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Flop July (time for AMDX)

July has been a flop so far. Most of the conditions have been favorable for coastal area. The only good opening, which reached Inner Finland, took place on July 14 – the day when we made a roadtrip to the biggest shop of Finland, located in Tuuri. Couple of short time openings (mostly on OIRT) could have been audible in Central Finland, but no-one has been in front of rx at the right moment.

It’s been couple of years when I have had time for AMDX in summertime! Couple of logs for July:

729 FIN: Pispalan Radio, Tampere. A new AM station from Finland. 80W PEP. 1624 17.07.
5066 COD: tent. Radio Candip, Bunia. African music till 2007 UTC. A night before prelonged program. 1905 13.07.
6241 HOL: Radio Casanova. 1950 16.07.


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