Week 45, 2018

Jan-Mikael Nurmela, FIN-41230 Uurainen

kHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details SINPO Remarks km
1476 0404 S Asfaltstelegrafen, Borås 872 km

QSLs this week:

ISL: K100, Vík -tx 89.7 MHz 25062018

First mail says only: “I confirm – this is K100.”

But soon it was continued with further info, also regarding on unlisted tx:

“Sorry, it was supposed to be longer.

Nice to hear from you – this is indeed K100 you are listening to. The 
transmitter is located near Vík in the south of Iceland… not far away 
from the famous Eyjafjallajökull.

Kind regards from Iceland,

S: Asfaltstelegrafen, Borås 1476 kHz 07112018

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30 vuotias humanistinretale. Kädetön kaikessa mikä liittyy tekniikkaan, mutta innostus sitäkin suurempi. Erehtymällä oppii ja yrittämällä kuulee.

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