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A sunny morning and the Es have all gone away. Time to delve into yesterday’s loot. Loads of good stuff from Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Northern England.

There seems to be a pattern, that an eruption in the sun first lifts Sporadic E in higher latitudes giving us stations from the British Isles. But when it hits the Earth all we get is Aurora and the Es are all gone. As the sun has been really inactive in recent years we haven’t really had any decent openings to that direction since 2006. Now is the time to hope for something better…

During our morning jog, OSY was nearly bitten by a ferocious viper that literally attacked us from behind a stone. Luckily he managed to jump up high above the stinging snake, a real touch and go situation.

Oh and your ed won the the third round of cards, aka Utö Championships – more trophies to win will follow 🙂

”Scotland is my dreaming head; Ireland is my heart” -Mike Scott/The Waterboys

Phantom made its first appearance in Finland on Tuesday
R Cuillin from Isle of Skye was also a new one
HKU, JUS, JJS and JTK upping the ante
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