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11-15 June 2015 – nothing much

11 Jun: trying on OIRT: 70.52 Radio Rossii probably from Saratov. Low band Turkey in Southern Karelia. Italy MUF 108 in Utö.

12 Jun: 15 minute evening conditions to Slovakia and Hungary. Janne heard mostly Poland (Kielce) in Jyväskylä. MUF around 94 MHz. Kanal Kultura from Belarus and Radio 24 from Ukraine caught in Pori by OH1NOA. Have a look on his blog.


13 Jun: Ukraine trying on OIRT. I was not at home (bestman @ wedding party)

14 Jun: In South Western Finland good opening to France in the morning. For more logs from Utö 16 pedition have a look at Utö-blog. Janne caught HR3 in Central Finland. Weak evening conditions (30 minutes) to Turkey in South and Central Finland. Egypt heard in Northern Karelia and Cyprus in Marttila, both with double hop. Late night BBC in Pori.

15 Jun: Aurora stations caught in Pori and Jyväskylä (NRK, SR).

NB! For FM logs in Northern Finland (Oulu/Tornio), you can follow Jari’s blog.


TUR 14062015

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