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Kuukausi: maaliskuu 2014


Olipa kerran mies, joka ruokki lintuja. Linnut istuivat kauniisti oksalla ja visersivät, mutta yksi linnuista nokki miestä ja ulosti joskus niskaankin. Sitten tuli pitkä talvi. Ankara ja kova aika. Mies jatkoi lintujen ruokkimista, vaikka jyviä oli enää vähän. Lintu jatkoi nokkimista ja käyttäytyi kiittämättömästi, mutta miehen kävi sääliksi muita lintuja, ja hän jatkoi lintulaudan täyttämistä. Lintu luotti siihen, että kyllä mies muille linnuille kuitenkin siemeniä tuo ja se saa siitä osansa. Eräänä päivänä huonosti käyttäytynyt lintu nokkaisi miestä silmään. Mies sai silmätulehduksen ja joutui sairaalaan, eikä kukaan ruokkinut enää lintuja.

Sen pituinen se.


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March 2014, part 2

I’ve spent also the rest of the week with radio and forest activities. Surprisingly pretty good conditions to Asia on MW, usually it happens in autumn. Solomon Islands are logged last days in Finland during local sunrise. Pirate conditions (Europe/SW) have been normal, but the signals are very noisy and fastly fading. Parish radios (27-28 MHz) from Ireland and Northern Ireland have been heard in Finland for long time now. I try now to hear these stations too, but it’s very hard to identify. About the conditions other DXers have noticed that it has nothing to do with Sporadic E. Citizen band can be closed even CCIR is open to British Isles. Also the local differences are notable, the logic of skip seems to be similar with ES conditions: in Southern Finland you hear different stations compared with Inner Finland – now we have tested it with very short distance. Janne was tuning in Jyväskylä, while I was tuning here in Uurainen (30 kilometres to North) and we had totally different stations audible. There was no any clue of a station, what Janne reported to be strong, and opposite. The situation is similar during Sporadic E. What is the difference, 27 MHz skip is audible for longer time, but it fades out very quickly and totally. Not like ES. Together we managed to identify one of these stations, which was heard by Janne. In the end of mass  luckily was audible a list of ”Rest in Peace” persons, the names fit perfectly to those of Blarney Parish. After that we easily recognized ”Blarney Church” mentioned in the announcements. I’m still looking for my first identified! But congrats to Janne!

QSL from a Dutch pirate Witte Tornado
Jan Mikael Finland

More loggings:

1242 8.3. 1625 IRN: Radio Iran, Zanjan
1377 8.3. 1533 CHN: CNR Chungyang.
1386 6.3. 1526- IND: AIR Gwalior. Akashvani -ID and talks of Mumbai (Gwalior relays Western Service from Mumbai)
1413 6.3. 1529- MDA: Vesti FM, Grigoriopol. Activated probably because of the crise of Crimea. Also 1089 & 1215.
1431 6.3. 1536- IRN: Radio Iran, 2 tx’s.
1503 6.3. 1524- IRN: Radio Iran, Bushehr.
1616 8.3. 2210 HOL: Radio Barones, Ruurlo.
1629 8.3. 2200 HOL: Radio Calypso, Finsterwolde. Strongest on X band.
1640 8.3. 2305- HOL: Radio Aktief, Nijverdal (Ov.)
3995 5.3. 2120- D: Andenstimme, Weenermoor. Football results (relay from Radio ZP30, Paraguay!)
5910 7.3. -0700 AUT: TWR Moosbrunn. S/OFF.
6010 7.3. 0623 CLM: LV de tu Conciencia, Pto Lleras. No ID, time announcement.
6240 8.3. 2249 HOL: Radio Flying Dutchman, Doetinchem.
6268 3.3. 1904- HOL: Zender Ascona.
9545 7.3. 1924- SLM: SIBC Honiara. Good reception today, worse yesterday and a day before.
11975 9.3. 0700 D: AWR Nauen. Splashing to 11980.
11980 9.3. -0855 UKR: Dniprovskaya Khvylia, Zaporizhia. UR 1 relay//549 kHz. Seems impossible to get own ID.
11980 9.3. 0855- CHN: CRI Kunming. Sometimes UKR continues after 9 UTC..

QSL from HCJB Weenermoor. They send the first QSL for free also by air mail, and ask for the return postage for further QSL’s.

Nurmela, Jan-Mikael

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Jyväskylä Calling…

Greetings from Jyväskylä. As of Jan-Mikael wrote couple of words, I also write short blogging about my ”radioactivities” here in Ylä-Mäyrämäki, Jyväskylä. Well yeah! Spring is coming!  Nice and warm (+4° C) weather here. Hmmm could I say warm? Maybe something like tolerable than when we have hard frost or as usual temperatures this time of year. Spring is coming quite early. Now that the FM has been quiet for distant signals, I’ve had time to concentrate on ”traditional waves”, mainly on short waves. My main receivers for traditional DXing are: Good old Yaesu FRG-7700 with FRT-7700, Sangean ATS-909x and Tecsun BCL-3000. Antennas: BOG and home made magnetic loop. My QTH is near power line so it gives challenges to catch signals especially from medium waves. Well even QTH is quite poor for traditional DXing, proper antenna grounding gives at least some results. Mainly I just collect stations which for one reason or another left without listening to over the years.


Some of my loggings (updated: 9.3.2014):

900 8.3 1915- I: RAI Lombardia
1197 8.3 1925- G: AbsoluteRadio
5780 23.2 1942- UNID: Horizon FM. Nice signal this time. But is this from Canary Island? I doubt!
6005 8.3 1106 D: R 700, Kell-Krekei
6070 9.3 1504 D: Radio Channel 292, Rohrbach Waal
6180 4.3 1630- TWN: R. Taiwan Int
6200 9.3 0958- HOL: Technical Man, Pirate
6265 9.3 0921- HOL: R Nora, Pirate
6287 9.3 0842- HOL: R Altrex, Pirate
7265 8.3 0837 D: Hamburger LokalRadio, Göhren bei Schwerin
7295 3.3 1543- MLA: TraxxFM
9515 5.3 1605- KOR: KBS World. Heard this many many time since 1992. Send many reports and only received one QSL from KBS (1992) and funny thing is that time it was relay via Sackville Canada 😀
12070 2.3 1900- RRW: DW Kigali
15120 8.3 0900 NIG: Vo Nigeria
27828 9.3 1050- IRL: The Church Of The Immaculate Conception, Blarney Parish, Blarney, Cloyne Diocese, Co Cork.



Power lines near my QTH (about 100 meters away from my house)

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March 2014

Here we go again..

After the long Christmas holiday I have been off in the city. No snow this year in South Western Finland, but when I drove here in Central Finland last Friday, I saw some just when crossing the border of my commun Uurainen. It’s a little bit like arriving in a mountain village, the road is going up and you see more and more snow all the time. So now here..

My main activity here is the forest.. We need to heat with wood and to prepare for winter 2014-2015, maybe also for 2016. This winter has been not cold at all, but the weather is full of surprises.. All you need is a saw and an axe. But there is also lot of time for DX, and an optimal QTH far away from electric noises.

Some of my loggings:

1647 2.3. 2200- HOL: Witte Tornado met de Lady.
3931 2.3. 2130- HOL: Sluwe Vos Radio. QSO Over 60 Degrees Radio (LSB mode).
5980 1.3. 0800- FIN: SWR, Liedenpohja. Good reception.
6285 2.3. 2010- G: Focus International. For the first time, usually difficult frequency.
6285 3.3. 1855- UNID: Radio MIR. Promoting peace in Crimea.
6424 2.3. 1925-1945 HOL: Radio Universe. Strong with 70 watts.
7700 5.3. -0907 HOL: Misti Radio.
11680 5.3. 1000 KRE: Pyongyang Pangsong. ID during test listening.

Horizon FM, which claims to transmit from Canary Islands, has been heard on several frequencies. I have not yet managed with it, maybe it was inactive last weekend. But there is a new peace project station Radio MIR which belongs to the ”Pirates for peace” organization. I luckily heard them with a good signal. I did not receive yet a QSL or any other information where they are broadcasting from, but they sent me a nice package of jingles and asked to share them with people. So here they are.

Especially Finnish DXers has shown growing interest towards Irish church radios (broadcasting on CB). Today I tried them for first time with the aim to identify and report few of them. I was tuning CB for an half an hour (27.605, 27.791 and 27.820), when my old Icom got silent. The frequencies till 21.998 MHz are audible, in a normal way I think, but everything between 21.999-29.999 is dead – not even a normal noise. Any hint what happened or how the problem could be solved?

EDIT: Traditional ”own made electricity off -break” helped – I think this happened once before too, long time ago..

P.S. Hard to get QSLs these days..


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