona Rossa” and CD.

1819 6280 kHz HOL: presumed Johnny Tobacco. Swedish oldies.

1851 6325 kHz HOL: presumed Radio Joey

1955 6310 kHz I: Radio Quarantena Italia.

2058 1644 kHz HOL: Radio Wadloper. Ilmeisesti muistolähetys, operaattorin poismenosta tulee huomenna vuosi.

2145 1615 kHz HOL: Radio De Blauwe Koe

Karanteeniviikkoinakin on riittänyt ohjelmaa. Harvoin pääsee maaliskuussa aloittamaan kasvukautta ilman metrisessä hangessa kahlaamista.

Su 22.03.2020

0427 1640 kHz HOL: Radio Bluebird. ID 0540 UTC. S5-S9+10dB. SINPO 45544

0450 1485 kHz G: BBC Radio Merseyside 14-85, Wallasey

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Logs from March 2020 by JJH

Välillä tulee radiokin avattua. Alkukevät on parasta aikaa kuulostella piraattiasemia. Tässäpä hieman lokia maaliskuulta.


6321 kHz  1510 UTC XTC – Xenon Transmitting Company 

5090 kHz  1519 UTC Mystery 21

6280 kHz  1523 UTC Radio Monique

4825 kHz  1529 UTC Dolfijn (later in the evening fq was 4830)

5810 kHz  1539 UTC Retro Radio, Dublin

5825 kHz  1543 UTC Radio 319

6305 kHz  1547 UTC Radio Merlin Int

6295 kHz  1555 UTC Relections Europe

5836 kHz  1602 UTC All 80’s 

6320 kHz  1651 UTC Radio Joey


1637 kHz  1929 UTC Radio Santana


1635 kHz  1857 UTC Radio Barones


6290 kHz  1737 UTC Radio Parade Int


1637 kHz  0712 UTC Zender Interpol

6210 kHz  0943 UTC King SW

6290 kHz  0947 UTC Radio Cuckoo

6325 kHz  1008 UTC Misti Radio

7705 kHz  1055 UTC FRS Holland

6305 kHz  1244 UTC Radio Merlin Int

6388 kHz  1250 UTC Zeewolf

6320 kHz  1307 UTC Radio Joey

6285 kHz  1501 UTC Radio Monique

6245 kHz  1510 UTC Radio Mustang

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Week 11, 2020 by JMN

Ma 09.03.2020

1920 5825 kHz BEL: Radio 319
2003 1638 kHz HOL: Bluebird Radio s9.
2009 1646 kHz HOL: Radio Oldtimer. ID.
2119 1664 kHz HOL: Radio Armada. Jingle @ 2127 UTC
2129 1695 kHz SRB: YU Jedan
2131 1695 kHz SRB: Romeo Radio
2132 1695 kHz SRB: Laki
2136 1695 kHz UKR: UNID breikkasi serbialaisten väliin.

Ke 11.03.2020

2000 1611 kHz RUS: UNID Soviet recordings
2004 1611 kHz HOL: UNID HOL Duran Duran and Marina Marina Marina
2020 5835 kHz HOL: presumed Jan Van Gent
2038 1637 kHz HOL: UNID.
2038 1665 kHz HOL: Radio Kristal. ID 2120 UTC.
2122 1660 kHz GRC: UNID. CD 2141 UTC + QSO.
2144 1660 kHz GRC: UNID. Lyhyt spiikki ja musaa. QRM alkoi n. 2235 UTC Norjasta.
2325 1690 kHz GRC: UNID. CD 2327 UTC.
2328 1690 kHz GRC: UNID. CD 2340 UTC.
2341 1680 kHz GRC: UNID. Kuulutus 2343 UTC. S9+10dB. 2348 UTC Reggaeta. 2350 Mahdollinen ID ja CD.

To 12.03.2020

0900 5825 kHz BEL: Radio 319. Confirmed in chat. Relay of United DJ px. ID in the afternoon @1620 UTC.
1023 6305 kHz G: Radio Merlin International. Music and talk. Confirmed played songs in chat. Jingle @ 1156 UTC.
1623 5836 kHz UKR: presumed Radio Evropa
1823 5780 kHz IRL: Zenith Classic Rock. ID.
1855 1655 kHz HOL: Eigenrisico. CD 1859 UTC.
1911 1633 kHz HOL: Zender Belladonna. ID 1911 UTC.
1918 1637 kHz HOL: Santana. ID few times. CD 2232 UTC.

Pe 13.03.2020. Bad conditions, only short skip. Weak signals and noisy band, got better towards late evening!

1715 6262 kHz HOL: Studio 52. ID.
1725 6305 kHz G: Radio Merlin International. Weather Girls ”It’s Raining Men” and ID. Weak.
1730 5825 kHz BEL: Radio 319. Very good modulation. ID @ 1735 UTC.
1736 5780 kHz IRL: Radio Harmony. ID @ 1750 UTC ”…on Harmony”. Time signal @ 1800 UTC.
1804 5200 kHz HOL: presumed Radio Jan Van Gent. Playing Bebida Magica (Los Jaivas).
1828 5140 kHz D: Charleston Radio International. ID 1842a UTC
1838 6875 kHz I: presumed Radio Europe. Only music.
1856 1635 kHz HOL: Radio Barones. Many IDs by XYL: ”U luistert naar Barouuuuuu”
2028 1617 kHz HOL: Turftrekker. ID 2054 UTC. CD @ 2056 UTC.
2114 1680 kHz SRB: YU-1. ”Yu Jedan Velika Plana Serbija” QSO Superstar Grecja.
2119 1680 kHz SRB: Romeo Radio. ID 2120 UTC. QSO YU-Jedan.
2145 1611 kHz HOL: presumed Veluwse Star. Talk but no ID heard.
2227 1612 kHz HOL: UNID. Vain musiikkia alusta loppuun 2227-2240 UTC.
2241 1675 kHz SRB: Romeo Radio. ID 2242 UTC.
2319 1636 kHz HOL: Alabama. CD 2326 UTC.
2327 1636 kHz HOL: Zender Vonkenboer. Raportoi asemille Monte Carlo, Alabama ja Elektron. S7.

La 14.03.2020.

0029 1400 kHz GRD: presumed Harbour Light of the Windwards
1725 6290 kHz G: Radio Parade International
1758 6380 kHz HOL: Radio 102. ID @ 1810 UTC.
1811 6305 kHz G: Radio Merlin International. ID, better reception than usually.
1815 6325 kHz HOL: Abu Dhabi Radio. ID @ 1818 UTC.
1822 6207 kHz HOL: Misti Radio. ID @ 1823 UTC.
1826 6390 kHz GRC: presumed Zeppelin Radio. No ID.

Su 15.03.2020

0625 1140 kHz CAN: CHRB High River AB. ”AM 11-40”
0646 1637 kHz HOL: Zender Interpol. Very weak. ID @0656 UTC and @0701 UTC. End of reception: 0703 UTC
0840 6210 kHz UNID big carrier, no audio. Others were hearing King SW here with music.
0847 6290 kHz IRL: Radio Cuckoo. ID @ 0848 UTC.
1832 6325 kHz HOL: presumed Radio Joey. Thanked in chat for signal report, but no ID heard.
1947 6170 kHz KRE: Voice of Korea, Kujang. In German.
2000 6170 kHz F: Radio Algerienne Chaine 1, Issoudun. ID in French ”Radio Algerie”. S9+10 dB.
2100 5790 kHz BEL: Radio 319.
2105 6295 kHz IRL: Reflections Europe. PX: ”Moments of Inspiration”. Address to Texas and ID @2121 UTC.
2124 1648 kHz HOL: UNID.
2130 1685 kHz SRB: Romeo Radio. Problem with big echo.
2134 1615 kHz HOL: De Blauwe Koe (Blue Cow). Multiple IDs.
2350 1161 kHz G: BBC Three Counties Radio 1161 MW, Kempston/Bedford. Erottui Madonnan (Greatest Hits Radio) takaa juuri ja juuri ”…online at This is BBC Three Counties Radio on 11-61 medium wave, we are no longer…”


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Pirate Hunt 2019 results and announcement.

The organizers of the Pirate Hunt competition has decided this year to publish the results of the competition without the rankings.  It has been alleged that listeners with SDR receivers are in a better position than listeners with normal receivers, so in order to avoid unnecessary displeasure, we decided to solve the problem this way.  Many thanks to all participants.

When we first decided to run the competition, our idea was to have a nice Easter activity without strict rules. Just relaxing and having fun.  Over the years, perhaps the right criticisms have been made of competition: our choices were to either renew the competition or put the competition to a break.  Since both of the organizers do not organize competitions for the day job and we noticed that our original idea is disappearing into the requirements jungle.  So far we have decided to put the competition on hold.

We warmly thank all the competitors who have participated over the years, as well as those who thankfully published our competition announcements on their website.  Thanks and FFFR!

Pirate Hunt is not organized in the 2020


Pirate Hunt 2019 results:

Ten competitors from four different countries took part in the competition. The names are in random order:

Ismo Kauppi, Lohja, Finland. UK DXer Paul, Swindon, England. Rick Random, Raisio, Finland. Janne Heinikangas, Jyväskylä, Finland. Staffan Crona, Sweden. Lennart Weirell, Västerås, Sweden. Kari Helopaltio, Nurmijärvi, Finland. Jouni Kilpinen, Helsinki, Finland. Patrick Robic, Leibnitz, Austria. Kari Kallio, Lahti, Finland.

Thanks to the participants and everyone will receive a diploma for participating.




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Week 37, 2018

810 14.9. 1830-1911 UAE: Pravasi Bharathi, Maqta.
5030 12.9. 1808-1858 BEL: Radio 319.
6270 15.9. 0608-0642 G: Focus International.
6275 12.9. 2034-2100a IRL: Charity Radio, Dublin. Striimissä ohjelmaa ilmeisesti 247 ja kuulutteli edelleen lyhytaaltotaajuuttakin puolen yön jälkeen, vaikka se ei enää ollutkaan päällä. Verifioi 19 minuutissa ja lähetti vielä liveterveiset. Lähetin ei välttämättä ole vihreällä saarella? Mutta studiot ja katuosoite on..

QSLs this week

833. SRB: BB Radio Plus, Odzaci 89.7 16062017 fb

Thank you for the recording. We confirm that you received the signal of the radio.

—. IRL: Charity Radio, Dublin 6275 12092018 em (probably via FRSH)

Hi Jan-Mikael,

Thank you for your reception report! We’re delighted you can receive our test broadcasts. We’ll say hello to you on air!
Best wishes,

247. BEL: Radio 319, 5030 12092018 em + eQSL

834. RUS: Radio Tikhiy Don (Nashe), Rostov-na-Donu 73.76 15072018

QSLs from the weeks 29-35


Kiss FM Sarajevo

Radio Kaj

Poštovani dobro ste čuli!Pozdrav od ekipe Radija Kaj.

Radio Den, Mikhaylovka (VG)

GTRK Kalmykija

Yumor FM Voronezh

GTRK Voronezh

UR Radio Karpaty

Signal Rádió Praha

RUS Radio Taganrogskii Universitet (Радио Таганрогский Университет) 67.58 15072018


добрый день!

отвечу вам немного позже 😊

Jan-Mikael 17:18

Timur 17:36

да, действительно похоже на наше радио

к сожалению, кроме частоты 67.58 и фразы ”Таганрогский университет” других подтверждений нет – идет шум и на его фоне слабая музыка, но скорее всего это действительно мы!

поздравляем вас с принятием нашего сигнала! 🎉🎉🎉

мой начальник интересуется, есть ли у вас радио позывной

Jan-Mikael 18:01

Привет, спасибо за хорошее подтверждение! Замечательно! К сожалению, сигнал был очень слабым. В то же время сигналы Радио России были сильнее и лучше слышны. Мой приемник – Sony XDR-F1HD, модификация «GTK», прием антенн Yagi 4 и 5 элементов. Мой звонок OH6001SWL, но я не передаю, только прослушивание)))

Наше расстояние 1898 км Некоторые фотографии оборудования, все лучшее для вас и приветствия для всей команды, 73!

Week 19: Dacha QRV and SpE season opened

Timur 18:12

очень интересно и круто! особенно когда сигнал прошёл почти две тысячи километров.

удачи вам в дальнейшем в радиолюбительском деле! 😊😊

Jan-Mikael 18:20

Время от времени это случается, но теперь я впервые услышал вашу станцию. Я надеюсь услышать это с лучшим сигналом следующим летом) Все хорошо с учебой!

Timur 18:24

Timur 18:30

Руководитель нашей радиостанции также передает вам наилучшие пожелания

И просит передать, что его радиолюбительский позывной RV6LNZ

Radio Galaxy, Drobeta Turnu Severin

Radio Grodno

Radio Eska Zary, Zary

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Week 6, 2018

Loads of work and duties here, but every week at least a bit of radio activity is on the air..


6315 1400 DNK: Radio OZNRH. Jazz and top of the hour ID. Best signal was S4.

QSLs this week: Shortwave Radio, Winsen an der Aller 3975 kHz

QSLs this week: World Music Radio, Randers 5840 kHz


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Pirate DX week 1/2018


6950 1430 I: Enterprise Radio. SINPO 45433. S9+10dB
6307 1455 CZE: Radio Goofy. S4-6.
3900 1500 UNID. S7-9.
3920 1501 UNID. S4-6.
5820 1506 Tentative Radio Caroline. S4-6.
6260 1507 Tentative Digital. S4-5. CD 1508.
6280 1517 Tentative Henky de Wegpiraat. S5. With quick fading.
6320 1545 G: Radio Underground S8.
1655 1615 HOL: Radio Golfbreker s6. 70 watts.
1637 1630 HOL: Radio Dikke Betta S7-8. Calling Torpedojager.
1629 1634 Tentative Mendocino. Calling Torpedojager.
1615 2215 HOL: Bluebird Radio, Finsterwolde
1621 2248 HOL: Turftrekker.
1626 2256 HOL: Radio Uniek, Klazienaveen
1655 2325 HOL: Monte Carlo Radio. S7.
1655 2329 HOL: Radio Dinkelland. S7. Sultans of Swing. QSO with Montecarlo.


1648 0110 HOL: Radio Moby Dick
5830 1530 HOL: Free Radio Victoria. It never rains in Southern California. SINPO 25333.
5840 1543 DNK: tentative World Music Radio, Randers. SINPO 25433
3905 1730 G: tentative Radio Underground. No clear ID, but greetings to me. s3-4
1620 1830 HOL: Polka Express SINPO 35333. s4-7. Closing down at 1851 UTC.
1621 1856 HOL: Radio Orion, Coevorden. S5-7. Announcement at 1856, then nonstop polkas and schlagers. 1917 UTC Oh Mallorca. 1937 UTC Bella Donna Goodbye Auf Wiedersehen. ID @ 2017 UTC ”…Radio Orion uit Coeworden…”. ID again at 2125 UTC as Radio Orion. 2156: ”Luisteraars en amateurs.. Coevorden..”. Closing down 2200 UTC.
1625 2220 HOL: Pandora S8-9. ID @ 2242 UTC.
1655 2252 HOL: Wilskracht s5-8. 2254 ZZ Top. 2301 UTC ID Radio Wilskracht. 2320 Save the last dance for me. 2324 ID Luisteraars amateurs … Radio Wilskracht… Radio Bandoeng.. till the next time, bye bye. 2326 Schlagermuziek. 2327 Closing down. QRM Russian pirate 1656 kHz.

#233 verified free radio station: Radio Golfbreker, (#37 Dutch MW)

#234 verified free radio station: Radio Bluebird, (#38 Dutch MW)

#235 verified free radio station: Radio Dinkelland, (#39 Dutch MW)

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Pirate Hunt 2017

Pirate hunt ”Pongaa Piraatti Pääsiäisenä” 2017 will be held during Easter 2017 (celebrated in Finland on April 14th – 16th). We try to keep rules simple:

  • log as many PIRATE station as possible between April 14th 0000 UTC and April 16th 2359 UTC
  • all bands are accepted but only stations without license are counted (no relays by legal stations) Stations with many names shall be counted only once.
  • ID has to be heard or identification should be otherwise confirmed
  • post your full logs on forum (, Facebook group or by e-mail staff @, during or after the contest (but until April 30th, 2017)
  • participating is free for anyone and all participants will receive a diploma later
  • results will be published in May

Pongaa piraatti pääsiäisenä 2017 is organized by a local radio club Sisä-Suomen Radioaktiiviset (Radioactives of Middle Finland)

A warm welcome!


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