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Week 46, 2017

648 13.11. 0100 G: Radio Caroline, Orfordness
1368 13.11. 0226 IRN: Radio Golestan, Gorgan.

#1253 verified BC station: SVN: Radio Maribor 93.1 MHz (Sporadic E)


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Malta bandscan

QTH: Bugibba, Northern coast of Malta (if not mentioned otherwise)
RX: Grundig M400 with its’ whip antena
Date: March 20-24, 2017


87.7 MLT: Bay Radio, not listed, possibly a ghost signal
87.9 I: R101, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (ag) 199 km morning tropo, no signal in the evening
88.2 UNID, possibly ONE Radio, Marsa?
88.7 MLT: Vibe FM, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt)
89.5 I: UNID network, possibly RTL102.5, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (ag) heard on 89.4
89.7 MLT: Bay Radio, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt) (ID: 8-9-7 Bay)
90.3 MLT: Bay Radio, not listed, possibly a ghost signal
91.1 I: RAI Radio 1, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (ag). Program name announced: ”Radio anch’io”
91.7 MLT: Magic Malta, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt) (ID: Magic Malta 91,7)
92.2 MLT: Radio Deejay, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (ag) 199 km
92.7 MLT: ONE Radio, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt) (ID: One News). Heard more likely on 92.6
93.7 MLT: Radju Malta, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt) // 999 kHz
94.0 MLT: XFM, not listed, possibly a ghost signal
94.6 I: Radio Santo Stefano, Santo Stefano Quisquina (ag) 187 km/ 300 w heard in Victoria, Gozo
94.8 MLT: UNID, a ghost signal?
95.6 I: UNID music
95.9 I: RAI Radio2, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (RAI) (ag) 199 km //96.7 MHz
96.7 I: RAI Radio2, Buccheri/Monte Lauro (RAI) (sr) 134 km.
98.7 I: UNID, possibly RAI Radio3, Buccheri/Monte Lauro (RAI) (sr)
99.1 I: RTM Radio Trasmissioni Modica, Modica/Contrada Litria (rg) 105 km
99.9 I: RAI Radio3, Cammarata/Monte Cammarata (RAI) (ag) 199 km
100.2 MLT: UNID in English, XFM listed in Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt)
101.0 MLT: Radio 101 (ID: Your kind of music, Radio 1-0-1)
101.3 UNID music station
101.8 Calypso, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt)
102.3 Radju Maria, Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt)
103.0 UNID only music, RTK Radio listed in Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt)
103.7 UNID in English (Campus FM with International Programming listed in Għargħur (mt))
104.6 UNID hit music (Smash Radio listed in Għargħur/Fidiel Zarb Street (mt))
105.9 Radju Malta 2, Għargħur (ID: Radju Malta Tine, staziune nazionale/differenza)
106.3 UNID religious, possibly Radju Leħen il-Qala 106.3 FM, Qala/24 Saint Francis Street (gz) 12km


999 MLT: Radio Malta. ID as ”Radju Malta”. Listener’s requests, oldies, discussions. Always //93.7 MHz when checked.

Not heard:

98.0 ”Kottoner 98FM” or 106.9 ”Radju Luminaria” listed in, even the distance should be
only 12-15 km from the transmitter.

NB! Numerous of community stations within 10 km were not heard during bandscan, but it is hard to say if it was because of the QTH or very low listed powers (only few watts).


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September tropos

Tuesday Sept 26, 2017

Arrived from Tallinn to the QTH in the afternoon, Northern Sweden and Vyborg audible, no new stations, but some new masts logged.

Wednesday Sept 27, 2017

In the morning strong SR stations, mostly from Northern Sweden.

Also strong basic EST and some stations from Latvia in the evening. New stations: NRJ Saint-Peterburg (local) 95.0, Radio Grad Petrov 73.1 and possibly Rix FM Skellefteå 92.4 (recording to check).

Thursday Sept 28, 2017

Strong ducting to Stockholm in the morning, many locals and semi-locals were replaced with SR stations. New-for-me stations: Power Hit Radio 105.9, SR P4 Stockholm 103.3 and SR P4 Västmanland 100.5

Friday Sept 29, 2017

Very strong Vyborg, something from SPB too and few SR stations. New-for-me stations: Avtoradio Vyborg (local) 107.9, Radio Peterburg 69.47, Radio Rossii Saint-Peterburg 99.0 and possibly DFM (SPB local) 103.4

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Sept 1, 2017: SpE from Balkan to France

A late-season-opening after a long silent period, lasting for 4 hours. This was the first time during my FMDX history when I have logged something in September, though there has been missed openings even in mid September.. Thanks to this pretty good opening, the total number of season’s logs reached 500. Full log will come here:

Couple of new-for-me receivers are already waiting for the autumn..

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FM season 2017 over

FM season 2017 is going to end little by little. Right now meteor shower might bring still something new. Looking for tropospheric ducting – the sure sign of autumn which is already in the air. May was not very good, but June brought many nice openings. July and August have been pretty much ”boring”, there has been few small openings. Most of them I have spent in work. The only highlight of July was a nice GIRL opening 22072017.


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July 23, 2017: G IRL 106

After few days spent in work, with moderate conditions mostly on OIRT, it was time to have a better opening to British Isles which lasted more than one hour. After that there were stations on OIRT practically all day long, but conditions never really started again to that direction. At least Radio City Liverpool 96.7, Compass FM Grimsby 96.4 and BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8 were new-for-me stations. Irish South East Radio showed RDS on 95.6 MHz with news. The highest note was 105.3 Capital with network jingle.

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July 18, 2017: ES waking up

Two weeks of total silence has ended with a weak opening. I missed the first hours in work, but it was said to be weak Italy/HRV. Later in the evening same direction continued twice, signals for few minutes under 91 MHz. UKR/RUS MUF reached CCIR few times, OIRT offered stations from KD, ST, RO and Eastern Ukraine.

Nest of #23 Sylvia curruca in the garden

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July 4: POL CZE opening

July 4th was a silent day till the evening. Ireland in some parts of Finland, later very short POL in Central Finland. A new-for-me station Radio Gra from Torun was heard on 88.8 MHz, 1123 km. Radio Gra has bought several local stations, but whole Radio Gra was later bought by RMF group. The local branches became a part of RMF Maxxx network, luckily this Torun-based main station remains ”independent”. Yesterday July 3rd offered only OIRT stations, weakly all day long (which I noticed just in the morning before leaving to work). On Sunday July 2nd we had a Balkan opening here in Inner Finland – I was again not in home, but enjoying the summer weekend in the biggest inland city of Northern Europe (if you don’t ask Danish people). It seems that we are going towards a better time, also the beginning of June offered this kind of poor openings which never really started but it led soon to some fantastic days. Hopefully the best moments will come again around half month (which would be the 28 day period).

A perfect example of a good verification for a FM reception report, in DACH countries they know how to do it:

And a new butterfly for this season: papilio machaon


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July 1: weak Tatarstan MUF 107

Weak morning opening to TS and BA for one hour, the highest was 106.9 MHz, but signals sounded like during Aurora condx + quick fade. Nothing much to enjoy. Some notes: 90.6 Mil. Volna gave weather at 0727 UTC mentioning local sponsor Avtosalon Avangard in Nab. Chelny. Probably Shermodan transmitter (70.52 MHz) is still active on OIRT. Marked as ex-Yunost, programme was different than Rossii (ID to check). 66.23 listed as Brezhnev FM in Nab. Chelny ided as Radio Rossii. It looks like some stations marked inactive in FMList are still operating – and there may be changes. Several Radio Rossii regionals are marked to be moved to CCIR, but in reality they still continue on OIRT too. Let’s keep an eye on it!


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May & June 2017: over 400 logs!

End of June has been pretty much silent, except 4 hours on June 27 (I was not in QTH). I missed also another good day (16062017). Nevertheless the total number of logs is 402 at the moment (still some recordings to check). It looks like this is going to be the best season of 2010’s, based on number of logs by one receiver. The goal for the season is to have 100 new FM QSLs.

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