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Week 26, 2018

Full week in work, except Saturday.

2018-06-25 RUS, ISL, FRO, G, BeNe, F. Monday was a silent day, so not at all Estressful to be in work on a dayafter 😉 Surprisingly second half of Iran vs. Portugal was interrupted by a Komi alert. But this time Vorkuta was alerted also on 88.0 MHz. CCIR reception is not that ordinary, not even from Komi, so it was a sign of something better… The band was weakly open up to 108 MHz, but in this direction are very few stations. Some of the Usinsk transmitters were heard tentatively. As often with Komi, also this time came a mirror reflection to Iceland, which went down to Faroe Islands, Orkney and Scotland. Surprisingly this time it reached even England, the Netherlands, Belgium and finally France!

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
68.60 1910 RUS Radio Rossii, Troitsko-Pechorsk (KO) most probable tx 1558km
69.08 1912 RUS Radio Rossii, Inta (KO) 1695km
100.00 1940 RUS Radio Yugra, Saranpaul (KY) most probable tx 1754km
66.44 1953 RUS Radio Rossii, Ukhta (KO) 1421km
71.06 1958 RUS Radio Rossii, Vuktyl (KO) 1589km
66.38 2011 RUS Radio Rossii, Urdoma/RTPS (AR) 1192km
66.86 2023 RUS Radio Rossii, Kirs/RTPS (KV) or Yakutino VO-tx closer. Both from same AZI. 1113-1480km
66.80 2048 RUS Radio Orfey, Perm (PR) 1750km
66.74 2100 RUS Radio Rossii, Galich (KS) most probable tx 1029km
89.70 2129 ISL(?) K100. UNID-TX. Not listed in FMList or station’s web page. Lonely on the band, FRO?

88.50 2201 G BBC Radio 2, Skriaig (SC-HIL) MULTI TX 1834km
89.00 2204 G BBC Radio 2, Kirkton Mailer (SC-PEK) PI logged: C202 1753km
89.30 2205 G BBC Radio 2, Holme Moss (EN-WYK) PI logged: C202 1872km
89.70 2215 G BBC Radio 2, Tacolneston (EN-NFK) most probable tx PI logged: C202 PS logged: BBC_R2__ 1810km
96.80 2223 HOL NPO 3FM, IJsselstein/Gerbrandytoren-Alticom (utr) PI logged: 8203 1680km
95.70 2225 BEL VRT Radio 1, Egem (vlg-wvl) PI logged: 6301 PS logged: RADIO_1_ 1844km
93.70 2227 BEL VRT Radio 2, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw/Norkring Toren (vlg-vbr) PI logged: 6302 1824km
93.20 2229 HOL Waterstad FM, Jirnsum/Rijksweg (fri) 1555km
94.70 2230 F France Bleu Nord, Lille/Bouvigny le Mont [62] (59) 1922km
93.60 2232 HOL Wild FM, Amsterdam/Alticom Toren (nho) 1658km
95.40 2235 HOL BNR Nieuwsradio, Gilze/Prinsenbosch (nbr) 2 TX PI logged: 83D1 PS logged: __BNR___ 1728km
93.30 2238 HOL Radio 10, Breskens/Graansilo Vissershaven (zee) PI logged: 83D2 1797km
91.80 2240 HOL NPO Radio 1, Smilde/Alticom Toren (dre) PI logged: 8201 PS logged: NPO_R1__ 1545km
96.30 2241 HOL Wild FM, Alkmaar/Alticom Mast (nho) PI logged: 86EF PS logged: WILD_FM_ HITRADIO 1639km
96.30 2242 BEL VBRO, Gent/Lieven Bauwens Gebouw (vlg-ovl) 1821km
95.50 2246 HOL BNR Nieuwsradio, Tjerkgaast/Alticom Toren (fri) PI logged: 83D1 1574km
98.80 2251 G BBC Radio 1, Wrotham (EN-KNT) 1948km
96.70 2300 G BBC Radio Kent, Wrotham (EN-KNT) No real ID, BBC mentioned in the news 1948km
98.00 2302 F France Culture, Lille/Bouvigny le Mont [62] (59) most probable tx PI logged: F202 PS logged: _CULTURE 1922km
96.80 2305 G BBC Radio Cymru, Wenvoe (WA-VGL) BBC 5live -ID. 2103km

2018-06-26 ROU, BUL, SRB, later I and D. Also today a fully silent day, but soon after arriving to dacha, I heard loud pop music from the balcony.. Kiss FM PI code indicated a ROU opening, which started within an half hour. The second round started to Italy mixed with some German.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
103.90 0609 S SR P4, Skellefteå/Prästfäbodsberget TM (vb) 337km
100.00 0634 S SR P3, Skellefteå/Prästfäbodsberget TM (vb) 337km
88.70 1614 ROU Kiss FM, Focsani (VN) PI logged: 515A 1871km
70.31 1620 MDA RFE/RL, Edinet/SRTV (ED) 1596km
70.46 1621 UKR UR 2 Radio Promin’, Khmel’nyts’kyj/KHFKRRT, prosp. Myru, 43 (KM) 1454km
89.00 1639 ROU Radio ZU, Bucuresti (BU) PI logged: E2AA PS logged: Radio_ZU _89,0_FM 2009km
88.10 1641 BUL BNR Horizont, Kavarna/RPS Kaliakra (dob) 2 tx PI logged: 8210 2133km
89.50 1647 ROU Pro FM Dance, Bucuresti/Bul. Pache Protopopescu 109 (BU) PI logged: E019 2008km
90.30 1651 BUL BNR Radio Shumen, Silistra/RRS Medžit tabija [NURTS Silistra] (sil) PI logged: 8236 PS logged: __BNR___ _SHUMEN_ 2049km
88.90 1658 BUL BNR Horizont, Royak (vrn) PI logged: 8210 PS logged: HORIZONT 88.9 MHZ TEL.0700 17144 2161km
89.10 1701 ROU SRR Radio România Cultural, Baneasa/Dobrogea Sud (CT) PI logged: EE01 2057km
90.80 1702 BUL BNR Hristo Botev, Tsarevo/Papia [NURTS Ahtopol] (bur) PI logged: 8220 2272km
92.20 1710 F France Musique, multi tx, maybe Nice/Mont Chauve (06) Multi tx, 2392km
90.60 1717 BUL Radio N-Joy, Varna/m. Borovets-RPS Varna (vrn) PI logged: 837E PS logged: N-JOY___ 2157km
90.10 1720 BUL BNR Horizont/BNR Türkçe yayinlar, Shumen/RRTS Venets (shm) PI logged: 8211 PS logged: BNR_____ 2115km
93.00 1722 ROU Radio Trinitas, Gheorghieni/Harghita-Bai (HR) 2 tx PI logged: E24D 1790km
96.40 1726 ROU Radio Galaxy, Râmnicu Vâlcea/Cozia (VL) PI logged: E068 PS logged: GALAXYFM 1912km

96.90 1728 SRB RTS-Radio Beograd 1, Jastrebac (Srb) RTS mentioned 2141km
96.80 1732 ROU Favorit FM, Bechet/Dabuleni (DJ) PI logged: 9251 PS logged: __vorit_ 2078km
98.40 1734 SRB Max FM, Jagodina/Durdevo brdo (Srb) No ID but tel no. 233 984 2079km
103.80 1738 ROU SRR Radio România Actualitati, Arad/Șiria (AR) PI logged: EE00 PS logged: RRACTUAL 1821km
103.70 1740 ROU SRR Radio România Cultural, Sibiu/Paltinis (SB) 3 tx PI logged: EE01 1877km
89.30 1927 I Radio Studio Delta, Montescudo/Monte Godio (rn) PI logged: 53FB 2228km
89.50 1927 I RAI Radio1, Bologna/Colle Barbiano (RAI) (bo) MULTI TX PI logged: 5201 PS logged: *Radio1_ 2201km
88.70 1928 I Radio Deejay, Bologna/Colle Barbiano/Via Santa Liberata , 4 (bo) PI logged: 5214 PS logged: __EEJAY_ 2201km
101.80 1930 I Radio 24, Cesena/Lugoraro di Cesena-Via Lugarara (fc) PI logged: 5245 PS logged: ____O_24 2218km
102.00 1930 I Radio Italia SoloMusicaItaliana, Montescudo/Frazione Albereto-Via Piana (rn) 5 tx PI logged: 5220 PS logged: R_IT____ 2228km
107.90 1931 I Radio 105, Castel San Pietro Terme/Monte Grande (bo) PI logged: 5211 2209km
98.40 1933 I Radio Budrio, Brisighella/Via Rontana,40 (ra) PI logged: 5089 2216km
97.80 1935 I Radio Piterpan, Galzignano Terme/Monte Gallo (pd) 2104km
96.80 1936 I Radio Stella (Modena), Serramazzoni/Case Mazzoni-Ca’ del Vento (mo) PI logged: 584E PS logged: R.STELLA 2220km
98.70 1937 I Radio Company Easy, Teolo/Monte Grande (pd) 2 tx PI logged: 5359 PS logged: COMPANY_ E_A_S_Y_ 2098km
100.20 1938 I Radio Bruno, Bologna/San Luca/Via Monte Albano, 3 (bo) PI logged: 5E4D PS logged: R.BRUNO_ 2201km
101.00 1939 I Radio Maria, Bologna/Colle Barbiano/Via Santa Liberata , 4 (bo) PI logged: 51CC PS logged: R.MARIA_ 2201km
103.10 1940 I Radio LatteMiele, Serramazzoni/Case Mazzoni-Ca’ del Vento (mo) PI logged: 5355 PS logged: LATMIELE 2220km
103.80 1940 I Radio Bruno, Serramazzoni/Monfestino-Case di Sotto, 6 (mo) PI logged: 534D PS logged: R._B__NO 2219km
104.10 1941 I RDS – Radio Dimensione Suono, Scandiano/Monte Evangelo-Via Bottegaro, 2 (re) 2208km
98.50 1943 D Bayern 3, Wendelstein (bay) PI logged: D313 PS logged: __YE___3 1846km
99.00 1943 I Radio Birikina, Bologna/San Luca-Basilica via San Luca, 36 (bo) PI logged: 536E 2201km
103.10 1944 I Radio Monte Kanate, Pellegrino Parmense/Monte Canate (pr) PI logged: 58A6 PS logged: ASCOLTO_ 2210km
95.70 1946 I RDS – Radio Dimensione Suono, Serramazzoni/Monfestino-Case di Sotto, 6 (mo) MULTI TX PI logged: 5264 PS logged: __RDS_*_ 2219km
94.80 1948 I Radio Deejay, Serramazzoni/Faeto-i Boschi (mo) PI logged: 5214 PS logged: ______Y_ 2221km
93.10 1949 I m2o, Marano sul Panaro/La Lama-Ospitaletto (mo) PI logged: 5233 PS logged: _M_DUE_O 2216km
93.40 1949 I RAI GR Parlamento, Prignano sulla Secchia/San Pellegrinetto (mo) PI logged: 5158 PS logged: RAI_____ 2220km
92.70 1950 I Modena Radio City, Guiglia/Via per Serravalle (mo) PI logged: 5371 PS logged: M*R*CITY 2214km
99.00 1952 I Radio TRV – Tele Radio Veneta, Conco/Rubbietto (vi) 2 tx PI logged: 53EB 2053km
92.10 1957 I RAI Radio1, Viano/Querceto-Ca’ del Vento (RAI) (re) 5 TX PI logged: 5201 PS logged: *Radio1_ 2210km
88.70 2000 D Bayern 2, Grünten (Allgäu) (bay) PI logged: D312 PS logged: Ba_____2 1911km
98.00 2000 I Radio 24, Travo/Pigazzano [25.5] (pc) 2205km
98.70 2000 D SWR1 Baden-Württemberg, Grünten (Allgäu) [bay] (bwü) PI logged: D301 PS logged: _____BW_ 1911km

Log will be updated when recording is checked.

2018-06-27 BUL – ROU – RUS – UKR – BLR – MDA – BIH – I – HRV – HNG – RUS – G – F. The first SpE alert came as early as 0431 UTC, so I decided to have a free day instead of going to work today. Usually early morning ES is promising for the rest of the day. One of the best OIRT (and only OIRT) openings ever was followed by HRV/I up to 108 MHz and a peak to Budapest. In the evening OIRT RUS and late night UK/F, highest noted on 95.8 MHz.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
90.30 0501 BUL BNR Radio Shumen, Silistra/RRS Medžit tabija [NURTS Silistra] (sil) PI logged: 8236 PS logged: __BNME__ 2049km
89.00 0520 ROU Radio ZU, Bucuresti (BU) Ascultats la ZU PI logged: E2AA 2009km
70.94 0559 RUS Radio Rossii, Kletskiy/RTPS (VG) most probable tx 1818km
66.83 0600 RUS Radio Rossii, Mikhaylovka/RTPS (VG) 1753km
70.82 0600 RUS Radio Rossii, Borisoglebsk/RTPS (VN) VN px before top of the hour 1585km
70.07 0604 RUS Radio Orfey, Lipetsk/ORTPC (LI) 1382km
72.41 0609 RUS Radio Rossii, Kshenskiy (KU) 1389km
71.51 0613 RUS Militseyskaya Volna, Aleksin (TL) 1111km
67.97 0700 RUS Radio Rossii, Novorossiysk/RTPS Markotskij Hrebet (KD) 2 TX IN KD 2116km
70.28 0709 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa/OIRT, Smetanichi/RTPS (GO) 1156km
72.98 0724 UKR Golos Nadiyi, Cherkasy/CHFKRRT, vul. Pal’okhy, 2 (CK) 1504km
67.88 0754 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa/OIRT, Pinsk/RTPS Posenichi (BR) 1148km
69.02 0811 UKR Yaskrave Radio, Kyiv/KFKRRT, vul. Dorogozhyts’ka, 10 (KC) ID finally 1371km
69.56 0829 UKR UR 3 Radio Kul’tura, Kryvyj Rih/DFKRRT, vul. Televizijna, 8a (DP) 1696km
70.52 0830 UKR UR 1 Persha Prog., Odesa/OORTPTS, vul. Fontans’ka doroga, 3 (OD) UR -ID only 1815km
71.57 0855 MDA Vocea Basarabiei, Milestii Mici (IL) Bessarabia direkt 1746km
68.12 0859 UKR UR 1 Persha Prog., Tomashpil’/Yarishivka (VI) UR Radio Kultura ID 1565km
72.47 0919 UKR Yaskrave Radio, Vinnytsya/VFKRRT, vul. Maksymovycha, 23 (VI) 1485km
88.70 0953 BIH RTRS Radio Republike Srpske, Sarajevo/Trebevic 2 (srp) 2126km
93.60 0955 UNID ”more music” jingle between the songs
89.50 1000 I RTL 102.5, Casacalenda/Contrada Cerro del Ruccolo (cb) 2413km
87.50 1003 I Radionorba, Casacalenda/Contrada Cerro del Ruccolo (cb) 2413km
88.70 1003 BIH Radio Antena Tešanj/Trebačko brdo znc 2044 km commercial for Jelah with city code 032.
89.10 1010 HRV Radio Kaj, Novi Marof/Gornje Makojišce-Sedlinski vrh (vz) 1908km
89.60 1011 BIH Radio HIT, Majevica/Udrigovo (srp) ID as Mog(?) Radio Brcko 2026km
89.70 1016 HRV HRT-HR 1, Biokovo/Sveti Jure (st) PI logged: C201 PS logged: HRT-HR_1 2199km
90.20 1016 HRV Radio Vallis Aurea, Požega/Kamen (pz) PI logged: C469 1973km
100.10 1020 HRV Bjelovarsko-bilogorski Radio (BBR), Moslavacka Gora/Humka (sk) PI logged: C308 PS logged: BBR100.1 1957km

107.30 1026 I R101, Ancona/Forte Montagnolo-Via del Golfo (an) MULTI TX 2241km
107.30 1026 HRV Otvoreni Radio, Celevac (zd) 3 TX PI logged: C205 PS logged: OTVORENI 2122km
96.40 1038 HNG Rádió 1, Budapest – Gellért-hegy (Bud) Audio ID too PI logged: B417 PS logged: RADIO_1_ 1717km
99.50 1044 HRV Novi Radio (Dakovo), Dakovo/Mandicevac-Vinarija (os) PI logged: C427 1960km
67.04 1656 RUS Radio Rossii, Bobrov/RTPS (VN) most probable tx 1539km
70.67 1657 RUS Radio Rossii, Veshenskaya/RTPS Kalininskiy (RO) most probable tx 1754km
71.90 1657 RUS Radio Rossii, Boguchar/RTPS (VN) most probable tx 1668km
70.28 1700 RUS Radio Rossii, Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy/RTPS (RO) 1826km
67.97 1814 RUS Radio Rossii, Novorossiysk/RTPS Markotskij Hrebet (KD) 2 tx both in KD 2116km

Log will be updated when recording is checked.

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
88.70 0548 FIN Radio City, Tampere – Tammerfors/Särkänniemi-Laiturikatu 13, n (pi) 143km (tropo)

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
96.80 1555 FIN YLE Radio Suomi, Utsjoki/Karigasniemi-Ailigas (la) No ID, merisäätä (sea wx rpt) 771km (meteor)

Suviseuraradio (temp.) started on June 25, 2018, blocking 89.3, 91.8, 95.7 (which was free less than 24 hours after Radio Gospel), 95.9 and 105.4. In addition morning scatter brought Mikkeli 93.4 MHz with RDS.

Aito Kajaus Plus started in Jyväskylä on June 27, 2018 around 07 UTC. A day before 91.8 MHz Pihtipudas appeared on the band.

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