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Sealed with a KISS?

Today we woke up at 5.50am to check Mr. Hepburn’s forecast of some Baltic tropo. And right he was again – some Lithuanian stations came through quite nicely, eg 104.2 Opus 3 (Taurage-tx) and 106.6 M-1 (Kaunas-tx). This year’s big thing in Latvia has been the local announcements of Latviesuradio on every one of their frequencies and many managed to complete their collection during the morning hours.

Es woke up, but she seemed very much worn out from this week’s earlier activities: first very little Romania (KISS FM), then an UNID Arab praying on two frequencies (89.3//89.5), and finally an hour-long weak opening to Greece – mostly Athens and Thessaloniki low-band high power stations.

We had arranged lunch at 2pm, this time not at the hotel, but at the residence of the parents of Hanna the landlady. Everyone became kind of edgy when the Greek opening was still sort of ongoing when we had to leave. Luckily we didn’t miss that much, it seems.

Hanna and her mother had prepared us a local specialty, seal stew. Something not many of us have ever tried or even considered. However, it was excellent, and the meat tasted like something between very tender beef and liver.

This is the last evening for three members of the Utö team and now at 6.45pm the band and Sherlock both seem very dull… We want more! 🙂

Utö crew and our hostesses chitchatting after lunch
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