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Log January 2016 week 1

Jan. 4: Best morning conditions that I have noticed recently. Ethiopian stations audible with strong signals around 04UTC on 49 mb. Cuban stations on 60 mb were very strong, Progreso have never been that clear. At 07 UTC mostly Brazilians audible on 49 mb: 5940, 5965, 6040, 6135. Probably the rest are inactive, because there was no sign from other B-stations on 49 mb. The news from Radio Capodistria verified, that we have had pretty much Middle European winter again here in Finland. The snow has arrived in Slovenia just in the end of students holiday season, in the same time when it arrived in Finland (of course Lapland is another story).

R. Oromiya map

756 0500a UNID, strong carrier 9+20dB. Still tx test from Germany?
963 0541 TUN: RTCI Tunis.
1170 0510 SVN: Radio Capodistria.
1422 0521 ROU: RR Actualitati. Now weakly here when DLF has left the building.
4765 0444 CUB: Radio Progreso, Quivicán.
4875 0355 B: Rádio Roraima, Boa Vista RR. Closing down. 4985 also Brazilian. This time no Angola or 4895!
6030 0356 ETH: Radio Oromiya, Geja. Strong 9+20dB.
6135 0700 B: Rádio Aparecida, Aparecida. ”Aparecida” -ID.
7530 1500 I: Radio Latino, Central Italy. 500W. Just in the noise level, but CW well arrived.

Jan 5:
1134 0500 RUS: Radio Teos, Kurkino. Has been extremely strong recently. Something new in tx?
6135 0428 ASC: BBC. Beginning in French. O: 2-3.

Jan 6:
In the morning TA-signals on MW. Today’s highlight was Qatar that would be a new country to QSL (heard once).
675 1910 QAT: Radio Qatar, Al-Arish. S9+30dB.
6150 1625 D: Europa 24, Datteln.
6210 1550 HOL: Radio Blackstone.

Jan 7:
6385 1430 D: HitMix Radio, Berlin. Cindy Lauper on air from the region of Berlin!

Jan 8:
6210 1525 HOL: Radio Ronalisa.
6220 1600 HOL: Mystery Radio. Radio Python fooled with 9 years old Mystery Radio recording!
6285 1530a +G: Jordan (presumed). Jordan txing from NIR, very slight traces of music audible. 100 W.
6307 1500 CZE: Radio Goofy.

Jan 9:
6205 1518-1545  HOL: Carmen Radio, (Ov.). Dance music s9+20 dB. First time here.
6220 1546-1547 HOL: Radio Ronalisa, Emmen (Dr.)
6240 1445-1507 HOL: Radio AC-DC. First time here.
6385 1508-1518 +D: Radio Orion 2000. New German station. Good signal but low modulation.
6735 1550-1630 HOL: Pioneer AM, (Gr.) Good s8-9 with deep fading.

Jan 10:
3930 1508-1535 HOL: Radio Batavia. Pirate for peace -member. Website
6210 1420-1431  HOL: Radio SW00. Sounded first Radio Scirocco but IDed as ”Radio ZeroZero”. Must be this one.
6325 1433-1455 HOL: Radio Monique. Program of Bart Steenman in Dutch: Belongs to Pirates for Peace -network, more info

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