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19 June 2017: evening opening from TUR to Wales

Again a relatively good opening, best moments were for Czechia and Hungary, when some stations beated local transmitters! So far this season has been extremely good, till today total number of my logs is 377. Compared to full seasons 2016 (417) and 2014 (566) it can be that this will be the best ever, at least if July won’t be totally silent. 2013 (364) and 2015 (324) are not totally comparable, because I was off in August. Visual log here.

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18 June 2017: Italy for 5 hours

A small OIRT opening in the morning (I was not at home). In the evening almost perfect timing, just arrived from work when band opened, right after I parked the car in garden (1615 UTC). Once again the conditions surprised totally, MUF map promised almost nothing, when I left work around 1520 UTC. The last log for today was Lattemiele on 95.9 MHz at 2118 UTC, after local midnight! For the first three hours MUF was even too high, so the lower band was unusable because of white noise, which happens easily during ”too good” conditions. Luckily there were plenty of reabadle signals between 100 and 108 MHz. Sometimes late night conditions promise good for next day.. let’s see how it goes!

Even many of our blog readers must know how much I love Italy, unfortunately it is not very interesting FMDX target. Small local stations have become a part of big national or seminational networks, so the number of interesting stations is continuously decreasing. Anyway 5 new-for-me stations made my day: Radio Bresciasette 94.8, Radio Azzurra 107.6, Modena 90 107.4, Radio Center Music 99.1 and Radio Adige 101.3. The most interesting moment was a short peak to Naples (2536 km!) when Kiss Kiss Italia came with RDS KKITALIA on 95.9 MHz. Kiss Kiss Italia belongs to Radio Kiss Kiss family, but it has only regional coverage. Unfortunately it disappeared soon, without ID from Naples. This summer has brought an extraordinary number of double hops and extralong one skip!

My personal log for today can be found here: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2017-06-18&omid=1183

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17 June 2017: still alive

Not really condx today in inner Finland, but South coast got a good evening opening to Albania/Bulgaria/Italy. Radio Mater was audible enough for an ID, Radio Focus from Bulgaria almost for a minute. Again late night ROU under 91 MHz.

Yesterday 16 June was described as one of the best FM-opening during decades in South Finland. The best part of it was RDS-level signals from Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Jordania, State of Palestine (PSE) and Armenia from about 4500 km distance (3 skips?). (http://uto-fmdx.blogspot.fi/) After listening the blind recording, it must have been pretty good also here. Mostly basic Romanian stations, but an interesting arab double hop around local noon. Unfortunately no IDs.

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8 June 2017: BIH, CZE, POL, D, AUT, later Benelux, G, F with DNK!

From the bed to the band. Morning opening was already going on at 0550 UTC on lower band, bringing Bosnian, Czechia, Poland, Germany and Austria. Mostly basic stations. I had to leave QTH for 40 minutes, between 0640-0720 UTC, and when driving, I enjoyed the selection of songs CRo 1 on 89.7, including ”I wasn’t expecting it now”. Fits perfectly to the feeling 🙂 The band closed a bit after I came back, afterwards it was annoying to notice an arab on blind recording which I roughly changed to the other frequency, because the signal was ”too weak”.. Next time then!

An hour later the strongest BBCs appeared and soon band was open to BeNeLux. Next 30 minutes of DNK MUF 108 were definitely the best half an hour of my DX history! It is pretty rare to have a widely open band for such a short distance (1100-1200 km!)

Guys in Utö pedition described today as ”second best day ever in Utö” which is not hard to believe!

My personal visual log is here: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2017-06-08&omid=1183



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7 June 2017: HRV, BIH, ITA, G, F

An afterwork opening totally surprised and the first ID ”..19 sat, slusate Radio Postaju Vinkovci” never ended up to the recording. Luckily the news tune after ID, together with written ID, could lead to a reception report 🙂 Soon conditions turned to Italy. Very quick fading and weird conditions also today. Most of the band was empty, but on few frequencies was continuous ”pile up” full of stations fighting of airspace, 10-15 seconds each.. In the same time French and English stations were aubidle. Like yesterday, neither today none of the directions really opened. So far the first week of June has been pretty good with 86 logs.

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6 June 2017: small F opening, new MS country

Late night conditions indicate usually a morning start. DX Sherlock looked fine in the morning, and soon French stations faded in. The highest noted frequency was 94.5 MHz. Not long lasting opening, all gone before I even left to work around 0730 UTC. Blind recording (95.7 MHz) during work day was practically empty, except multiple meteors. In one of them bright id as ”Radio Een” brought new heard MS country BEL! In the evening some Komi on OIRT. Identified stations visually: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2017-06-06&omid=1183

Today’s highlights (once again)

New meteor country BEL (clip: Radio 1)
A new-for-me French station Sweet FM

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5 June 2017: from BEL to BUL

For 2 hours short-lasting but strong reflections from West to East Europe, very difficult to follow and MUF was moving 80-100-80-100-80 continuously. Band was silent for 5 minutes, and open for another 5 minutes, then same again.. Still one new-for-me station Ritmo 80 from Bari on 87.8. Bari needs a bit overlong skip (2453 km) which happens every now and then during weak Balkan openings. Maybe Adriatic sea and tropospheric ducting helps a bit!?

Full log here: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2017-06-05&omid=1183

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4 June 2017: IRL, Piemonte, SUI, F, D, SRB, ROU

An interesting tour today starting at 1125 UTC from Ireland (only RTÉ high power transmitters).

Soon lower band was filled with weak Italians (South Finland MUF 108),

travelling from Piacenza and Torino

little by little to West and surprisingly hitting to Switzerland!

Then skip was getting shorter, offering again only high power transmitters (BR, SWR, MDR).

After a silent hour new start to Serbia.

Some guys logged also rare Kosovo and Albania. An arabic double hop with ROU/BUL, more in South coast, which where ided as Egypt. Unfortunately there was like a wall around 97 MHz, only once I noticed Balkan over 100 MHz. Few new-for-me stations from Piemonte, SUI and SRB. Full log here.

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24 May 2017: OIRT Russia and Benelux, F and D

First WhatsApp alert came already around 9.00 local time from TV Voice on 65.75 MHz, but conditions didn’t start yet. After full 7 hours work day next alert came during my way home, and made me push gas pedal a bit deeper. It took some time to open the rx, because a (wanted) guest arrived to dacha just a bit after me, bringing a bike I bought.


Finally to the balcony, a fading OIRT opening offered many GTRK stations during the regional window 1510-1559 UTC, with shorter skip to Belarus. After 16 UTC another opening started suddenly bringing stations from Benelux and nearby, unfortunately it was very short.. Today’s personal log can be found here. 48 logs so far are an average start for this season!

Today’s highlights:

Radio Latina 101.2 MHz (LUX) broadcasting in Portuguese(!)
A new-for-me GTRK station ”Chuvash Radio”

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December logs by JMN

Dec 1

0540 1458 G: Lyca Radio

Dec 4

0456 1440 B: ZYG466 Rádio Independência, Santo Amaro BA.
0544 1512 HOL: UNID Radio Zender xxx. Gave also telephone number.
0546 1570 PRU: Bethel Radio, Lima
0609 1550 CLM: tent. G12, Bogotá. ID by PUL, for me only spiritual talk in Spanish.
0615 1580 CLM: Verdad Radio, Bogotá. ID or promotion after every song.
0645 1590 UNID
0649 1380 PRU: Radio Nuevo Tiempo, Lima. Commercials.
0653 1190 UNID ”Nothings gonna change my love for you.” And nothings gonna change my hate for HNG 1188 signing on 0655 UTC.
0658 1500 PRU: Radio Santa Rosa, Lima.

Dec 5

0551 1584 E: SER Radio Gandia. ”Hoy Por Hoy Comunidad Valenciana”
0557 1575 E: SER Radio Pamplona. ”Hoy Por Hoy Cadena SER Andalucia”
1728 1512 IRN: Radio Ardabil, Ardabil.
1835 1017 E: RNE 5 Castilla y Leon, Burgos.

Dec 6

0456 1143 E: COPE Jaen, Jaen.
0526 1134 E: COPE Navarra, Pamplona. Only ID.
0556 1224 E: COPE Lleida, Lleida.
0618 657 I: RAI Toscana, Pisa.
0629 999 I: RAI Piemonte, Torino.
1822 702 IRN: VOIRI Turkish Radio, Kiashar.

Dec 8

0608 1510 USA: WMEX Boston MA.
0625 558 E: RNE 5 Comunidad Valenciana, Valencia.

Dec 10

0707 1296 G: Radio XL, Birmingham

Dec 11

0600a 1521 +G: tent. Radio Panj, Coventry. Only Indian music, JJH got also an ID!
0631 1305 G: Premier Christian Radio.
0716 1520 USA: WWKB Buffalo NY. ”ESPN 15-20”
-1353 6224 HOL: Radio Mazda, Nijverdal.
1643 1449 IRN: VOIRI Bandar-e-Torkamen.
1733 1368 IRN: IRIB Radio Golestan.
1837 1125 IRN: IRIB Radio Qazvin.

Dec 14

0531 1314 ROU: Antena Satelor.
0546 756 G: BBC Radio Cumbria, Carlisle.
0625 855 E: RNE Murcia, Murcia.

Dec 15

0515 1280 PTR: tent. Notiuno.
0534 1320 UNID Spanish.
0618 657 I: RAI Toscana, Pisa.
0625 657 E: RNE Madrid, Madrid.

Dec 18

0644 972 G: Sunrise Radio, London.

Dec 21

0625 972 MEL: RNE Melilla, Melilla. New heard DX country.

Dec 22

0624 1143 E: COPE Jaén. Local commercials already going on this time. Short news and back to the network 0630.

Dec 23

0625 729 E: RNE Asturias, Oviedo. Not very clearly.

Dec 25

1515 6320 HOL: Radio Dubbel X (=Flandria/Colombia)
1550 3910 BRL: Radio Borderhunter.

Dec 26

1500 6070 D: Spaceshuttle Radio Scandinavia via Channel292.

Have a look on November logs in Uurainen.

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