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Sporadc E activities in May 2013

Since we have many international followers (prima di tutto siete italiani, credo???), this blogging will be written in (bad) English. (Potete comunque lasciare i commenti in italiano ed io ci risponderò sicuramente!!). Since the end of April the E layer has been very active and the conditions have been favorable surprisingly for Finland! In the average summer the first opening take place in the end of May (between 20th and 31st) and they are audible mostly in Southern coast of Finland, but this year we have had little openings, that early, also in Central Finland and even closer to the Arctic Circle (Oulu region!). In addition Sporadic E conditions have been an almost daily thing since the Mayday! I think this is a real extraordinarity, or at least a special character. We are afraid that the rest of summer might be worse if we got everything in one month..

Below please find some of my audio clips from this year, if you are interested in what we can get here in 60 degrees north and even more!! You are welcome to listen to them.

Can FM Istanbul ”Bo Can FM Seksendokuz nokta bes (=89.5)”

Radio KFOR, Kosovo ”..K4, 90.2 FM, life means..”

Alem FM, Istanbul

Acik Radyo, Istanbul In my ears he shouts ”Acik Dai” but there was a RDS code visible and the stations friendly reply in Turkish(!) told that the jingle I heard is ”Acik Dergi” which is their program name. Now it is clear also to me!

Radyo Turkuvaz, Istanbul

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