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Free Radio QSLs

#171 (#97 from the Netherlands): Radio SkyWave, Assen (Dr.)
Jan-Mikael Nurmela(Finland)010116
(#171) Pirate QSL from Finland: Baltic Sea Radio

Jan-MikaelNurmela 26122015

#172 (#98 from the Netherlands): Radio Zwarte Panter, (NH)

Zwarte Panter 2

#173 (#99 from the Netherlands): Carmen Radio, (Ov.)

QSL CARMEN RADIO 6205 09-01-2015 to Jan Mikael Nurmela

#174 Pirate QSL from Germany: Radio Orion 2000

Radio Orion QSL

(#174) Pirate QSL from Austria, Straightline Radio Austria

Straightline Radio Austria QSL - Jan-Mikael Nurmela2nd

#175 (#100 from the Netherlands!!) Radio Monique

mast Monique

#176 Pirate QSL from the Netherlands Radio BataviaBATAVIA QSL-c2013


#177 Pirate QSL from the Netherlands Radio AC DC


(#177) Pirate QSL from the Netherlands Radio Blackstone

Blackstone e-QSL Jan-Mikael Nurmela Finland 6-1-16

#178 (#103 from the Netherlands) Radio Alice

15  QSL radio alice 15-11-2015 on 3903 kc

15  qsl 15-11-2015 on 3903 kc

Waiting for more to come!

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