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31 May 2017: fading ROU/BUL opening for 30 minutes

Yesterday (May 30) ES clouds were located simply a bit too far and same happened today. South coast had better luck, even Cyprus logged there, but here in Inner Finland practically empty bands till 1830 UTC, when some fading signals from Romania and Bulgaria appeared to the band.. not every frequency, not strong, but still sometimes up to 100 MHz. Logs for today here. Once again the best skip hitted coastal city Tulcea, but the main skip must have gone to Black Sea, that’s why band was pretty empty. After many tries during past years Radio Delta (Tulcea 95.8 MHz) was finally identified here! This condition type is easy to recognize by indicator stations Kiss FM 88.7 and Itsy Bitsy 89.5, otherwise only Black Sea waves on low band.. 😛

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