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Full pull 08062016

After late night TUR opening I was just going to try to get some sleep when ES alert came from Ruovesi (TNX PUL!) The time was around 2.00 local time. These conditions lasted for more than one hour offering mostly Bulgaria and Romania, again with Turkey. Bulgaria On Air was a new for me network. Interestingly the closest mast, 15 km from here, had a service break in the middle of night. 3 of 5 transmitters were off air, but 92.9, 93.5 and 98.3 didn’t bring anything new. 102.8 had only carrier wave and 88.4 was normally on air. After 4 hours of sleep I woke up around 7.30 with another ES alert, this time 108 to ”Europe” in general. Band was too full, too much stations covering each other. For example Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Italy were heard. At 10.30 I was forced to leave QTH for work, and conditions ended around 14.00. On the way back home new ES alerts came again, this time on OIRT. Just when I arrived, the Western band started to open with fading weak signals first to Tyumen, later to Komi. These rare areas offered new stations for many of us. Interestingly, Tyumen offered 103.1 Radio 7 Tyumen and 105.6 Dipol FM, but nothing on lower band – or between these two stations!

This season seems to respect three trends: firstly openings to France, secondly openings to Bulgaria (have had more BUL-ID’s than my total is from past years) and thirdly openings to Middle Russia, which is relatively Northern area – and those openings are not moving clock-wise, but backwards!

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