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8 June 2017: BIH, CZE, POL, D, AUT, later Benelux, G, F with DNK!

From the bed to the band. Morning opening was already going on at 0550 UTC on lower band, bringing Bosnian, Czechia, Poland, Germany and Austria. Mostly basic stations. I had to leave QTH for 40 minutes, between 0640-0720 UTC, and when driving, I enjoyed the selection of songs CRo 1 on 89.7, including “I wasn’t expecting it now”. Fits perfectly to the feeling 🙂 The band closed a bit after I came back, afterwards it was annoying to notice an arab on blind recording which I roughly changed to the other frequency, because the signal was “too weak”.. Next time then!

An hour later the strongest BBCs appeared and soon band was open to BeNeLux. Next 30 minutes of DNK MUF 108 were definitely the best half an hour of my DX history! It is pretty rare to have a widely open band for such a short distance (1100-1200 km!)

Guys in Utö pedition described today as “second best day ever in Utö” which is not hard to believe!

My personal visual log is here: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2017-06-08&omid=1183



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6 June 2017: small F opening, new MS country

Late night conditions indicate usually a morning start. DX Sherlock looked fine in the morning, and soon French stations faded in. The highest noted frequency was 94.5 MHz. Not long lasting opening, all gone before I even left to work around 0730 UTC. Blind recording (95.7 MHz) during work day was practically empty, except multiple meteors. In one of them bright id as “Radio Een” brought new heard MS country BEL! In the evening some Komi on OIRT. Identified stations visually: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2017-06-06&omid=1183

Today’s highlights (once again)

New meteor country BEL (clip: Radio 1)
A new-for-me French station Sweet FM

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5 June 2017: from BEL to BUL

For 2 hours short-lasting but strong reflections from West to East Europe, very difficult to follow and MUF was moving 80-100-80-100-80 continuously. Band was silent for 5 minutes, and open for another 5 minutes, then same again.. Still one new-for-me station Ritmo 80 from Bari on 87.8. Bari needs a bit overlong skip (2453 km) which happens every now and then during weak Balkan openings. Maybe Adriatic sea and tropospheric ducting helps a bit!?

Full log here: http://www.fmlist.org/fm_logmap.php?datum=2017-06-05&omid=1183

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4 June 2017: IRL, Piemonte, SUI, F, D, SRB, ROU

An interesting tour today starting at 1125 UTC from Ireland (only RTÉ high power transmitters).

Soon lower band was filled with weak Italians (South Finland MUF 108),

travelling from Piacenza and Torino

little by little to West and surprisingly hitting to Switzerland!

Then skip was getting shorter, offering again only high power transmitters (BR, SWR, MDR).

After a silent hour new start to Serbia.

Some guys logged also rare Kosovo and Albania. An arabic double hop with ROU/BUL, more in South coast, which where ided as Egypt. Unfortunately there was like a wall around 97 MHz, only once I noticed Balkan over 100 MHz. Few new-for-me stations from Piemonte, SUI and SRB. Full log here.

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DXpedition to backyard – Lapland Tropo 11102016

Tropo forecasts promised good condx for Lapland, not much activity there, so results not known. Today’s ducting was favorable for Central Finland. In the morning just some typical SR stations for this QTH with fair signals (no RDS). However one personal new catch: Radio Rossii Karelia 72.17 just over the noise level with Tecsun, but clear ID. TNX JJH!


In the work (driving van) I was lucky to follow signals from 350-450 km improving all the day with the car radio. The morning was foggy, lot’s of accidents because of zero visibility and icy roads. The fog was accompanying us all day long, even temperature reached plus degrees in the afternoon. Still nothing special on lunch hour at home. Unfortunately Triax 4el can see only AZI 100-280 from the balcony…


As Janne (JJH) said: “Kalix tulee niin lujaa, että sen pitäisi kuulua mummon hetekallakin” (culture-bound, impossible to translate). Thanks to my good old lad, I moved the Yagi from balcony to backyard and placed RX’s on a less-elegant garden chair. Between the pines, the Northern sky can be seen.


Word, Kalix was so strong, that it could have come even with a whip!


Usually here is YLE Lahti 50 kW / 166 km


..and here Järviradio Jyväskylä 3 kW / 34 km


Such a fresh autumn afternoon today, but with the hot coffee it was fun for two hours. Then it was already getting dark and conditions seemed to be stuck on this direction. New H stations ided and recorded, and nothing special was heard using V polarization.

SR-transmitters from Örnsköldsvik, Sollefteå, Vännäs, Lycksele, Arvidsjaur, Älvsbyn, Kalix, Överkalix and Gällivare were noted. Possibly also Storuman and Vuollerim (150 W!). For some loggings, please have a look: http://www.fmdx.tk/october-logs/

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Uurainen: weak evening opening to France up to 108 12062016

Missed first 30 minutes of this opening, it seemed that the best moments were going on when turned rx on. Soon the conditions get weaker and only TDF stations were heard, still up to 105.5 at least. After one hour exactly the same direction opened again. 100.7 was probably Honnert 7 from LUX as 88.9 was Luxy. 100.4 was still speaking French in african accent. This time it showed RDS referring to Frequence des Loisirs, but no audio ID. Better luck was with Radio Campus 3, which ided at least 10 times at the top of the hour. Waiting for more to come tomorrow!


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07 & 08 July 2015

July 7th was a good day for FMDXers, all day long. I was not at home, but here are some loggings by Janne in Jyväskylä (30 km SE from me). Jim from Bromarv (South-West Finland) reports:

0930 utc aloitettiin puolen tunnin Ranskakelillä, mukana myös Galician kulma. 1120-1200 utc oli vuorossa lisää Ranskaa, muf 108. Ranska rysähti kunnon menoon taas 1410-1450 utc, muf koko ajan 108. 1715-1735 tykitti vuorostaan Venäjän Balakovo muffin 108:aan. Ja lopuksi 1900 utc vielä vartti Romaniaa ja Bulgariaa, muffi noin 97 megaa.

July 8th was even better, at least what comes to the amount of loggings. Janne’s results can be seen here. My personal log is here. We both got around 10 new stations.

Denmark is a rarity here

Denmark is a rarity here

I was not at home 0839-1207 UTC, so I missed the ROU/MDA/TUR opening. We were visiting the old church of Petäjävesi that belongs to the UNESCO world heritage list. This year is the 250th anniversary.

Petäjävesi old church

Petäjävesi old church

On the way we stopped on Radio and Telephone Museum which is always an interesting pit stop. Petäjävesi is located 37 km from Uurainen.

Some of the receivers in the museum were for sale

Some of the receivers in the museum were for sale

July 9th we visited Aviation Museum in Tikkakoski (15 km from here).

Old Finnish planes

Old Finnish planes

It has also a small exhibition of military receivers and transmitters.

Transceiver used in Fokker planes

Transceiver used in Fokker planes

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26 Jun 2015: Germany, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Benelux

All day long ES was trying on low band, and lots of UNID stations were noted at various times. Around 11 UTC I heard 88.9 RTL Luxemburg, 88.7 Chérie FM and 89.7 France Musiques. Juha heard Spain around 12 UTC. A bit later Radio Dallas Loisirs from France showed the RDS on 89.1 MHz, unfortunately only music was audible. Around 1515 UTC I heard that someone was talking loudly upstairs in German. Obviously Sony XDR had caught a foreign signal on an empty frequency. Also RDS was seen on the screen (MDR_SACH). During a quick bandscan the highest log was 106 MHz. That was the beginning of the best conditions this summer, which were favorable to Germany and France with some Czech stations. This opening lasted for more than 2 hours, with Maximal Useful Frequency (MUF) 108 MHz most of the time. After a 30-minute-long break the conditions started again, this time to the British Isles. Exceptionally Ireland was heard too. MUF was up to 100 MHz but only few stations on the band. Later 1924-1945 UTC we had Benelux on low band. Waiting for more to come tomorrow!!!

Janne’s visual log for today (Jyväskylä)

J-M’s visual log for today (Uurainen)

French Radio Liberté came strong with it's 200W

French Radio Liberté came strong with it’s 200W

RTÉ's 2nd network was new to me.

RTÉ’s 2nd network was new to me.


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25 Jun 2015: BeNeLux, Germany, Italy, Balkan, Greece

Today’s conditions were considered as the best opening of season 2015. At least it was the strongest which was not positive in the beginning. The FM band was full of signals from Croatia to the Netherlands, practically from every European country, with 3 to 5 stations on every frequency causing horrible noise. Maybe a whip would have given better results (band less full…). Most of the stations were big powerhouse networks, and small private stations couldn’t pass througout the noise. Quickly BeNeLux dropped and Es was favorable for Balkan and Hungary (MUF still over 100 MHz). Then it turned again to Italy. In two hours the conditions seemed to be already over, but surprisingly two frequencies faded in (89.2 & 91.2) and gave id’s in Greek. New heard FM country for me (2402 km!) Further log might be published here in the near future!



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Something out of nothing

Kuluneella viikolla missasin kahdet brittikelit. Molemmat osuivat vieläpä kohtuullisen kovan ukkosmyrskyn ajaksi, joten paljoa ei olisi kai voinut kuunnellakaan, vaikka olisi kotona ollutkin. Ensimmäisen myrskyn aikana Jyväskylä tulvi ja toinen osui puolestaan Äänekoskelle kauppareissun ajaksi. Paluumatkalla (24 km) oli tie kolme kertaa ihan kuiva ja kolme kertaa märkä. Kuurot olivat rankkoja ja 10 minuutissa vettä tuli 4mm. Se ei paljon naurata uraisella tiellä, kun kesärenkaan urasyvyys on laillinen 2mm.

Aina välillä kuitenkin kuului jotain. Suurin osa avauksista ei lähtenyt ollenkaan kunnolla käyntiin tai jäi etelän iloitteluksi. Vaikka MUF kävikin välillä yli sadan, keli oli pääosin heikkoa ja kuuluneet asemat olivat lähestulkoon pelkkiä 50-250 kW suurtehomyllyjä. Veikkaan, että ES-pilven tiheys vaikuttaa tähän jotenkin. Pienempi tiheä pilvi heijastaa pieneltä alueelta pikkuasematkin, iso ja harva taas suurelta maantieteelliseltä alueelta vain valtion asemia. Benelux-kelin pilvi oli alussa ilmeisesti iso ja tiheä, sillä bandi meni tukkoon ja aivan puuroksi. Pian tilanne kuitenkin parani ja signaalit eivät enää puuroutuneet.

log 15072107

IDit olivat tiukassa ja logaamieni asemien tunnistaminen perustuu osittain RDS-koodeihin, ohjelmien tai juontajien nimiin, puhelinnumeroihin tai muihin aihetodisteisiin. Osan BBC2 ja 4FM-asemista lokasin vain kuuluneiden samaa lähettävien taajuuksien perusteella. Mitään puhtaita oletuksia en kuitenkaan logiin syöttänyt, vaikka soittolistojen ja ohjelmatietojen perusteella tentatiivisia logauksia saisi kirjoitettua varmasti tuplamäärän.

log 19072107pienempi
English summary:
Recently the conditions have been pretty weak but still something personally new stations were audible. Although the maximal useful frequency has been over 100 MHz, the stations have been mostly big networks (50-250 kW). Very few ID’s but lot of RDS’s, phone numbers, DJ names etc.. Waiting for more to come.

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