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Mayday, mayday!

April is (hopefully) the last winter month and May should be the first summer month! There are already signs of summer 🙂

So it’s time to switch off AM radios and turn to FM. Actually the Sporadic E season 2017 has been opened in South-Western Finland already in the end of April, so there she comes, once again!

A bunch of reports are still unsent, because of work, running from car dealer to another, garden work and other secondary duties. Here are still some QSLs from ”Antique Modulation”:

DX COUNTRY #145: Canal A de Radio Nacional de Angola 4950 kHz

FREE RADIO QSL #215: Radio Saturnus (HOL)

FREE RADIO QSL #216: Pirate Station Klabautermann (D)

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Easter Pirate Hunting

P.P.P Pirate Hunt 2017 contest is over, this time only three pretty intensive days with bad or average conditions. Last time 5 days in row were a bit too much, they say! Some logs of the contest will be seen here. Thank you for all participants and keep the logs coming on till the deadline (end of April)! A special thanks for listeners who have promoted the event and of course to the stations. Some free radios have even promised a special QSL for this event!

Personal log for Monday 17-04-2017
6320 kHz 0730-1010 Radio Enterhaken, maybe a relay from Scandinavia
6285 kHz 1825- HOL: Radio Telstar International. s9++
1640 kHz -1900 RUS: UNID songs and announcement. Signing off at 19 UTC.
1670 kHz 1920 HOL: Speedy Gonzales (Mexicano)

Free QSL #212: Radio Piraña Internacional, South American QTH 6930 kHz (only 10 watts)

Free QSL #213: Radio Professor Sickbock, Vroomshoop (Ov.) 1640 kHz

Free QSL: Enterprise Radio, Italy 6310 kHz

Free QSL #214: EDMR European Music Radio, Nijmegen (Ge.) 4970 kHz


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Couple of Nice QSL’s

30.11.2016 WLAM Lewiston ME 1470

Received this really nice QSL from Mr. Bob Bittner, owner of The Memories Stations (WLAM, WJIB, WJTO, WJYE and WLVP)

17.12.2016 KFAB Omaha NE 1110kHz

Second nice reply came from KFAB Omaha. This kind of QSL’s are really really nice!

17.12.2016 WDAY Fargo ND 970 kHz

WDAY send some nice retro-photos of station with verification.

30.11.2016 SER Radio Réus 1026

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QSL of the month: November 2016


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QSL of the month: October 2016

QSL of the month is a full data PDF letter from Spirit Radio based in Ireland. Unfortunately reception location is incorrect – no remote reception, no SDR, no dxpeditions – only home DX here 🙂 Also the time indicated is local Irish Summer Time, not UTC. Anyway it’s rare to get such a QSL in these days.


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QSLs of the month – June, July, August, September

Backlog with these QSLs of the month, but here are some examples of recent replies from radio stations, which I could nominate as ”QSL of the month”. Of course almost every received QSL does make my day, but these selected QSLs are verifying a rare catch, they are filling all the criteria of a perfect QSL with every single detail marked on it, they arrive by snail mail which is pretty rare nowadays – or simply they are more than an oneliner ”Yes that’s us” -message.

June – Galgalatz 91.8 MHz Israel


July – VMW Wiluna WA 6230 kHz Australia


August – Svitle Radio Emmanuel 67.82 MHz Ukraine


September – Radio Punto Zero Tre Venezie Tarvisio.Fm 90.1 MHz Italy


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July-August 2016

Although June was not a perfect FMDX month, then July was a total flop. Fortunately August has been a bit more active so far..

FMDX 07 and 08-2016

The evenings are getting darker and the interest turns to AM. Some nice TA-catches on 49 mb in the mornings, no reason to forget Iberian peninsula and it’s numerous MW stations and of course (listening) free radio will be fun, in case there is no tropospheric ducting.

The holiday season will finish in Central Europe, so it is time to send some FM-reports again. The goal is to have 100 FM QSL’s for this season  – 25 to go!

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Everything between Slovenia and UK + Israel 29052016

Last two days have not been favorable for Central Finland. On Friday just some stations were teasing on lower band. 89.0 Yumor FM surprised with local weather for Krasnodar region. During this local break ID was ”Radiokanal FM Plyus” but the station is already QSLed, so Friday didn’t bring anything new. On Saturday I took part Finnish DX Associations board meeting. Guys told me, that there was continuous trying on low band, but the conditions never really started. Anyway it was promising for today.

Sunday morning started with replacing old Yagi and it’s coax cable with new (used) 4 element Yagi. Troposcatter and meteors have sounded much weaker than usually and now the band sounds much better (troposcatter from Sweden and Estonia was normal and meteors were numerous). During test listening first ID came from Galgalatz in Israel (double hop +3400 km), so the new set is working pretty well! In the evening conditions opened till 108 MHz, mostly to Italy, but everything from Slovenia to UK was heard. My personal log will be updated here meanwhile I am checking recordings.

Today’s QSL came from the Netherlands: Radio 102, Groningen, 6 watts.

Jan-Mikael Nurmela17-5-16


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Weak opening to France and UK 25052016

Third Sporadic E opening noticed this year here in Uurainen. Also this time pretty weak signals from both sides of English Channel. Mostly high power transmitters with MUF 98. Janne had common BBC stations in Jyväskylä with same MUF, no France at all. Full log can be found here.

Couple of recent pirate QSL’s:

#201 Radio Astronaut, Wierden (Ov.), the Netherlands

J-M Finland

#202 Rock ’N Roll Radio, Central Italy



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Summer is here!

Summer is here.

Dacha is open to the guests.

Uurainen is signing on.

Today was as warm as in Athens, Paris or Tel Aviv (+24), beating the temperatures in such Mediterranean localities like Madrid, Malaga, Rome, Venezia, Nice, Lisboa, Istanbul etc.

The Sporadic E season has been opened already in Finland with marginal conditions in April and May. Finally today, May 8th, the monitoring station of Uurainen is activated. Everything is working well, when meteor reflections come throughout the noise. Janne has been suntanning in Turkey, so no logs so far from Central Finland for this season.

AM antennas are still up. During last 10 years I have been spending too many summer nights waiting for a single sign of ES.. It’s time to go back to the habit in the early 2000 when I used to enjoy African short wave stations. Also MW band might offer surprising signals as it’s way clearer compared to the situation still in 2001-2005. If the conditions will be favorable, Spanish AM stations will remain on catch list.

Latest QSL from Saturday evening, #195 verified free radio, #109 from the Netherlands

Small guest house seen from the 2nd floor balcony is ready for the guests


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