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Pirate Hunt 2019 results and announcement.

The organizers of the Pirate Hunt competition has decided this year to publish the results of the competition without the rankings.  It has been alleged that listeners with SDR receivers are in a better position than listeners with normal receivers, so in order to avoid unnecessary displeasure, we decided to solve the problem this way.  Many thanks to all participants.

When we first decided to run the competition, our idea was to have a nice Easter activity without strict rules. Just relaxing and having fun.  Over the years, perhaps the right criticisms have been made of competition: our choices were to either renew the competition or put the competition to a break.  Since both of the organizers do not organize competitions for the day job and we noticed that our original idea is disappearing into the requirements jungle.  So far we have decided to put the competition on hold.

We warmly thank all the competitors who have participated over the years, as well as those who thankfully published our competition announcements on their website.  Thanks and FFFR!

Pirate Hunt is not organized in the 2020


Pirate Hunt 2019 results:

Ten competitors from four different countries took part in the competition. The names are in random order:

Ismo Kauppi, Lohja, Finland. UK DXer Paul, Swindon, England. Rick Random, Raisio, Finland. Janne Heinikangas, Jyväskylä, Finland. Staffan Crona, Sweden. Lennart Weirell, Västerås, Sweden. Kari Helopaltio, Nurmijärvi, Finland. Jouni Kilpinen, Helsinki, Finland. Patrick Robic, Leibnitz, Austria. Kari Kallio, Lahti, Finland.

Thanks to the participants and everyone will receive a diploma for participating.




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Pirate Hunt 2017

Pirate hunt “Pongaa Piraatti Pääsiäisenä” 2017 will be held during Easter 2017 (celebrated in Finland on April 14th – 16th). We try to keep rules simple:

  • log as many PIRATE station as possible between April 14th 0000 UTC and April 16th 2359 UTC
  • all bands are accepted but only stations without license are counted (no relays by legal stations) Stations with many names shall be counted only once.
  • ID has to be heard or identification should be otherwise confirmed
  • post your full logs on forum (http://bbs.fmdx.tk/index.php?topic=436.0), FMDX.tk Facebook group or by e-mail staff @ radioaktiiviset.info, during or after the contest (but until April 30th, 2017)
  • participating is free for anyone and all participants will receive a diploma later
  • results will be published in May

Pongaa piraatti pääsiäisenä 2017 is organized by a local radio club Sisä-Suomen Radioaktiiviset (Radioactives of Middle Finland)

A warm welcome!


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