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45 vuotias ammattikeittäjä, bloggaaja, radioharrastaja, SoMe-addikti ja myös jonkinlainen elämäntapanörtti Jyväskylästä. All your gadgets are belong to me!

Pirate Hunt 2023

Pirate hunt 2023 will be held during Easter 2023 (April 7th – April 10th).

We try to keep rules simple:

  • This contest is ”Just for fun”! No need to argue.
  • SDR’s included remote receivers; Kiwi etc. are allowed!
  • all bands are accepted but only stations without license are counted (no relays by legal stations) Stations with many names shall be counted only once.
  • log as many PIRATE stations as possible between April 7th 0000 UTC and April 10th 2359 UTC
  • ID has to be heard or identification should be otherwise confirmed. QSL or recording is not necessary.
  • post your full logs on forum (, PirateHuntDX Facebook group or by e-mail piratehunt @, during or after the contest (but until May 21st, 2023)
  • participating is free for anyone and all participants will receive a diploma later
  • results will be published in end of May
  • Arguing about the contest rules will automatically result in a disqualification

Pirate Hunt 2023 is organized by a local radio club Sisä-Suomen Radioaktiiviset (Radioactives of Middle Finland)
Like Our Page in Facebook:

Everyone is warmly welcome!


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Top 10 DX of the Year Contest – tulee taas!

Contest rules can be downloaded in PDF file here: LINK

We’ve changed some of the rules from 2022. The changes are highlighted in orange.

The date of the contest:
from 1 December 2022, 00:00 UTC to 31 December 2022, 24:00 UTC

– The contest is open for all shortwave listeners. It is not obligatory to be a club member. 

– The contest is free of charge and all costs are covered by TOP DX RADIOCLUB. 

– The task of the contest:
Reception of 10 BROADCAST stations from 10 optional, DIFFERENT countries during the contest (according to the official DXCC list**). 

– The aim of the contest:
Award of the best DX’er who really succeeded in receiving the year’s TOP 10 DX: it means that it received the lowest power station possible from the longest distance possible. 

– The rules of the contest: 
Reception of 10 BROADCAST stations from 10 DIFFERENT countries. Excluding: unlicensed, meteorological, DRM or other digital, military, spy, pirate, time etalon, amateur contacts and other technical receptions. It is strictly prohibited to use WEB SDR, internet radio and other remote controlled equipment. The receiver antenna has to be attached to the radio physically and directly. One country can appear in the log only once. (Country=where the transmitter can be found)
The enabled frequency range: from 2300 kHz to 30000 kHz. The contest referees and organizers cannot take part in the contest. 

– The obligatory content of the log: 
Date (day, month, year), 
Time (UTC), 
Frequency (in kHz), 
The ID name of the station, 
Country (where the transmitter can be found), 
The language of the broadcast, 
The geographical location (CITY) of the transmitter site, 
The details of the broadcast (general description without specific details cannot be accepted) 

– The judges MAY ask for additional data from the contestants (eg. video or sound recording)


– The obligatory content of the log’s annex: 
The name of the contestant, 
Address (where the trophy can be posted -only to the winner of the contest) 
Geographical location where he/she has participated from (according to the 6-character Maidenhead QTH locator)* 
The type of the receiver(s), 
The type of the antenna(s). 

Jean Sample 
France, Paris, Rue Parrot 2. 
QTH locator: 
Yaesu FRG-7000, Perseus SDR 
 80m Long Wire, Wellbrook ALA-1530 

– The format of the log: 
The logs have to be sent electronically to topdx.radioclub(at)gmail(dot)com in Excel (xls, xlsx) format. You can download the log sample *** HERE. Please use this and do not change the structure of the table, just fill in the cells! Do not rearrange the columns or enter other data (eg. transmit power, distance, etc.).
If you are not able to submit a Excel format log, please contact the Contest Manager for assistance with submitting another format.
We accept logs in English language. All contestants get an email of confirmation after receiving the log in 48 hours. 

– The deadline of receiving the logs:
5 January 2023. 24:00 UTC 

All contestants declare by sending the logs that all data in the log are true and correct, all of the receiving were done by himself/herself within the given time range from the provided place according to the QTH locator and the adherence of the rules.

– Announcement of results: Before 31 January 2023. 

– Scoring: 
The distance between the contestant’s QTH locator and the transmitting tower’s QTH locator divided ( / ) by the power of the transmitter, and multiplied or deducted ( x ). In arithmetic formula: (QTH’s distance / Transmitter power) x Multiplier. 

– MULTIPLIERS: Explanation: This is the most important change. You can get triple points if you receive signals from different continent. Continents: Africa (Af), Antarctica (An), Asia (As), Europe (Eu) North-America (Na), Oceania (Oc), South-America (Sa). See below the downloadable DXCC table for more details.
– Reception from same continent multiplied by 1
– Reception from different continent multiplied by 3

 Explanation: The deduction always applies only to that one reception what containing the incorrect data, NOT to the whole log. If there are two -50% deduction in one reception, then that is 0 point.
– Missing or incorrect SINPO: -50% (Multiplier = 0,5)  Explanation: ”Missing” means the data cell of SINPO is empty or there are less than 5 digits. ”Incorrect” means, the numbers are not from 1 to 5. For example incorrect SINPO is ”343” or ”45895”.
– Missing or incorrect country: -50% (Multiplier = 0,5)  Explanation: ”Missing” means the data cell of Country is empty. Again: Country (where the transmitter can be found)
– Missing or incorrect language: -50% (Multiplier = 0,5)
– Missing or incorrect date: 0 points (Multiplier = 0)
– Missing or incorrect time: 0 points (Multiplier = 0)
– Missing or incorrect frequency: 0 points (Multiplier = 0)
– Missing or incorrect TX site: 0 points (Multiplier = 0)
 Again: TX site is the CITYwhere the transmitter is geographically located.
– Missing or incorrect Station ID: 0 points (Multiplier = 0)
 Explanation: Again: This is the NAME of the station. For example ”BBC” or ”DW”, etc.

– In the case of a repeated country, the lower score reception will be canceled

The distance between QTH is dimensioned in kilometers and measured in short path. The transmitter power is dimensioned in kilowatts. Only official data are considered given by WRTH (World Radio TV Handbook – or If more powers belong to a certain transmitter the higher power is considered. In case the owner of the station announces different power than WRTH, then we counting with the official (real) transmitter power.

For example: 
The geographical location of the contestant: France, Paris, Rue Parrot 2. in this case the QTH locator is JN18EU* 
The received station: Voice of America, from the city of Iranawila CLN. The QTH locator of the transmitter: MJ97VM In this case the distance between the two QTH locators: 8462,27 km. For the calculation the following program is used: KK6MK’s DistBear Tool **** 
The power of the transmitter: 250 kW 
Score: 8462,27 / 250 = 33,85 points, multiplied by 3 (different continent) = 101,55 ( 102 rounded to 2 decimals) 
According to the information above it can be clearly seen that more points are given if the station is far from the contestant AND the transmitter power is low. 

The final points are made up by the sum of the 10 receiving. 
The contestant with the highest points wins the contest. 

– Awarding: 
The contest has no monetary prize. The winner gets an elegantly designed, unique trophy addressed to his/her name. All contestants can download free the certificate according to result in the ranking. Printed certificate is available for fee only. 

In case of any questions about the rules, or anyting else in connection with the contest, send us an e-mail and we try to respond asap. This opportunity is open before and during the contest.

The organizers wish good luck and outstanding DXs to all contestants. 

*: The QTH locator can be easily found here: LINK 
** The list of DXCC can be found here (Excel file, countries in alphabetical order): LINK
***: Sample log can be downloaded from here (Excel): LINK 
****: The KK6MK DistBear Tool can be find here:  LINK

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10.06.2022 – Reipas Es-avaus Sisä-Suomeen

Kirjoitellaanpa tännekin välillä. Allekirjoittanut on toistaiseksi kuuntelulla Jyväskylässä, kun viime kesänä valmistunut Petäjäveden, Heikkilänperän etäasema on toistaiseksi poissa pelistä. Päivä alkoi kevyellä tökkökelillä pitkin poikin eurooppaa. Ensimmäiset noteeraukset Jyväskylässä olivat mm. Ranskaan ja Saksaan.

Kello 1532utc taivaat aukenivat ja voi pojat ja tytöt millä volyymilla. Siinä ei QTH:n lähellä oleva Taka-Keljon masto paljoa kekkuloinut. Alla tähän mennessä peratut asemat. Muutama oikein maukas asema SVN ja HRV

Logs by: JJH, Jyväskylä KP22TF

88.70 1234 F Fun Radio, Avallon/Tharoiseau (89) 2135km
88.20 1532 SUI Radio SRF 1, Bantiger (be) PI logged: 43B1 PS logged: _SRF_1__ 2043km
89.20 1542 I RMC – Radio Monte Carlo, Serramazzoni/Case Mazzoni-Acquedotto (mo) 2199km
89.60 1544 HRV Radio Centar – Studio Porec, Porec/Funtana-Punta Groša (Debeli Rt) (pa) 2046km
91.10 1551 I Radio Gamma (Romagna), Cesena/Frazione Borello-Via Luzzena, 5600-Monte Cavallo (C) (fc) PI logged: 5843 PS logged: R_GAMMA_ 2201km
92.30 1610 CZE Radio Relax, Kladno/Kožova hora (ST) PI logged: 2034 PS logged: _RELAX__ 1520km
92.20 1611 CZE Country Radio, Príbram/ul. Drkolnovská 286 (ST) 1568km
93.70 1629 I m2o, Cagnano Varano/Monte d’Elio (fg) PI logged: 5233 PS logged: _M_DUE_O 2355km
90.30 1630 I Radio Kiss Kiss, Corato/Contrada Murgetta (ba) PI logged: 5225 PS logged: KISSKISS 2428km
88.60 1635 I RAI Radio1, Motta Montecorvino/Monte Sambuco (RAI) (fg) 2406km
91.00 1639 D hr1, Sackpfeife (Biedenkopf) (hes) 1624km
92.00 1640 I RMC – Radio Monte Carlo, Vicchio/Frazione Barbiana-Monte Giovi (fi) 2237km
89.20 1702 I Radio Giulia, Andria/Contrada Montefaraone (bt) 2421km
93.60 1709 F Virgin Radio, Amiens/Dury Towercast (80) PI logged: F219 PS logged: _VIRGIN_ 1979km
90.90 1717 I Radio 24, Corato/Contrada Murgetta (ba) PI logged: 5245 PS logged: RADIO_24 2428km
94.30 1720 SVK Fun Rádio, Bratislava/Kamzík (BA) PI logged: 5340 PS logged: FUNRADIO 1650km
89.20 1722 AUT Hitradio Ö3, Graz 1/Schöckl (ste) PI logged: A203 PS logged: __OE_3__ 1790km
92.40 1726 SVN Val 202, Plešivec (Uršlja Gora) (sg) PI logged: 9202 PS logged: VAL_202_ 1877km
94.10 1729 SVN Radio Prvi, Kum (ce) PI logged: 9201 PS logged: __PRVI__ 1917km
88.30 1731 CZE Kiss, Brno/Hády (JM) 1548km
89.40 1732 CZE Kiss, Boskovice/Habrí (JM) 1520km
93.80 1736 CZE Radio Beat, Znojmo/Deblínek (O2) (JM) 1597km
89.40 1740 SVN Radio Rogla, Slovenske Konjice/Ljubicna gora (ce) PI logged: 9437 PS logged: _ROGLA__ 1885km
89.80 1741 SVN Radio Ptuj, Majšperk/Jelovice (mb) 1877km
93.10 1752 SVN Radio Maribor, Maribor 1/Pohorje (RTVSLO) (mb) PI logged: 9426 PS logged: MARIBOR_ 1860km
91.70 1802 CZE Radio Čas, Jeseník/lázne Jeseník – Priessnitzova 90/51 (OL) 1429km
95.00 1802 HRV Radio Gorski Kotar, Delnice/Petehovac (ri) PI logged: C441 PS logged: GORSKI__ KOTAR___ RADIO___ 1998km
93.40 1809 CZE Frekvence 1, Jihlava/Javorice (VY) PI logged: 2205 PS logged: RADIO_F1 1579km
93.10 1812 SVN Radio Zeleni Val, Polževo (lj) PI logged: 944C PS logged: ZEL._VAL 1941km
95.00 1821 CZE Rádio Blaník, Votice/Mezivrata (ST) PI logged: 233C PS logged: _BLANIK_ 1557km
90.30 1823 I RDS, Cesena/Frazione Borello-Via Luzzena, 5600-Monte Cavallo (A) (fc) PI logged: 5264 PS logged: *_RDS_*_ 2201km
90.50 1824 CZE Evropa 2, Ceské Budejovice/komín teplárny (JC) 1625km
93.10 1833 CZE CRo Radiožurnál, Votice/Mezivrata (ST) PI logged: 232F PS logged: R-ZURNAL 1557km
88.70 1836 I Vibra FM, Teolo/Monte Grande (pd) PI logged: 5354 PS logged: VIBRA_FM 2078km
89.40 1837 AUT Hitradio Ö3, Mallnitz 1/Lonzaberg (kae) PI logged: A203 PS logged: __OE_3__ 1870km
94.30 1841 CZE Hitrádio Vysocina, Jihlava/Strážník I. (VY) PI logged: 2A2A PS logged: HITRADIO VYSOCINA 1551km
95.20 1848 AUT Radio Oberösterreich, Linz 1/Lichtenberg (obe) PI logged: A707 PS logged: *RADIO*_ **OOE**_ 1694km
94.50 1850 CZE Rádio Dechovka, Tábor/Prumyslová ctvrt-U Cihelny 2128/9 (JC) PI logged: 24B2 PS logged: DECHOVKA 1576km

Hitaasti, mutta varmasti päivittyvä loki:

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Blogi on viettänyt pidemmän puoleista taukoa. Molemmilla ylläpitäjällä muut aktiviteetit ovat vieneet tehokkaasti aikaa. Toki radiota on kuunneltu vaihtelevalla menestyksellä. Ehkäpä tästä kesää kohti taas aktivoidutaan.

Aktiivisuus on pääasiassa keskittynyt omaan Radioaktiiviset WhatsApp-ryhmään ja foorumille. Radiota on tunattu ja raporttejakin on jokunen sinkoillut. FM kauden kynnykselläkin tässä ollaan, joten kohta on aika laittaa rautaa ilmoille ja päivystämään!

Stay Tuned!

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The A.I.R. Contest 2022 “Attilio Leoni”

The A.I.R. Contest 2022 “Attilio Leoni”, will start at 0000UTC on January 2nd, 2022, and will end at midnight UTC on January 9th, 2022. Participation is open for all radiolisteners, A.I.R. members and non members alike. The Contest is divided into the following parts:

First part: listening to any station broadcasting from Europe-Africa (with its own transmitter or via relay) from 0000 UTC of January 2nd to 2400 UTC of January 6th, 2022 in any language (frequencies between 150 and 26100kHz – broadcasting bands)

Second part: listening to programmes in any language of the following stations (with its own transmitter or via relay, at any time from January 7th at 0000UTC to January 9th, 2022, at midnight UTC (frequencies between 150 and 26100kHz – broadcasting bands)



– AUSTRALIA, Reach Beyond Australia – CUBA, Radio Habana CHINA, China Radio Int.

– INDIA, All India Radio



– USA, Voice of America

Each station can be logged only once.

The listening report will have a minimum time of 15 minutes.

The reports must contain all usefull references (frequency, UTC time, station name, language, the most important details for a good valuation, SINPO code), technical data (receiver, antenna and optionals). The listening list, with your participation fee, must be sent to this address:


AIR Contest Manager

Fermo Posta



Not later than February 12th, 2022 (date of postmark).

On the same report the participant must indicate his name and surname, complete address and a short declaration as follow: “I take the responsibility on myself that I have listened to all the stations reported during the time of validity of contest”.

All details will be very important for a correct estimate of the contest results and for additional controls the Contest Manager could ask your audio-tape. A bonus of 200 points will be awarded to all those who will report the highest number of programme details for each station and not only generic terms such as news, music, comments, etc.

The scores will be computed on a base of 101 = points for each station deducting the participants percentage that listened to the same station. Decimal will not be considered. During the contest some monitor stations will listen off.

The participation fee are 5 (five) IRC’s or 5 €uro to be sent with your listening list to Contest Manager or Paypal payement to

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation and a small gift made on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of AIR. Prizes list for the three first participants is the following:

1st prize: a copy of WRTH 2022

2nd prize: a book for radiolisteners offered by Edizioni C&C srl 3rd prize: a philatelic sheet

three philatelic sheets and thre ebook for radiolistener offered byAssociazione Italiana


one book for radiolistener offered by Edizioni C&Csrl

For any other information, please write to Contest Manager (see the address) and enclose one IRC.



Associazione Italiana Radioascolto

fondata nel 1982

C.P. 1338, 10100 Torino AD


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Juha Hintikka in memoriam (1950-2021)

Juha Hintikka oli monialainen keskisuomalainen radiomies, joka tuli monille meille tutuksi ellei harrasteen, niin ainakin työnsä kautta.

Juha harrasti DX-kuuntelua eri muodoissaan, vaikutti DX-järjestötoimintaan ja toimi myös mikrofonin toisella puolella toimittaen ohjelmia radioasemille ja verifioiden kuuluvuusraportteja.

Juha syntyi Uuraisten Kelloperällä 1940-50 -lukujen taitteessa Pentti-isän ja Sylvi-äidin esikoisena. Myöhemmin perhe täydentyi vielä Ilpo-veljellä. Viitaniemen yhteiskoulun kautta Juha päätyi kieliopintoihin Savonlinnan kieli-instituuttiin opiskellen suomea ja englantia.

Näihin aikoihin sijoittuu myös radioharrasteisiin tutustuminen. Jo 1960-luvun puolivälissä Juha oli mukana ensiaskeleitaan ottavassa Jyväskylän DX-paikallistoiminnassa. DX-kuuntelussa tie vei järjestötoimintaan ja Juha oli SDXK:n johtokunnassa mukana vuosina 1973-1975. 1970-luvun alkupuolella Juhan elämään tuli mukaan myös vaimo Brita.

Harrastus jaloistui työksi ja BBC oli Juha Hintikan työnantajana vuosina 1977-82. Lontoossa Juha asui mukavassa rivitalossa ja toimitti BBC:n suomenkielisellä osastolla ohjelmia.

Suomenkielisessä toimituksessa Juha aloitti vuonna 1977 DX-Hörökorva -ohjelman, joka koostui haastatteluista, asemaesittelyistä ja tarvike-esittelyistä. Ohjelma tuli aluksi kuukauden viimeisenä sunnuntaina. Lisäksi Hintikka teki uutisiin ja kuunteluvihjeisiin painottunutta DX-Extraa joka toinen tiistai.

Toimittajan työt jatkuivat Suomessa Yleisradion palveluksessa. Radio Keski-Suomi antoi Juhalle työtä vuodesta 1986 alkaen. 1990-luvulla Juha verifioi asemalla myös DX-kuuntelijoiden kuuluvuusraportteja.

Juhan radioharrastaminen jatkui 2000-luvulla nettiradiokuunteluna, erityisesti lattariasemat olivat Juhan suosikkeja.

Jyväskylän Palokasta Juha muutti takaisin Uuraisten Kelloperälle lapsuusmaisemiin 2000-luvun loppupuolella vastavalmistuneeseen taloon.

Juha nukkui pois joulukuun ensimmäisenä päivänä 2021.

Juhan Muistoa kunnioittaen:

Sisä-Suomen Radioaktiiviset

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Juhlan paikka

Blogin toiselle ylläpitäjälle ja ystävälleni Jan-Mikael Nurmelalle myönnettiin oheinen kuvassa oleva kunniakirja työstään radiohistoriallisen tiedon tallettamisesta. Halusin näin henkilökohtaisesti onnitella ja samalla korostaa, kuinka arvokasta työtä hän on tehnyt radiohistoriallisen tiedon tallettamisen saralla. onnittelee ansaitusta tunnustuksesta! Tämä huomionosoitus on mielestäni varsin merkittävä!

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The Fun Fan Club

Klubi on luotu syventämään yhteyttä tiettyjen radioasemien kanssa. Olemme valinneet joukkoon mielestämme omaperäisiä ja kuuntelijaystävällisiä tahoja. Uusia saa ehdottaa kun perustelee… ja jo olemassa olevien tarinaa saa jokainen rikastuttaa.

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