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Introducing the Band

Triax in the wind

Antennas are in place and they’re rocking back and forth in the merciless wind. Lot of troposcatter in the air all the way from Bornholm, Gothenburg, Kaliningrad, Klaipeda and of course Gdansk. 101.7 R Plus Gdansk reaches RDS levels from time to time.
Sporadic E has been non-existent since the UK opening yesterday when we still were on our way here. Let’s hope the trend is not turning against us: so far we’ve had Es on every day in June.
JJS and MB rigging up the vertical

If all else fails, there always time to enjoy the beautiful archipelago (read: watch football on tv with a pint of the excellent local beer 😉
Official beverage of the Utö6 FMDXpedition


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