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Avainsana: summer 2015

07 & 08 July 2015

July 7th was a good day for FMDXers, all day long. I was not at home, but here are some loggings by Janne in Jyväskylä (30 km SE from me). Jim from Bromarv (South-West Finland) reports:

0930 utc aloitettiin puolen tunnin Ranskakelillä, mukana myös Galician kulma. 1120-1200 utc oli vuorossa lisää Ranskaa, muf 108. Ranska rysähti kunnon menoon taas 1410-1450 utc, muf koko ajan 108. 1715-1735 tykitti vuorostaan Venäjän Balakovo muffin 108:aan. Ja lopuksi 1900 utc vielä vartti Romaniaa ja Bulgariaa, muffi noin 97 megaa.

July 8th was even better, at least what comes to the amount of loggings. Janne’s results can be seen here. My personal log is here. We both got around 10 new stations.

Denmark is a rarity here
Denmark is a rarity here

I was not at home 0839-1207 UTC, so I missed the ROU/MDA/TUR opening. We were visiting the old church of Petäjävesi that belongs to the UNESCO world heritage list. This year is the 250th anniversary.

Petäjävesi old church
Petäjävesi old church

On the way we stopped on Radio and Telephone Museum which is always an interesting pit stop. Petäjävesi is located 37 km from Uurainen.

Some of the receivers in the museum were for sale
Some of the receivers in the museum were for sale

July 9th we visited Aviation Museum in Tikkakoski (15 km from here).

Old Finnish planes
Old Finnish planes

It has also a small exhibition of military receivers and transmitters.

Transceiver used in Fokker planes
Transceiver used in Fokker planes
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June 2015 conclusion

What we enjoyed (in Central Finland)

-lots of meteor reflections in June, more than usually

-one of the best openings, at least for me, to Germany (26/6) and Russia (17/6)

-Juha got nice Spanish double hop from Galicia

What we missed (in Central Finland)

-no opening for Romania or Ukraine

-no proper opening for France, just from the corner

-as often, best openings reached only coastal area but not inner country. Seasons 13-14 were nice exceptions!

june 2015 One method to rank summers could be the number of audio clips. Usually I create a mp3 only when I hear a new-for-me station, so it doesn’t tell the whole truth. Another way could be a summary of all loggings (years 2010-11 not yet logged in FM-List…)

Season / number of clips (new ES stations) / number of logs (all stations)
2008 / 46 / 73
2009 / 9 / 18
2010 / 225 / NA
2011 / 78 / NA
2012 / 95 / 121 (NB: the best day 14/7 was spent on work)
2013 / 315 / 364
2014 / 225 / 565
till 6/2015 / 116 / 204

Could be much worse, eh!?

A German station Radio Charivari was not heard on June 26th. Maybe next time! If you didn't notice, these girls are potential verie signers with Charivari shirts.
A German station Radio Charivari was not heard on June 26th. Maybe next time! If you didn’t notice, these girls are potential verie signers with Charivari shirts. (Photo from
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26 Jun 2015: Germany, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Benelux

All day long ES was trying on low band, and lots of UNID stations were noted at various times. Around 11 UTC I heard 88.9 RTL Luxemburg, 88.7 Chérie FM and 89.7 France Musiques. Juha heard Spain around 12 UTC. A bit later Radio Dallas Loisirs from France showed the RDS on 89.1 MHz, unfortunately only music was audible. Around 1515 UTC I heard that someone was talking loudly upstairs in German. Obviously Sony XDR had caught a foreign signal on an empty frequency. Also RDS was seen on the screen (MDR_SACH). During a quick bandscan the highest log was 106 MHz. That was the beginning of the best conditions this summer, which were favorable to Germany and France with some Czech stations. This opening lasted for more than 2 hours, with Maximal Useful Frequency (MUF) 108 MHz most of the time. After a 30-minute-long break the conditions started again, this time to the British Isles. Exceptionally Ireland was heard too. MUF was up to 100 MHz but only few stations on the band. Later 1924-1945 UTC we had Benelux on low band. Waiting for more to come tomorrow!!!

Janne’s visual log for today (Jyväskylä)

J-M’s visual log for today (Uurainen)

French Radio Liberté came strong with it's 200W
French Radio Liberté came strong with it’s 200W
RTÉ's 2nd network was new to me.
RTÉ’s 2nd network was new to me.


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25 Jun 2015: BeNeLux, Germany, Italy, Balkan, Greece

Today’s conditions were considered as the best opening of season 2015. At least it was the strongest which was not positive in the beginning. The FM band was full of signals from Croatia to the Netherlands, practically from every European country, with 3 to 5 stations on every frequency causing horrible noise. Maybe a whip would have given better results (band less full…). Most of the stations were big powerhouse networks, and small private stations couldn’t pass througout the noise. Quickly BeNeLux dropped and Es was favorable for Balkan and Hungary (MUF still over 100 MHz). Then it turned again to Italy. In two hours the conditions seemed to be already over, but surprisingly two frequencies faded in (89.2 & 91.2) and gave id’s in Greek. New heard FM country for me (2402 km!) Further log might be published here in the near future!



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23 Jun 2015: weak UK, Ireland

Late evening conditions to British Isles. Mostly BBC 2 and 3 transmitters, tentatively also RTÉ. Highest noted 92.7. Earlier Janne received BBC, HR3 and some French too. I slept the morning conditions on 22 Jun. Janne was working but found delta radio from Germany 96.5 on his recording. Maybe it was kinda good opening, eh! This June seems to be ”usual” after pair of good Junes. The best openings go to Southern/South-Western Finland and the skip doesn’t reach Central Finland properly. 2013-2014 seasons anyway treated us a way better.

Few pics of received QSL’s will follow.

Europa Plus Kurganinsk QSL. Google Translate says: ”Hi! how is it possible? we just 100W overall depth of 24 m. the way to record the voice of my wife. The antenna is on the outskirts of our town we’re in the middle can not catch, and you are in Finland ”

Europa Plus Kurganinsk 101.9 QSL

QSL TRT Nağme, transmitted from Zonguldak, North Coast of Turkey on 87.8 FM. Distance 2386 km. Thank you Demet for translation: ”They say its difficult to hear or to listen it but they are sure the records are from TRT Nagme. Best wishes/Greetings”




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21 Jun 2015 Italy

Today we had very weak low band Italy in Central Finland. Guys in South Western Finland enjoyed of good opening to Italy (MUF 107) but also to France and double hop to Spain and Algeria! Here nothing like that. Extraordinarily 90.3 was audible for almost an hour with M2O and Radio Capital fading on it. Rest of the band was practically empty! Earlier I identified at least Radio Lodi 89.0 and Fantastica 89.5.


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20 Jun 2015: Bosnia, Croatia, (Italy)

Good timing today. A little opening to Balkan started 3 minutes after I sent my last essay for academic year 2014-2015. MUF was around 92-93 (reported 96.1 in Ruovesi by Pentti). Stations came first from Bosnia, then from Croatia (network program on 89.0 Super Radio and 91.7 Radio Koprivnica) but it sounded to turn own program during the reception. In the end some Italian heard but MUF dropped before the conditions crossed Adriatic Sea.


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17 Jun 2015: Crimea, Krasnodar, Rostov

Today we enjoyed of a good opening to Crimea and a little bit later also to Southern Russia, mostly favorable for the oblasts of Krasnodar and Rostov. It lasted for two hours 08-10 UTC. Later the skip probably went to the Black Sea. For some of us these were best ever conditions to Russia. One of today’s highlights was IRIB Quran channel 100.0 MHz heard in Salo.



Five of the stations, which I identified in Uurainen, were heard for the first time in Finland! Juha caught three more FirstForFinland -stations in Jyväskylä and Pekka received one in Jämsänkoski, so the conditions were very good for our region. Guys in Northern Karelia and Harri with Utö remote receiver have also maden great catches! Today’s new stations were:

89.800 17.6. 0828- + RUS: Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, Rostov-na-Donu . PEH
90.800 17.6. 0930- + UKR: Radio Pobeda, Donbass. Lugansk-tx. Tämä on Victorin mukaan uusi patrioottinen asema Donbassissa. Lähettimet 90.8 Lugansk ja 97.0 Donetsk. Piraatti siis, koska toimilupaa ei tietty ole. Victorille tnx! HKU/UtöR
91.400 17.6. 0758- + RUS: Radio 7, Borisoglebsk (VN). Mainoskatkon jälkeen paikallinen säätiedotus Borisoglebskiin. Serebryanyy Dozhd 91.9:llä ketjulla (”SILVER RAIN”-RDS). HKU/UtöR
91.600 17.6. 0803- + RUS: Radio Mir, Vladikavkaz (SO). Harvemmin Etelä-Ossetia kuuluu, sieltä Georgian naapurista. MSO
91.600 17.6. 0801- + UKR: Radio RTV, Rovenki (LU). Aluetta nimitetään myös Luhanskin kansantasavallaksi. Victor Rutkovsky selvitti sinänsä selvän idin minulle. TNX again Victor! MSO
94.500 17.6. 0823- + RUS: DFM, Anapa (KD). Paikallisen pätkän aika saattaa parisen minuuttia heittää, kun jäi merkkaamatta. Hyvää vetoa nyt ainakin Krasnodarin ja Rostovin suuntiin. JUS
95.300 17.6. 0820- + RUS: Love Radio, Slavyansk-na-Kubani (KD). JJK
95.700 17.6. 0835- + RUS: Europa Plus, Temrjuk (KD). JJK
96.500 17.6. 0835- + RUS: Love Radio, Anapa (KD). JJK
96.600 17.6. 0748- + RUS: Radio Vanya, Armavir (KD). Mukavasti heti mainosblokilla, vaikka Vanyalta näitä saa yleensä odottaa pitkään. JJK
97.000 17.6. 0752- + RUS: Retro FM, Temrjuk (KD). JJK
101.700 17.6. 0753- + RUS: Retro FM, Labinsk (KD). JJK
101.900 17.6. 0838- + RUS: Europa Plus, Kurganinsk (KD). Ei löydy FMLististäkään vielä. HiFi-IDit. JMN
101.900 17.6. 0922- + RUS: Europa Plus, Novorossiysk (KD). Lokaalimainosten kanssa kävi tänään hillitön tsägä. Tässäkin tuli heti taajuudelle tullessa paikalliset numerot. Päälle osuvasti pärräytti soimaan Get Lucky. TNX Essi! JMN
103.300 17.6. 0820- + RUS: Love Radio, Salsk (RO). Salskea aloitus mutta saman oblastin Dacha ajoi yli ja pätkän loppua kohti hyytyi. Sama levy?kaupan mainos kuin 105.5 Avtoradiolla naulaa. Vissiin ei ole aiemmin kuultu lokaalia. JMN
103.500 17.6. 0818- + RUS: Radio Zolotoj Vek, Moskva. Primorsko-Akhtarsk tx (KD). Vähän harvinaisempi ketju (?). Samalla taajuudella on Vienan Kemissä satavattinen samanniminen asema, mutta kelien suunta naulaa tähän. PI: 7A10 ja RDS:ssä vain sana ”radio” näkyvissä. JJK
103.700 17.6. 0858- + RUS: R 7, Krasnodar (KD). Puolta tuntia aiemmin tässä tuli Krasnodar mainoksia, nyt mukana myös idi. JY
103.700 17.6. 0858- + RUS: Radio 7 Krasnodar, Krasnodar (KD). Säätiedotuksen sponsori oli ainakin Krasnodarista ja mainoksissa Novorossiysk-maininta. Ei yllättäen muita logauksia OLL:ssa enkä tilastostakaan osannut tätä löytää kuulluksi. JMN
104.100 17.6. 0851- + RUS: Russkoe Radio, Primorsko-Akhtarsk (KD). Mainosten loppuun ”Reklama Agent Azovskaja Volna…” joka löytyy Victor Citystä. TNX JY avuista!!! JMN
107.800 17.6. 0832- + RUS: Narodnoe R, Novorossiysk (KD). Lista sanoo R 7, idissä kuitenkin asiat olivat toisin. JY
107.900 17.6. 0820- + RUS: Retro FM, Sochi (KD). ”Retro FM, Sochi”. JY
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11-15 June 2015 – nothing much

11 Jun: trying on OIRT: 70.52 Radio Rossii probably from Saratov. Low band Turkey in Southern Karelia. Italy MUF 108 in Utö.

12 Jun: 15 minute evening conditions to Slovakia and Hungary. Janne heard mostly Poland (Kielce) in Jyväskylä. MUF around 94 MHz. Kanal Kultura from Belarus and Radio 24 from Ukraine caught in Pori by OH1NOA. Have a look on his blog.


13 Jun: Ukraine trying on OIRT. I was not at home (bestman @ wedding party)

14 Jun: In South Western Finland good opening to France in the morning. For more logs from Utö 16 pedition have a look at Utö-blog. Janne caught HR3 in Central Finland. Weak evening conditions (30 minutes) to Turkey in South and Central Finland. Egypt heard in Northern Karelia and Cyprus in Marttila, both with double hop. Late night BBC in Pori.

15 Jun: Aurora stations caught in Pori and Jyväskylä (NRK, SR).

NB! For FM logs in Northern Finland (Oulu/Tornio), you can follow Jari’s blog.


TUR 14062015

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