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Summer is here!

Summer is here.

Dacha is open to the guests.

Uurainen is signing on.

Today was as warm as in Athens, Paris or Tel Aviv (+24), beating the temperatures in such Mediterranean localities like Madrid, Malaga, Rome, Venezia, Nice, Lisboa, Istanbul etc.

The Sporadic E season has been opened already in Finland with marginal conditions in April and May. Finally today, May 8th, the monitoring station of Uurainen is activated. Everything is working well, when meteor reflections come throughout the noise. Janne has been suntanning in Turkey, so no logs so far from Central Finland for this season.

AM antennas are still up. During last 10 years I have been spending too many summer nights waiting for a single sign of ES.. It’s time to go back to the habit in the early 2000 when I used to enjoy African short wave stations. Also MW band might offer surprising signals as it’s way clearer compared to the situation still in 2001-2005. If the conditions will be favorable, Spanish AM stations will remain on catch list.

Latest QSL from Saturday evening, #195 verified free radio, #109 from the Netherlands

Small guest house seen from the 2nd floor balcony is ready for the guests


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