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QSL from a former jammer?

It is almost possible!

In Ukrainian capital Kyiv the FM transmitters are located in two different towers, roughly half of them are in TV tower, but another half is located in Щекавиця, Подільська радіовежа, which was formerly used for jamming of BBC, VOA and Radio Liberty. Now it is used for FM broadcasting.

Here is an audio sample from this tower, located on one of the numerous hills of Kiev!

Lux FM (103.1 MHz) was my first meteor catch ever and made me passionated to hunt more meteor reflections.

From the very same mast transmits also Jam FM 95.6 which verified Sporadic E reception after a short chat few years ago:

For more mast pictures from Kiev, you can visit this page:

Any of these towers wasn’t the well-known ”Kiev Woodpecker”. In this case the given name misleads a bit, because the origin of woodpeckers knocking was an OTH radar ”Duga” which is located near Chernobyl, nowadays not accessible area.

Thanks for infos ulx2 (Alexandr)


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