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July 1st

July begins with little opening to Ukrainian and Russian border. Not long lasting or strong signals for 30 minutes. Surprisingly weak signals were coming over 100 MHz, even there was nothing much on lower frequencies. Italic stations are only guessed.

1740 100.10 RUS Hit FM, Rostov-na-Donu (ROS) Only hit music, JY got RDS of this. 1917 6.3 v

1748 89.00 RUS Radio 7, Shebekino (or Livny?) 1516 0.2 v

1751 90.40 UKR Retro FM, Kharkiv. No ID, but played Elton John. Fade out with ”reclama”.

1804 103.90 UKR Russkoye radio, Kremenchuk/PP Vizyt, vul. Kerchenska, 7a (PO) 1565 2 v

1808 103.00 UKR Super Radio, Kharkiv/RPTS Proton, Maydan Povstannya, 7/8 (KA) 1538 3 h

Waiting for more to come tomorrow.01072013

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