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Week 23

2018-06-04 – Iberia, UK, France
Working day #7 in a row. DXMaps showed much activity during the day in South-Western Europe, but nothing to North. High possibility of double hop came surprisingly true. While driving home, got an alert of ”E Sevilla”. Instead of post office, I decided to head to home as soon as possible. Luckily traffic officers weren’t around. It seems to be that these rare double hop conditions for Portugal just started a bit before I arrived. Unfortunately it turned soon to a single hop and toward the UK. After UK faded out, I found a silent moment for shopping, France-alert came meanwhile driving back into the yard. So not a bad timing in the end!

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km

89.50 1102 D hr3, Hoher Meißner (hes) 1565km (meteor)
88.70 1545 POR RDP Antena 2, Serra de Montejunto (lis) Tentative. No ID, classical music //89.3 3471km
89.30 1545 POR RDP Antena 2, Serra da Lousã/Trevim (coi) Tentative. No ID, classical music //88.7 3345km
88.70 1547 POR Rádio Comercial, Lamego (vis) 3233km
92.10 1605 G BBC Radio 3, Wenvoe (WA-VGL) most probable tx PI logged: C203 PS logged: BBC_R3__ 2103km
92.70 1606 G BBC Radio 4 FM, Sutton Coldfield (EN-WMD) most probable tx PI logged: C204 PS logged: BBC_R4__ 1942km
96.30 1613 G Heart Bristol, Bristol/Dundry (EN-BRI) 2077km
102.70 1624 G Heart Peterborough, Peterborough/Gunthorpe (EN-CAM) 1866km
95.50 1628 G BBC Somerset, Mendip (EN-SOM) ”Somerset with Matt Faulkner” 2090km
88.90 1718 F Contact, Noyon/Maison Rouge (60) PI logged: F931 PS logged: CONTACT_ 1989km
90.30 1719 F Nostalgie, Compiègne/Mont d’Huette (60) PI logged: F218 2010km
93.40 1722 F Vibration, Vendôme/Villiers-sur-Loir (41) 2 tx 2228km
95.60 1727 F Radio Courtoisie, Paris/Fort de Romainville (93) PI logged: F228 PS logged: COURTOIS 2070km
92.10 1729 F Mouv’, Paris/Tour Eiffel (75) 2078km
90.20 1740 I Radio Deejay, Aviano/Bornass 2 (pn) Multi tx PI logged: 5214 2000km
89.50 1748 F France Bleu, Evreux/Tour de la Madelaine (27) 2112km


Free day from work, and waiting for much more, but only one identified station today. Several short lasting reflections on low band all day long. The coldest day of this summer, around +11 degrees, night temperature as low as +4.8 Celsius degrees.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
89.50 0934 I RAI Radio1, several transmitters. Only PI logged: 5201

2018-06-07 RUS-UKR
Weak morning opening, MUF 108 in Northern Carelia, but here only in low band.
MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
66.83 0709 RUS Radio Rossii, Mikhaylovka/RTPS (VG) 1753km
89.70 0722 RUS Elit FM, Salsk (RO) 2046km
88.70 0728 UKR UR 1 Persha Prog., Volnovaha/DFKRRT, vul. Shevtsovoj, 1a (DO) 1820km
66.80 0759 RUS Radio Rossii GTRK Belgorod, Valuyki/Selivanovo (BE) 1558km
73.76 0803 RUS Nashe Radio, Rostov-na-Donu (RO) PI logged: 6000 PS logged: POCTOB 1918km
88.70 0840 UKR UR 1 Persha Prog., Volnovaha/DFKRRT, vul. Shevtsovoj, 1a (DO) 1820km
89.00 0845 RUS Yumor FM, Goryachiy Klyuch (KD) 2173km

Very cool weather continues, but it’s brilliant time for manual work in ”hacienda” – especially when Sporadic E wont disturb you.

2018-06-09 RUS-UKR-Balkan
MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
70.04 1236 RUS Radio Rossii, Shvedchiki/RTPS (BR) most probable tx 1263km
70.49 1240 UKR Radio Kometa (pirate broadcasting), Donets’k/DFKRRT, vul. Pikhotna, 4a (DO) Radio Kometa, 98.. 1786km
66.05 1242 UKR Hromads’ke Radio, Volnovaha/DFKRRT, vul. Shevtsovoj, 1a (DO) 1820km
89.70 1310 HRV Slavonski Radio, Našice/Vodotoranj (os) 1949km
89.00 1317 I Radio Kiss Kiss, Sassofeltrio/Monte San Paolo Nord (pu) 2235km
93.10 1329 HRV Krugoval Garešnica, Garešnica/Dišnik-Kovacic breg (bj) PI logged: C415 PS logged: KRUGOVAL 93,1_MHZ 1957km
90.30 1331 HRV Zabavni Radio – Radio Martin, Dugo Selo/Martin breg (zg) PI logged: C424 1944km
91.50 1331 BIH BIG Radio 2, Banja Luka/Krcmarice (srp) 2 possible tx PI logged: F421 2037km
90.60 1350 tent. POL PR 2. Quran recitation, logged earlier as ”UNID arab”. PUL has solved that PR 2 had an ethnic show at this time. A minute later another Polish log verifies this guess.
88.70 1351 POL Radio Piekary, Radzionków/Komin KWK Powstanców Sl. (SL) 1404km
88.80 1354 BIH BH Radio 1, Velika Gomila (usk) PI logged: F201 PS logged: BHRADIO1 2045km
68.36 1610 UKR Radio M, Odesa/OORTPTS, vul. Fontans’ka doroga, 3 (OD) 1815km

QSLs this week

788. G: Peak FM, Chesterfield 107.4 11052018 (1433) em for report sent by contact form

Hi Jan

That is indeed a Peak FM jingle.


Joe Rawson
Broadcast Journalist
Peak FM

Tel. 01246 269 107

789. RUS: Avtoradio, Novomoskovsk (TL) 107.9 FFF 11052018 (1434) e-mail

Good day! Yes, it really was our radio! Just incredible. We wish you success in your work!

With respect,
Alexey Ermolaev
Avis Media
mobile: +7(999) 781-93-30
working: +7(48762) 6-92-35
ICQ: 717320282

790. G: Sunshine Radio, Hereford 106.2 11052018 (1435) fb

791. G: Gem, Nottingham 106.0 01062018 (1436) em

792. BEL: Joe FM 95.6/104.1 fup 02082016 (1437) em for contact form

793. G: Hull Kingston Radio, Kingston-upon-Hull 107.4 FFF 01062018 (1438) fb

794. RUS: Radio Zvezda, Tambov (TA) 101.8 FFF 11052018 korvaa rankissa ketju-Zvezdan keskiaalloilta

795. RUS: NRJ Syzran (SA) 104.6 17052018 (1439)

Да конечно сигнал был)

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