Sporadic E Posts

Week 20

Jan-Mikael Nurmela, FIN-41230 Uurainen
2x Sony XDR F1 HD (another with GTK) + 4 and 5 element Yagi

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
89.10 1200 S SR P1, Östhammar/Valö TM (up) 465km
90.40 1755 IRL RTÉ 2 FM, Truskmore (SO) Only PI ID PI logged: 2202 2134km
92.60 1756 IRL RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta, Truskmore (SO) 2134km

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
70.16 1010 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Komi-Gor, Ust-Kulom (KO) Vesti Komi-Gor 1460km
68.60 1036 RUS Radio Rossii Golos Komi, Troitsko-Pechorsk (KO) Radio Komi-Gor 1558km
69.56 1047 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Komi-Gor, Usogorsk (KO) Radio Rossii Komi Gor 1173km
66.44 1051 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Komi-Gor, Ukhta (KO) Vesti Komi-Gor 1421km
105.00 1057 RUS Radio Rekord, Ukhta (KO) 1421km (network ID)

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
104.00 0555 RUS Retro FM Ufa, Ufa (BA) 1941km
103.30 0616 RUS M Radio, Salavat/RTPS (BA) PI logged: 7723 2033km
87.80 0630 RUS Sport FM, Ufa/RTPC (BA) 1940km
87.80 0641 RUS Radio Vanya, Dimitrovgrad/Koroleva 2 (UL) 1663km
96.80 0644 RUS Radio Vera, Samara/ORTPC (SA) 1771km
96.30 0645 RUS Kot FM, Samara/PC7 (SA) 1772km
103.00 0650 RUS Russkoye Radio, Ulyanovsk/ORTPC (UL) 1600km
103.20 0650 RUS DFM, Toglyatti/Volgatelecom (SA) 1704km
96.80 0652 RUS NRJ, Nizhniy Novgorod/G-CA Oka (NN) 1248km
103.90 0653 RUS Evropa Plus, Nizhniy Novgorod/RC-RS1 Ul. Artelnaya (NN) 1248km
91.90 0722 RUS Radio Shanson, Borisoglebsk (VN) PI logged: 7354 PS logged: _SHANSON 1588km
68.09 0727 RUS Evropa Plus, Penza/TC TRK Nash Dom (PZ) 1540km
70.40 0729 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Volgograd, Loboykovo (VG) 1751km
70.67 0730 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Don-TR, Veshenskaya/RTPS Kalininskiy (RO) 1754km
71.51 0737 RUS Militseyskaya Volna, Aleksin (TL) 1111km
71.30 0741 RUS Russkoye Radio, Moskva/Ostankino (MV) 1012km
69.23 0753 RUS Avtoradio, Gubkin/LGOK (BE) 1447km
69.20 0755 UKR Svitle radio Emmanuyil, Kharkiv/KHORTPTS, vul. Derev’yanka, 1a (KA) 1531km
70.46 0759 UKR UR 3 Radio Kul’tura, Izyum/KHORTPTS, vul. Kruta, 56 (KA) 1649km
69.77 0801 RUS Nika FM, Betlitsa (KL) Radio Nika FM, v Kalugie 11 chesov 1063km
69.38 0806 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa/OIRT, Kostiukovichi (Kastsiukovicy)/RTPS (MA) 1089km
67.25 0807 BLR BR Radio Mogilev/OIRT, Kostiukovichi (Kastsiukovicy)/RTPS (MA) 1089km
71.18 0814 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa/OIRT, Mogilev (Mahilyow)/RTPS Polykovichi (MA) 987km

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
66.80 0726 RUS Radio Orfey, Perm (PR) 1750 km together with Kungur/Afanasyevskoye-tx
67.73 1250 RUS Radio Rossii, Ruza (MO) 971km
67.04 1310 RUS Radio Rossii, Bobrov/RTPS (VN) 1539km
71.90 1322 RUS Radio Rossii, Boguchar/RTPS (VN) 1668km
67.07 1323 RUS Radio Rossii, Morozovsk/RTPS (RO) 1867km

Week 19: Dacha QRV and SpE season opened

May 8, 2018

Testing and setting up the antennas today, both will be horizontal.

Triax 5-el sees the sky from lower (3m)

Triax 4-el sees the sky from upper balcony (6m)

May 9, 2018

Setting the radios on lower balcony

May 10, 2018

ES Season opened, 0855-1115 UTC opening to RUS, UKR. The highest note 107.3 MHz

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km

88.70 0908 UKR Radio Promin. Volnovaha/DFKRRT (DO) switched from UR1 to UR2? 1820km
70.49 0910 UKR Radio Kometa (pirate broadcasting), Donets’k/DFKRRT, vul. Pikhotna, 4a (DO) 1786km
89.00 0930 RUS Radio Rossii, Rostov-na-Donu/ORTPC (RO) PI logged: 7748 PS logged: R.ROSSII 1918km
91.80 0933 RUS Radio Mayak, Rostov-na-Donu/ORTPC (RO) PI logged: 7C98 PS logged: MAYAK___ 1918km
90.60 0937 RUS Radio Dacha, Stary Oskol/Verhnechufichevo (BE) 1452km
88.20 0938 RUS Detskoye Radio, Rostov-na-Donu (RO) PI logged: 7235 PS logged: POCTOB 1915km
100.40 0941 +RUS Radio Radio, Stary Oskol/Verhnechufichevo (BE) PI logged: 77F0 1452km
104.10 0944 RUS Avtoradio, Rostov-na-Donu (RO) 1915km
69.65 0957 UKR Radio Promin. Pidgorivka/LFKRRT (LU) tx switched from UR1 to UR2? 1682km
72.41 1000 RUS Radio Rossii, Kshenskiy (KU) 1389km
69.23 1011 RUS Avtoradio, Gubkin/LGOK (BE) 1447km
67.70 1055 RUS Tatar Radiosy, Ulyanovsk/Dom Byta (UL) 1602km

Second round brought UKR-MDA-ROU-CZE-POL-SVK-SRB-HRV-HNG-D 1809-2024 UTC

94.50 1819 ROU SRR Radio Iasi, Husi (VS) PI logged: EE04 PS logged: _R_IASI_ 1768km
92.20 1823 UKR Radio Pyatnytsya (Pyatnitsa), Izmayil/OORTPTS, vul. Zheleznyakova, 260 (OD) 1921km
90.10 1824 ROU Pro FM, Constanta (CT) PI logged: E029 PS logged: _PRO_FM 90,1_FM_ 2047km
89.50 1825 ROU Itsy Bitsy, Tulcea (TL) PI logged: E2C8 1939km
96.30 1829 CZE Radio Cas, Valašské Mezirící/Štepánov (TVp) (ZL) 1520km
95.70 1830 POL Radio Zlote Przeboje 95,7 FM, Rzeszów/Wzg. Magdalenka (PK) PI logged: 32CC PS logged: _Zlote__ Przeboje 1403km
101.80 1832 SVK Rádio Vlna, Bratislava/Kamzík (BA) PI logged: 5218 PS logged: __VLNA__ 1674km
96.50 1835 CZE Kiss, Šumperk/Kolšov – vrch Markovice (OL) 2 possible tx 1494km
96.80 1835 HNG MR 1 Kossuth Rádió, Sopron – Dalos-hegy (GMS) 1740km
97.70 1836 CZE Radio Impuls, Hodonín/ul. Lipová alej 3087/1 (JMA) (JM) PI logged: 2203 PS logged: _MPUL_ 1601km
98.50 1837 SRB Hit FM, Beograd/Avala (Srb) PI logged: 5000 2005km
98.70 1837 SRB Radio S1, Kopaonik/Gobelja (Srb) PS logged: RADIO_S_ 2154km
100.10 1838 POL RMF FM, Krosno/Sucha Góra (PK) 1434km
96.10 1844 HRV HRT-HR 2, Labinštica (st) 2 tx PI logged: C202 PS logged: HRT-HR_2 2188km
94.30 1845 HNG MR 1 Kossuth Rádió, Szolnok / Besenyszögi út (JNS) PI logged: B203 PS logged: KOSSUTH_ 1733km
94.50 1845 SRB RTS-Radio Beograd 1, Crveni Cot (Voj) PI logged: D2FF PS logged: RTS_RB_1 1964km
92.20 1848 SRB Radio 021, Novi Sad/Bulevar oslobodenja 81 (Voj) PI logged: D084 PS logged: 021_____ 1951km
92.30 1854 CZE Radio Haná, Olomouc/Pohorany-Jedová hora (OL) 1508km
96.40 1857 HNG Rádió 1, Budapest – Gellért-hegy (Bud) 1717km
98.80 1859 ROU SRR Kolozsvári Rádió, Cluj-Napoca/Feleac (CJ) 1759km
88.70 1902 D Bayern 2, Grünten (Allgäu) (bay) PI logged: D312 PS logged: Bayern_2 1911km
93.30 1903 HRV HRT-HR 2, Mirkovica (ka) PI logged: C202 PS logged: HRT-HR_2 2024km
89.50 1946 CZE Country Radio, Praha/ul. Vinohradská 2396/184 – Stimbuilding (PR) PI logged: 2337 PS logged: COUN 1534km
90.30 1947 CZE Expres FM, Praha/stadion Rošického II (PR) 1536km
88.70 1951 CZE Radio Proglas, Tábor/osada Šibenný vrch (k.c. 5304/11) (JC) 1598km
89.00 1952 CZE Radio Impuls, Ostrava/Hoštálkovice (MO) PS logged: _IMPULS_ 1473km
89.30 1952 CZE Hitrádio Orion, Bystrice p. Hostýnem/Kelcský Javorník (ZL) 1531km
89.70 1955 HRV Antena Zagreb, Zagreb/Sljeme (zg) PI logged: C30D PS logged: _ANTENA_ 1942km
89.50 1957 CZE Radio Cas Rock, Trinec/Godula (MO) 1490km
90.30 1957 CZE Kiss, Zlín/Tlustá hora (ZL) PI logged: 23A0 PS logged: __KISS__ 1554km
96.80 1958 HNG MR 1 Kossuth Rádió, Sopron – Dalos-hegy (GMS) 1740km
97.50 1958 CZE CRo Zlín, Zlín/Tlustá hora (ZL) PS logged: R-ZLIN__ 1554km
94.90 2002 CZE Frekvence 1, Znojmo/Kraví hora (TVp) (JM) 1625km
88.20 2007 CZE CRo Ceské Budejovice, Slavonice/ul. Wolkerova 271 (JC) PI logged: 250D PS logged: __R-CB__ 1625km
89.70 2007 CZE CRo Radiožurnál, Pardubice/Krásné (PA) PI logged: 232F 1529km
91.80 2008 D MDR JUMP, Löbau/Schafberg (sac) 1423km

Sept 1, 2017: SpE from Balkan to France

A late-season-opening after a long silent period, lasting for 4 hours. This was the first time during my FMDX history when I have logged something in September, though there has been missed openings even in mid September.. Thanks to this pretty good opening, the total number of season’s logs reached 500. Full log will come here: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2017-09-01&omid=1183&band=ALL&target=ALL&rxin=ALL

Couple of new-for-me receivers are already waiting for the autumn..

FM season 2017 over

FM season 2017 is going to end little by little. Right now meteor shower might bring still something new. Looking for tropospheric ducting – the sure sign of autumn which is already in the air. May was not very good, but June brought many nice openings. July and August have been pretty much “boring”, there has been few small openings. Most of them I have spent in work. The only highlight of July was a nice GIRL opening 22072017.


July 23, 2017: G IRL 106

After few days spent in work, with moderate conditions mostly on OIRT, it was time to have a better opening to British Isles which lasted more than one hour. After that there were stations on OIRT practically all day long, but conditions never really started again to that direction. At least Radio City Liverpool 96.7, Compass FM Grimsby 96.4 and BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8 were new-for-me stations. Irish South East Radio showed RDS on 95.6 MHz with news. The highest note was 105.3 Capital with network jingle.

July 4: POL CZE opening

July 4th was a silent day till the evening. Ireland in some parts of Finland, later very short POL in Central Finland. A new-for-me station Radio Gra from Torun was heard on 88.8 MHz, 1123 km. Radio Gra has bought several local stations, but whole Radio Gra was later bought by RMF group. The local branches became a part of RMF Maxxx network, luckily this Torun-based main station remains “independent”. Yesterday July 3rd offered only OIRT stations, weakly all day long (which I noticed just in the morning before leaving to work). On Sunday July 2nd we had a Balkan opening here in Inner Finland – I was again not in home, but enjoying the summer weekend in the biggest inland city of Northern Europe (if you don’t ask Danish people). It seems that we are going towards a better time, also the beginning of June offered this kind of poor openings which never really started but it led soon to some fantastic days. Hopefully the best moments will come again around half month (which would be the 28 day period).

A perfect example of a good verification for a FM reception report, in DACH countries they know how to do it:

And a new butterfly for this season: papilio machaon


July 1: weak Tatarstan MUF 107

Weak morning opening to TS and BA for one hour, the highest was 106.9 MHz, but signals sounded like during Aurora condx + quick fade. Nothing much to enjoy. Some notes: 90.6 Mil. Volna gave weather at 0727 UTC mentioning local sponsor Avtosalon Avangard in Nab. Chelny. Probably Shermodan transmitter (70.52 MHz) is still active on OIRT. Marked as ex-Yunost, programme was different than Rossii (ID to check). 66.23 listed as Brezhnev FM in Nab. Chelny ided as Radio Rossii. It looks like some stations marked inactive in FMList are still operating – and there may be changes. Several Radio Rossii regionals are marked to be moved to CCIR, but in reality they still continue on OIRT too. Let’s keep an eye on it!


May & June 2017: over 400 logs!

End of June has been pretty much silent, except 4 hours on June 27 (I was not in QTH). I missed also another good day (16062017). Nevertheless the total number of logs is 402 at the moment (still some recordings to check). It looks like this is going to be the best season of 2010’s, based on number of logs by one receiver. The goal for the season is to have 100 new FM QSLs.

19 June 2017: evening opening from TUR to Wales

Again a relatively good opening, best moments were for Czechia and Hungary, when some stations beated local transmitters! So far this season has been extremely good, till today total number of my logs is 377. Compared to full seasons 2016 (417) and 2014 (566) it can be that this will be the best ever, at least if July won’t be totally silent. 2013 (364) and 2015 (324) are not totally comparable, because I was off in August. Visual log here.

18 June 2017: Italy for 5 hours

A small OIRT opening in the morning (I was not at home). In the evening almost perfect timing, just arrived from work when band opened, right after I parked the car in garden (1615 UTC). Once again the conditions surprised totally, MUF map promised almost nothing, when I left work around 1520 UTC. The last log for today was Lattemiele on 95.9 MHz at 2118 UTC, after local midnight! For the first three hours MUF was even too high, so the lower band was unusable because of white noise, which happens easily during “too good” conditions. Luckily there were plenty of reabadle signals between 100 and 108 MHz. Sometimes late night conditions promise good for next day.. let’s see how it goes!

Even many of our blog readers must know how much I love Italy, unfortunately it is not very interesting FMDX target. Small local stations have become a part of big national or seminational networks, so the number of interesting stations is continuously decreasing. Anyway 5 new-for-me stations made my day: Radio Bresciasette 94.8, Radio Azzurra 107.6, Modena 90 107.4, Radio Center Music 99.1 and Radio Adige 101.3. The most interesting moment was a short peak to Naples (2536 km!) when Kiss Kiss Italia came with RDS KKITALIA on 95.9 MHz. Kiss Kiss Italia belongs to Radio Kiss Kiss family, but it has only regional coverage. Unfortunately it disappeared soon, without ID from Naples. This summer has brought an extraordinary number of double hops and extralong one skip!

My personal log for today can be found here: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2017-06-18&omid=1183