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March 14: 4 watts/1536 km

Sunny day, a new element house came to the neighbourhood by truck. Soon there will be a new smoke (referring the number of houses in a village, which are usually all wood-heated). As the translation is not working in English: ”metropolissa on pian yksi savu lisää”. Hopefully it doesn’t mean more electric noise. Conditions were favorable on shortwave. Last night Gannan PBS came with pretty good reception on 5970 kHz. Just wondering where to send report, as the snail mail address seems to be only option so far. Good conditions continued in the evening:

6215 1755 HOL: UNID. Legal Dutch FM station relay. ID sounded most likely Moor or Door FM?
6290 1520 D: HitMix Radio. Band still not properly open. S9++.
6290 1802 HOL: Ronnie AM, Emmen. Incredibly with a 4 watt tx. ”Bamba, bamba”. Distance is 1536 km, s7-8.
6290 1834 HOL: Blackstone, Emmen. 15 W. QSO Ronnie AM.
6300 1800 HOL: Integratie Radio (tent.). From Abu Dhabi factory. ”De va kukku de” by Anita Hirvonen.
6307 1831 CZE: Radio Goofy (tent.). No ID heard by me.


Pirate QSL #186: Atlantis FM, Tenerife probably relayed from Ireland

qsl tenerife

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