Con te partiro

Last full day at the cabins and what a day that was! In the morning a totally new country was heard, i.e. Libya that became our FM country #68 in the inofficial Finnish count. In the evening we had a stunning long opening to Greece; also the Balkans, Turkey and Italy were present. Now at 2:50am (!) local time Italian and Balkan stations are still jumping in up to 108 MHz at times.

Let’s see how hectic tomorrow will be as we have to dismantle the antennas and pack our stuff by 2pm.

Utö Blog is thus over and out! See you again next year 🙂

Your ed and JJS laughing all the way to the Greek bank

Radio Melodia, Ptolemaida, was one of the Greek highlights of the evening

Goodbye to the barren rocky island

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