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Utö17: …And Then There Were Four

Yesterday Friday was a big teaser. As a game-changer the best part came already before lunch with a stomping three-minute full band opening to Libya. Presumably a case of Mediterranean tropo with a continuation ticket with Es. (At least the F5LEN tropo forecast maps have been all red there recently.)

The evening gave us a long run to Russia (Krasnodar region) and Ukraine. These conditions never really took off but didn’t move or fade away, either.

Today three listeners left the island. But as I write this, Es keeps on teasing us with a French half-opening. Hopes are high with some 197 MUF spots around the Balkans, so far out of reach from here.

The best of Friday 17th:

68.000 17.6. 0720- RUS: Russkoye R, Rostov (RO). Loval ads. JJS&JTK/Utö17
88.000 17.6. 1020- I: Radio Toscana. JJK/Utö17
88.000 17.6. 1703- RUS: Elektron FM. QTH missing. JJS/Utö17
88.200 17.6. 1021- I: Radio Modena 90. JJK/Utö17
88.300 17.6. 1250- RUS: Radio Dacha, Krasnodar. JJK&JTK/Utö17
88.900 17.6. 0847- + LBY: R Ram, Misratah. RDS ID. Koran reading. 3079 km. Utö17
90.000 17.6. 1647- RUS: Russkoe R, Belorechensk (KD). Local ads without even mentioning the city, but Eldorado can be found at Ulitsa Mira 75 and a Yandex search will tell the rest. ID & local telephone in the end of the ad block. JJS&JTK/Utö17
90.400 17.6. 1655- UKR: Retro FM, Mariupol (DO). JJS&JTK/Utö17
90.500 17.6. 0847- + LBY: Tentative: BBN FM Benghazi. PI:5000, rolling PS: ”EuroTel Broadcasting Spa”. Utö17
90.600 17.6. 1645- RUS: NRJ, Krasnodar. Local ads and telephone 2555211 JTK/Utö17
91.600 17.6. 1330- UKR: Tentative: Lux FM, Kryvyi Rih (DP). ID + local sounding ad with Kryvyi Rih mentioned. JTK/Utö17
91.600 17.6. 1649- RUS: R Shanson, Belorechensk (KD). JJS/Utö17
101.000 17.6. 1630- RUS: Pervoye R, Krasnodar. Mighty IDs JTK/Utö17
102.400 17.6. 1300- RUS: Kazak FM, Krasnodar. JTK/Utö17
103.600 17.6. 1341- UKR: Lubimoe R. Kryvyi Rih (DP)-tx. Just the network ID between songs. JTK/Utö17
104.000 17.6. 0849- + LBY: Sawt al-Madina, Tripoli. Full speed programme and a fine ID! PI: D031. OSY/Utö17


Libyans rammed the band for a few minutes.


Utö sunset seen through heavy rain at 22.45 local time.


Otso the bear surrounded by two wolves, ready to head home aboard M/S Eivor

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